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  • So not a great month, I have a 1.5 lb gain. I will update my CW to show a 22.5 lb loss (was 24 lb).
  • I'm sorry you had a gain Pipsicle. You seem to be working so hard at this. I hope it turns around for you soon.

    I am disappointed that I am 190.0 today. It is only up .4 but I had been down to 187 before I screwed up. I do realize that we're talking about less than 3 lbs and a normal eater wouldn't even realize it. So I'm going to try to just forget about it and continue trying. This is why I don't like to eat low carb. I lose water weight and the minute I eat carbs the water weight comes back. I will just keep trying to get back to my fasts as they are the only thing that worked.

    The furnace guy had the hot water so hot I couldn't touch it! Yikes! DH turned it down.
  • Pipsicle I am so sorry you had a weight gain. I hope things will turn around for you soon.

    Carol Sue Sorry about the 190 lbs, but I am sure it will come back down soon. Like you, I think the fasts are working better for me as well. Although I seem to be able to do better with eating a few carbs myself. We definitely have learned on this group that each of us have to learn to eat the way that is better for us as individuals.

    I am sorry you do better with less of them. In fact I am even wondering if there is any way that I could use more of a WW plan along with IF and lose weight better. The main thing I am concerned with at this time is that my FBG is 95 and I would hope to continue eating in a way so that it will stay this way.

    Weight this morning was still 183.6 which it has been for 3 days now. I was disappointed this morning but then I realized that I ate pizza yesterday and that I used to gain at least 2 or 3 lbs the next day. So the fact that I had pizza yesterday and I weigh the same for the past 3 days is an absolute plus for me. So this is a good thing and not bad. So now I consider it a blessing instead because I see this as progress when I can eat a food that normally would cause me a gain and my weight stays the same. I ended up fasting 19 hrs before I had breakfast this morning. I went to the Walmart and got my 0 sugar cold drink so I can have it later so I won't be tempted to eat as I work toward another 19 hr fast.

    Hope everyone has a great day.

  • Trish, I realize that I deserve the gain. I knew I was overeating and knew I wouldn't get away with it. I feel so much better when I fast and keep my carbs reasonable. The past few days I've felt bloated and gassy. Every day I work toward getting back on track but so far I'm not and I'm still at 190. I will continue to try today. I think the problem is the bacon I bought. Because I bought bacon I have been eating breakfast. Bacon and eggs isn't a problem because its low carb but eating early makes me want to eat all day. If I stay in a 4-5 hour window it doesn't matter what I eat. I Ned to get back to that and eat my bacon in my window.

    I'm glad you are continuing to stay on plan. It has become a lifestyle change for you. I don't see you ever going back to your old way. I'm glad your DH is going along with you.
  • Carol Sue I agree that the bacon would be okay if eaten within your eating window. I honestly believe that n is what is working for me. I am also finding that when I eat this way that my calories aren't all that high. Like you I really love having my eggs and they are healthy for us because they have the healthy omega 3 and cholesterol I think we need. I also have to say I do like my bacon. Sometimes I want 2 slices and sometimes just one but it is okay for me to eat it at brunch than in the evening. I just won't get up and cook it at night. Maybe you could have it for brunch when you are home.

    I seem to be stalled at 183.6 still but I am not gaining. FBG was 98 this morning plus, I notice size L pants I bought last year to wear around the house are loose. So I think I am probably losing inches and when my body adjusts that more weight will come off. I can't say I am actually doing low carb most of the time although I do eat some low carb foods as I am mostly tracking calories on MFP. I just can't always get the balance they say you need to eat.

    I'm still trying to clean out somethings so DH will have the last of the roast beef sandwich meat that he bought with SF barbecue sauce. Whatever we don't use will have to be thrown out because it will ruin since neither of us liked it. I have a WW Swedish Meatballs dinner that I plan to have with a salad and maybe Brussel Sprouts not sure yet about the veggie.

    Carol Sue I can't tell you how many days I started my day out OP only to fail by dinner time. My theory has always been that if I kept trying that eventually I would have a successful day. The days I was successful became the ones a built on by remembering that if I could do it one time then I could do it again. Eventually I would have a line of good days, but I still always knew that I could fall back into my old way of eating if I wasn't careful.

    I still like lowfat way of eating best, but I am trying to learn to eat healthier fats and lower carb. I think my favorite diet was the old WW Simply Filling plan but I just can't find the fat free foods to make it work for me as it should. One of my problems was that I was always hungry on that plan. IF and calorie counting seems to be the way I need to eat and MFP makes it easier and it doesn't cost anything to use it. Plus counting the calories make it easier because no foods are off limits as long as I work them within the limits that I sat for myself.

    Hope we both have a great day. I miss Mad when she isn't able to check in. I hope she is doing well and having fun.
  • So far today was a very good day, as long as I don't eat the rest of the night. I had a 17 HR fast overnight. At brunch I had a salad with Swiss cheese and 2 hard boiled eggs. I took steaks out to defrost for dinner. DH got hungry early and made a big plate of French fries. Then when I was ready to cook the steaks he didn't want one so I ate both of them. They were thin cut NY Strip steaks. I was going to cook a vegetable but thought the steaks were enough. A carnivore dinner. My body craves meat these days. If I get hungry I will cook some vegetables but that will change the start of my fast. Oh, I had a small avocado, too.

    I think when you don't lose for a few days your body is adjusting, moving your weight around, that's why your pants seem looser. I have a lot of tops that are too tight so I won't have to buy any smaller ones, but most of my pants fit now. A few are loose but I wear them anyway. Its very hard for me to find pants because my waist is so big. When they fit my waist they are baggy in the butt. I don't think my waist will ever be normal because my ab muscles were destroyed during surgery.
  • I am 161.5 this am. After my extended fast, I was eating at the cottage for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I know I had a few carbs, but I think there was more than I was admitting to myself.
    Or perhaps I am too optimistic. In any case, fasting today. DH has his dental surgery this afternoon, so fasting for the next day or two should be easier. He may have soup that is allowed to cool. (nothing very hot or very cold) but otherwise no cooked foods to tempt me.
    I have not read all the posts, but saw that both Pipsicle and Carol are claiming gains. I can certainly understand the struggle of sticking to plan, or not planning well and seeing the negative results.

    No matter what the scale says, I hope people are enjoying some NSV and getting out in the better weather and getting some fresh air and exercise. I know we have the whole summer ahead of us, but we really do need to "Catch up" on fresh air after a long winter.

    Have a good week. Will try to stop in again. My computer battery has died, I can still plug in, but have to try to get the laptop fixed. I can do emails on DH desktop etc. But I may lose my laptop altogether soon, so if I don't show up, don't worry.
  • My gain continues. I was up to pee off and on all night so I expected a fluid loss but it was not to be. Whatever. I don't plan, my bad, but that's just me.

    This morning I had breakfast of bacon and eggs, then an avocado. Note to self, "Don't buy any more bacon.". It is a trigger food, even though its low carb. I want breakfast because I know its there. I think today is casino day so I might be fasting the rest of the day.

    My hands, feet and left elbow hurt all night and this morning. It's improving. I'm taking my med for uric acid so I don't know what is causing this. Maybe I ate too much protein yesterday. I forgot my Tart Cherry last night and was too tired to get up to get it. I'm just tired of taking so many pills. It can't be good to put all this in my body.
  • Mad It is always good to hear from you. DH battery has died on his computer and a new one will be here Friday. He went YouTube and watched someone put a new one in his pc. It isn't as easy as it used to be because you have to remove the back off the computer to remove the old battery and replace it. He was blessed to find a guy with the same model etc as his so he just had to order the new battery from Amazon and can do it himself otherwise we would have had to either take it in to replace it or get another computer. I hope yours will be an easy fix.

    Hope your Hubby's surgery and recovery goes well.

    Carol Sue Sorry you are still having problems. I am trying to eat 1/2 an avocado each day for breakfast. I intended to eat my homemade yogurt, but forgot it because I was talking to DS when I ate. I had 2 fried eggs (I love my fried eggs and still fry them in Pam like spray), a slice of Canadian bacon and 1/2 an avocado. It was a really yummy low carbish breakfast.

    Weight is pretty much the same although back down to 183.4 which is what I weighed on April 1st. FBG still just under 100. BP is running kind of low and I'm not even taking my BP medicine any more. I decided to come off of it for a week or two to see how it does because it was so low. It was 98/54 and pulse 75. I don't take fluid pllls any more but I do eat salt but I must not be eating enough. I even drink half a bottle of Powerade each day which I would have thought would have helped with that. I feel okay but not sure if it is good for it to be that low. The amazing thing is it is that it is usually up when I go see the doctor. It will be interesting to see how it is when I go back in August if this continues to be low as it is now.

    Calories today are barely over 1000 and net carbs are 60 grams. So it will be a good day. So far brunch and dinner are going well. Not showing any weight loss but no gains either. This is good.

    Good luck at the casino today Carol Sue. It is interesting that the casino become a good thing for your eating which probably makes it easier on you to go these days.

    Have a nice day everybody.

    Edited: To share that today was a low carb day. I bought cubed cheese at Walmart the other day and today I baked them to make chips/crackers out of them to eat with my salad. Only real carby food I had was a slice of SLMG 45 calorie bread with gravy. Ended my eating window with 52 net carbs. The macro balance was good.
  • Trish, going to the casino is good since we don't eat there anymore. All they have is burgers and hot dogs and such, no meals. Nothing low carb. I told DH that I won't complain about going to the casino if he won't complain about me not eating. DH could get a hot dog but he doesn't want to if I don't.

    I felt terrible all day today. I think it was eating so much protein and fat. And I've been eating eggs again and although I still like them I wasn't used to eating them. I like fried eggs too but I like the yolks runny with toast. I use the zero carb bread from Aldi's. I was just feeling so much better overall when I was fasting and losing weight so I have to get back to that. Your losses encourage me.

    I agree that your BP should not be that low. I think you should take your blood pressure meter to the doctors next time and compare to his reading. We did that with ours. Ours is pretty close. My blood pressure is terrible, even with all the meds I'm taking. I don't think they are doing anything. It seems the more meds I take the worse it gets.

    I hope all of you including Mad get your computers working. They can be a pain when they aren't working and expensive to replace.
  • So far mine still works as long as its plugged in. Although it seems to tolerate brief interruptions, like when the dog jumps up and disconnects me, LOL

    I ate low carb yesterday and was rewarded with a weight of 162 this am. Planning to fast today though. I ate yesterday, which I had not planned to do, but DH had his surgery and was quite stressed about it, (Dental surgery) and I felt the need to be "strong". I ate carefully, and am ok with that. He is doing ok this am.

    I slept well, and will go for my walk soon with the dog, then the dog park this afternoon for him to have a good run. The knee is doing ok.

    Have a good day everyone
  • Glad to hear your DH is doing well after his dental surgery. That would raise my stress level, too.

    The trip to the casino was a success, as I am back down to 189, the magic number. A 4-5 hour eating window is what works for me. I slept good and feel much better today. I stayed up a little later, reading. DH has been going to sleep way too early for me because he watches TV in bed. Most of the time it's something I don't want to watch.
  • Carol Sue Glad your trip to the casino paid of at the scales this morning. That is good. Hope DH will agree to your new compromise. I need to go to Aldi's and see if I can get that 0 carb bread at our store. I go right past it when I leave the beauty shop where we have to go get our hair done right now so maybe I will stop by there tomorrow. I also want to go to $Tree and the HEB.

    Mad Glad your DH is feeling better after the dental surgery. It is stressful for us when our Hubby's are stressed out. Been there done that and as they say bought the T-shirt. So you handled it very well. That is the nice thing about IF is that we can work around it. Also glad your knee is doing good.

    My weight this morning is back down to 182.6 where it was at my last check-in on MFP. That is one reason I hang on to MFP is I can keep up with my weight and I like seeing the grafts.

    I had my old WW breakfast this morning except that I had 2 slices of bacon with my eggs and toast. I saw a frozen package of ocean perch at Walmart and bought a package. I prefer fresh water but haven't seen perch of any kind in the store in years so we are having that today. I tracked my food for the day on MFP and am pleased to see that even with the toast that my net carbs today will be 53. I hope I can continue with this but not sure. I seem to be having a more difficult time lately of eating enough protein, but seem to have it up today.

    I want to make a keto ice cream recipe I found in the keto cook book I got on line that is made with HWC and no eggs. It is a recipe for strawberry which I don't plan to use as I just want vanilla. The only ingredient I don't understand in it is that it calls for half teaspoon of vodka in it. I am not sure why and I really don't want to buy even a small bottle of vodka just to make ice cream so I guess I will try making it without it. Do y'all have any thoughts as to why it would be necessary? I won't make it until this weekend.

    Have a nice day.
  • Trish, I looked it up online and it said the alcohol reduces the icyness of the ice cream and is optional so you can leave it out.

    DH is outside cutting grass. He will be surprised when he comes in and sees that I ran the sweeper. I haven't done that in YEARS. It is so hard to push on the carpet but I managed.

    I have pork and sauerkraut on the stove. I ate a salad for lunch.
  • Thank Carol Sue. Good to know.

    I finally got what they call a stick vacuum cleaner which is lighter and easier for me to carry around and use. DH does the heavier vacuuming that I can't do any more because it is so hard for me to push any more.

    Got this off of a keto group on FB and thought it interesting to see all that water does for us and why we should drink it.