Diabetes and Prediabetes Chat Spring 2021

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  • Trish, I'm glad you are able to check in, but I miss hearing from you. I like hearing the details of what you're doing with eating.

    I forced myself to get on the scale and its 189.8, so barely under 190. Another bad day yesterday. I was so stuffed when I went to bed I was so uncomfortable. It would help if I went to the bathroom but not 2 lbs. I will be busy today so I hope to get back on track. I still don't get hungry but just want things. I know from the past if I give in once it takes a while to get back to it. I hope I can do it today or I will be back to 190. This is my last chance to correct this but I'm glad I still have this chance.

    I'm up early today. We have to take the dog for his hair cut. I have to request our voting ballots. That was on my mind.

    I got all my laundry done yesterday. We did not get a hold of the air condition guy. That has to be resolved before the hot weather comes or I'm going to a hotel! LOL
  • Well, I'm online again this morning. Not sure what has happened, but maybe the Good Lord has given me a miracle here. DH said he had forgotten that you can get a wifi antenna for the computer. I plan to move this one to my desk where I used to do my Bible study because the Bible app I have works whether online or not so he says he ordered the antenna so I will still be able to use this pc over there. That will be nice because I don't remember my password for MFP. I won't get the antenna until Thursday but I got a message from Amazon and UPS that the new computer will be here this afternoon. Anyway I decided that I better write here while the internet is working.

    My weight is down to 183. I seem to be on a roll here and so far I have lost 5 lbs this month. I am so excited because it has been a long time coming. We have 3 more days for this month and sure hope I can come down another pound or at least keep the 5 lb loss for this month. I am only eating OMAD + a snack which I might could give up. I will only have a 17 hr fast today because I went 7 hrs between Lunch and the snack. One of this days I might just end up with a 24 hr fast without even trying.

    Since my pc worked online last night I decided to look up diarrhea and low carb and learned that it can be from too much fat and or protein. I have cut back on the fat and I actually am not eating much protein right now. So I may have to move more toward South Beach Diet. I did pretty good on the Original SBD years ago so I could do that. DH has the same problems I am at times so maybe we need to cut back to 1 of 2% milk. I don't use a lot of butter but he does. He eats a snack of toast at night and I know he loves butter and I'm sure he puts a lot on it.

    I moved stuff from deep freezer to new freezer and I have enough broccoli to last us a year. He loves his cauliflower and broccoli so I am always buying both. I don't have to buy much meat or broccoli for a while. LOL I ended up with 3 kinds of fish and a few steaks and pork chops. It is a smaller freezer than I expected but it is all we need. Now I can start working on emptying the freezer now that I know what is in there.

    Well, I need to get busy. I am so thankful that I have the internet for whatever reason it is working. I really miss reading.

    Carol Sue I went through what you are struggling with right now and our way of eating is so similar and I am confident that you will be able to get back to it. You have it started with the fasting and I think that because of how we ate is kids that is the way that works for us. You will make it.

    Mad Miss your checking in. I am equally as confident that you will get back to a way of IF that works for you too. That seems to work best for all 3 of us. I still think your change in activities from retirement and the issue with your knee for a while there got you off track but you will get back to it. I always believe if we will look back and see what we have done in the past helps us to do it again and be successful.

    PIpsicle Don't give up. You will figure out what works for you. The main thing is to find something you can fit into your lifestyle. That is the best advice a doctor ever gave me. It is a struggle but I do believe I have found my path. You have one thing working for you already and that is that you are very active so you have the exercise going for you.

    Y'all have a great day.
  • Trish, I'm glad you were able to check in. I think its strange that your WiFi works sometimes and sometimes not.

    And its wonderful that you are down to 183! That gives me incentive that I can do it too.

    I got a new phone. Its charging right now. I hate going through the bother of switching everything over and will be glad when its done. Hope things go well with your new pc.
  • Trish, I'm glad you were able to check in. I think its strange that your WiFi works sometimes and sometimes not.

    And its wonderful that you are down to 183! That gives me incentive that I can do it too.

    I got a new phone. Its charging right now. I hate going through the bother of switching everything over and will be glad when its done. Hope things go well with your new pc.
  • Well, I have done very well today with eating, but I have to tell you if I had any chips in the house I most definitely would not have had a good day. That is why I don't buy them like I used to. Now when I go to the store tomorrow, if I still want the, I will pick up a small package just enough to satisfy the craving for it. In fact, since I am not going to the beauty shop this week until Saturday morning, we need to go to the bank tomorrow to make a deposit. Since the local store is next door to the bank, we will go to the store while out. LJS is also near there so we will get fish for our main meal. I'm thinking a fish sandwich on my SLMG bread and chips for lunch.

    I'm not eating keto these days. I am only eating OMAD of whatever I want to eat. I do plan healthy meals most days but I am trying to get away from the potty issues. My snack is low carb so you might say I'm on a semi-CAD plan. As long as it is working and I'm losing weight that is what matters to me right now. I had 2 scrambled eggs with Canadian bacon for my snack. Tonight has been the first time I've been hungry for something with a craving. I really think it is because DH is loading things up on my new computer and we are watching tv with the commercials. If he wasn't busy with that we would be watching something he has recorded and fast forwarding past the commercials.

    He says it will be tomorrow before he gets everything on it for me so I'm thankful this one is working online for now.

    Carol Sue Enjoy your new phone.
  • Trish, setting up this new phone has been a nightmare but it seems to be coming together now. I think I have added all my apps I was using and all have updated except I lost my fasting history. I don't know if I can get it back but really don't know why I would need it. I have to get some pictures back too. Its almost the same as my old phone.

    I'm glad you got your old computer working again but it will be nice to have the new one.

    I think its best that you're not doing LCHF. It seems to give you a lot of problems. Did your rash clear up? I hope so. I feel the same as you, as long as you're losing weight that's what matters if you are doing it in a healthy way.

    My weight is down .4 but still 189.4. As long as I didn't go back to 190. I was in that range for way too long. Weight loss is slow and its hard to hang onto your losses.

    DH finally got in touch with the HVAC guy and he is coming on Saturday to give us an estimate for a new air condition, furnace and hot water tank. I am so relieved that he has agreed to that. They are so old an I'll feel so much better having them replaced. Its a lot of money but necessary.
  • HI friends: 164 this am after eating several days and not Keto. That enchilada on Friday set me on a roll, I had to have the leftovers on Saturday, and I had the hungries all weekend. I ate on Monday with DH, and he wanted Pizza. We decided to try our regular and a new brand of gluten free pizza I had gotten to try. So we could compare side by side. I wisely put the leftovers in the freezer. Both were good, so now we have a couple of choices of brands to get if we want pizza. It had been about 3 months since I last had a pizza. Great treat, but not low carb by any means.
    I had OMAD for a keto meal yesterday. It was really high fat, so it did not take much to make me full.
    DH left for the cottage yesterday morning, and arrived in time to put the waterline in right away, and the UV water treatment started up right away without issues either. It has not gone so smoothly other years. I was kind of glad he went on his own so I did not have to listen to his cursing about it. If he gets to the point where he can't do the work, or if he is gone, I will be hiring the local firm that we bought the pump and water treatment system from to put in the lines and start things up. I would not bother.
    DD and I will leave Saturday am for the cottage, and DH and I will come home on Tuesday. He has more dental surgery on the Wednesday when we get back. I tell you all this as it may be a while before I check in after Saturday.
    With him gone, I am hoping to have a prolonged fast starting today. Its why I basically fat fasted yesterday. I am not sure how many days I will fast. I doubt I could go until Saturday night. but maybe I will try.

    Have a good day friends.
  • A quick one this morning since DH will get up a little early since we have to go to the bank today to make a deposit. Since HEB is next door to bank, we will do my weekly shopping.

    I feel so sorry for my beautician and the lady who owns the new shop they are trying to get into. She is having a problem getting a plumber because plumbing has been backed up since freeze and they told her last week it could be 4 more weeks before they can open up. My beautician is still having to work around her friends hours in her shop so we can get our hair done. So I go Saturday this week.

    My weight is still coming down. I am down to 182.4 this morning. YAY!! However, I don't know if that will continue as I had a regular BM this morning hopefully meaning that the potty issues may be over. I'm sure those were helping me lose. I would just love to get into the 170s before it slows down.

    Mad Glad to hear from you. I'm sure when you are able to get back to your fasting that things will get moving again. I think just the fast that I am doing 17 to 20 hr fasts are really helping me to lose weight so I'm sure you will get it working for you again. It is great that you have more than one choice for your GF pizza. Enjoy your trip to the cottage. I'm glad your DH got the system set up without any problem. I got tickled when you said you didn't have to be there to hear him curse if it didn't, because I think that must be a "man thing" because DH does the same thing. Plus with mine it is always going to be worse than it turns out to be. Hubby #2 did the same thing. LOL

    Carol Sue I can understand about the problems switching the phone over. They have changed a lot of things on the computer that I will have to get used to because of Edge. I guess I use Edge on somethings on my old pc and DH doesn't know how to work around it. I am so used to it that it will take me a while to get used to the way he has set up the new one or I will eventually figure out how to get it back. There are a lot of things I don't like about it so if I like the way DH has it I won't change it. Now that this pc seems to be working online, I can always use it for some thing.

    I am glad your DH decided to get the AC, furnace and tank replaced at the same time. It may be expensive now but it will not only give you peace of mind but it will probably save you money in the long run. I've learned that we have to make suggestions to our DHubby"s and then give them time to think it was their idea to do it in the first place. LOL

    I better get busy as the time will get away from me before I know it.

    Y'all have a great day and Mad have a great week.
  • Trish I am so glad you are down even more. I am sure the potty issued helped but that's ok. We take whatever we get.

    I was so hungry for chicken but didn't want to defrost it and cook it. DH shocked me by agreeing to KFC. We only went there once and that was years ago. We got a bucket of chicken, no sides. He only likes white meat but doesn't usually like breaded bone in chicken. But he ate it and liked it and said he would eat it again. That makes me happy because I really like bone in chicken but you can't get it in restaurants. I think my body was really craving protein.

    I use Firefox on my PC but have to use Edge to get into our bank account. For some reason my Virus Protection app will not let me into the bank account using Firefox. Its strange.
  • Carol Sue I used Foxfire once when I was in SC but I quit using it because I couldn't do everything with it that I could do without it. We use Google bing which I'm not fond of either but it works. I've heard there are others that are better but I can't remember what they are and it is easier to stick with what I know.

    So glad your DH decided to try the KFC chicken and likes it. It helps to be able to have a change that you both like. I figured y'all would go to casino today. Are y'all going tomorrow?

    Well, DH couldn't sleep so he got up early and we went to the bank and store and then got LJS and was back home around 2ish. I forgot about the chips so just had LJS fish fillet and shrimp along with some frozen shoestring potatoes that I air fried. I told DH that I am going to buy a different kind of frozen fries when we run out of these because I don't like the way they air-fry. Plus I did get the unsweetened almond milk but DH poured me a glass of whole milk when I was somewhere else so I will start drinking that tomorrow.

    The only thing we need to do is go get DH meds from Walmart. I don't go to the beauty shop Friday but we are going to the little town where DS lives and meet her and her Hubby and Babysister and her Hubby for lunch. So we may have to take the long way around and stop by Walmart and get his medicine. They didn't get the house they looked at because the realtor got some bad reports about the landlord not taking care of things when something broke. So they are still looking for a house. BS is kind of frustrated right now so BIL told me she needs to have some fellowship time with DS and me to get away from everything for some relaxation and down time.

    I assume the potty issues are slowing down but not gone 100%. I am wondering if it is something I am taking or maybe it is the fat since LJS is greasy. But it still isn't as bad as it has been. I forgot to take my vitamins yesterday and that is why I thought it could be caused from something I take. I am still trying to keep my carbs lower than 100 g and so far have not had to go higher.

    DH still working on installing things on my new pc. I did get 3fc, MFP and some other places that I frequent put into my new pc with the passwords so I can go right to them.

    I was able to get a 19 hr fast instead of 20 hr fat with a 4 hr eating window today. So I consider that a good deal after all. I ended the day with a protein shake with a few blueberries and homemade yogurt mixed into it. So it has turned out to be another good day.
  • I fell asleep as,soon as my head hit the pillow. I slept for a long time but didn't sleep well. I think it was because blood sugar was up. My tester was in the car and I won't take G at bedtime without testing. I also ate the chicken too close to bedtime. We went to the casino. It stunk, so we came home early and got the chicken on the way home. I haven't had a good fast in a week. I will do it today, no food until dinner.

    Trish, I think the potty issues is from fasting. Mad sometimes gets it too. I haven't had it but no fasting either. Once again I'm afraid to get on the scale.
  • HI friends: back to 162 today. Since DH is not here to tempt me, and there is no smell of food around, I am going to try a more prolonged fast. It will be 48 hrs at 4pm, and I would like to get at least to 4 pm tomorrow, so 72 hours. That should allow some real autophagy to get going. I note that even well hydrated like now, my waist measurement is down to 35.5. Its been at 36 inches for a while, so I am also happy with that. I wore some dress slacks on Tuesday and noticed they felt pretty tight around the waist. I figure I need to get back to 35 or less for them to be comfy again.
    I am thinking about what and how to eat when we are all at the cottage together from Saturday on. DH has supper planned for when we arrive on Saturday. I usually fast on the way there, so if I do OMAD on Friday and Saturday, and fast on Sunday, then eat Monday, and fast Tuesday on the way home. Its a bit difficult, because I have been fasting so much. How to do it without feeling deprived and giving up and going overboard. I have been having junk food dreams again. Its really hard not to cave. So no judgement when people do eat food they didn't plan. we all feel it.

    Just planning to get through the day.
    Keep doing so well friends.
    Pipsicle, hope you can find the way back to your previous low weight. It will come. You have been good about being active this winter, hope you can keep it up this spring.
  • I usually have a bump after LJS fish and I had a .2 lb bump this time which is really very good. I really wanted to see 182 even but I will gladly take the 182.6. My FBG has being between 100 and 110. I know that is still good for me, but I do like the 90s better.

    I haven't decided what I'm going to eat today because DH wants me to take the roast beef sandwich meat and cut it into small pieces and cook it in SF barbecue sauce for lunch but I'm thinking that is way too much sodium even for a semi-low carb plan. I'm thinking about cooking me some barbecue wings with the SF barbecue. I haven't taken the wings out but with the air-fryer it isn't necessary.

    Mad I knew you would get back to your EF so I hope it goes well. You have your plan for the cottage and praying it goes well for you. I understand about how easy it is to want something we see others eating. Do the best you can and enjoy the time.

    Carol Sue I thought yesterday was your day for the casino. Sorry it didn't go as well as you thought. I did read that IF along with low carbing or keto can cause the potty issues too. I think those issues are what helps me stay OP though because I'm not sure if it is a food or what. If things go like it did yesterday, I can live with it. I just hope it doesn't get back like it was last week. I like the weight loss from it but still don't want to go through it.

    I'm having a time getting used to this pc because there is no way to disable the pad and I am having to relearn to hold my hands above it or the cursor jumps to the wrong place. So please forgive where some letter gets where I missed it going. I still think that when I get used to this pc I will enjoy using it.

    I got my core exercise and stretches done for this week but not sure I will get all the exercises on the bike done, but I have been more active. Today and tomorrow I will do house work for exercise.

    Have a very good day everyone.
  • Trish, today I was reading about diarrhea from fasting. One site said it was caused when you eat after you stomach was empty during the fast. It said eventually your body gets used to it. I don't think its caused by any foods unless its something you never ate before. I used to get it all the time when I ate salad in restaurants.

    We had hot dogs and rice pilaf for dinner.

    The furnace guy was just here looking things over. He said he will figure the pricing and call tomorrow to give us a price. If its in the range he did it for our neighbor we will go with it. If not we will get other estimates. He said the furnace we have is heavy duty. Its almost 50 years old but still works.
  • Carol Sue Thanks for letting me know what you read about the diarrhea and fasting. That my be it because I'm not eating anything new. No problem today and hope I don't have any tomorrow when we go out to eat.

    I at the chicken wings for lunch but I find it interesting that the last 2 times I've had wings that they didn't taste as good as I remember. My tastes are really changing. Tonight I decided to I was hungry for a PB sandwich and that is what I ate for dinner. Still kept calories under 1200 and carbs low as well. I hope it doesn't mess up my end of month weight loss. I hope I really like not having to think about food all the time.

    I hope you can get your AC/furnace replaced for a reasonable price. At our ages wee need to save where we can.

    Hope qw both can get a good nights rest tonight.