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  • Hey friends: just to reassure you, Covid itself causes these unusual clots at a much higher rate than the vaccines. And actually all the vaccines may cause the clots, its an immune response. Because they are so rare, there is not enough known about it, but overall, still much better to have the vaccine than covid19.
    I am hoping the research may show that mixing vaccines is ok, and I would take the A-Z shot for my second shot and leave the Pfizer, which is slightly less likely to cause the clots (as far as we know) for younger people who are a bit more at risk of the immune reaction.
    We here are working on our weight loss to be healthier and deal with diabetic issues, which put us at higher risk for so many things, including blood clots and severe covid illness if we do acquire the infection. Praying for people everyone to find the best and safest path to health they can.
  • I am not saying a firm No but not ready to say Yes.
  • I'm up .6 lbs which probably isn't a gain just a fluctuation since I've been doing pretty well. I be easing into the lower carbs of keto but need to go to the store to get almond milk. Yes, I am going to learn to like and drink almond milk. I do cheat as I buy the unsweetened and add liquid Stevia to it so I can tolerate it. I used it years ago when I was on strict Atkins so I figure I can do it again.

    Mad Glad you now seeing the 150s. I'm sure you will be back in there as time goes by. I noticed you eat yogurt. Do you still make your own? I still make it for DH and want to start eating it again too. I forget to buy the H&H when at the store Friday so will have to go get it when I go buy the almond milk. I want to learn to make keto ice cream too although I found a delicious store bought that I like so may stick with it. The keto diet I bought into and get info from her FB site says to eat only 5% carbs and I noticed she posted today that all 3 different ways of doing keto only do up to 30 grams of carbs the difference seems to be whether you use processed foods and keto products. As I read the labels of some of the keto products, I notice they wouldn't really fit into a good keto plan. I think I'm going to enjoy Keto once I get into it. Having BS living here and doing the same thing will be even more helpful and fun. I like the keto for all the health benefits. I'm not sure how much it do for me at my age but it has to all be good.

    Thanks for the info on the vaccines. I've had mine which was Pfizer with no real problems, but then DH and I have worked very hard to keep our immune systems healthy following some of the guidelines of online docs who seemed to agree on how to do that without doing anything outlandish. As you know, you can't trust everybody out there. I read in the paper work that they asked if you were on blood thinners (DH and BIL are on Eloquise), but trusting our doctors, we took the vaccine any way and had no problems.

    Carol Sue I'm finding that I'm not hungry at all these days. I might could do an EF but just not ready to do that. I am working on another 23 hr fast again today. I am just really going with the flow because like you, I don't know how long this will last and I want to take advantage of it as long as I can. I too am aware that in just an instant it can all change and I could go off the rails. But for the moment we are doing very well and I always believe that we are building on past successes and eventually we will get it.

    I'm noticing people that weigh what I weigh and they look great. Next time I get dressed to go somewhere, I need DH to take a picture so I can see myself because I don't feel 186.8 in my head and I need to work at getting rid of the very obese look out of my head. I look in the mirror and still that 200+ size woman and I really think that is a real problem for me staying on plan. I need to start taking pics ever so often so "I" can see my progress.

    Beef jerky is in the air fryer dehydrator settings and a small batch in the other little oven. I will switch it over to the air fryer when I take the batch out of air fryer as it is making faster in the air fryer. I have pork backribs in crock pot and will move it to broiler oven when I switch beef jerky to AF so the ribs can brown on top. Having BJ for dinner will keep my carbs low but give me protein at the same time.

    I slept very well for 7 hrs. Seems to be what works for me but will still need a short nap later. I was going to make this a lazy rest day but when I got up DH had started cleaning out the white hutch in our dining room so looks like it is going to be another busy day.

    Pipsicle looking forward to hearing from you.

    Have a great day everybody.

  • Weight is the same as last week. Hoping I'm getting things turned around.
  • getting the freedom with diabatic is very difficult work people control their diet and most people not taking sufficient diet or required
  • Trish, I have a distorted image of myself in my mind, but mine is opposite. In my mind's eye I am still 135 lbs. I have never lost that image. When I see pictures of myself or see myself in a mirror I am shocked at what I see.

    I fell asleep again in my recliner. 1 hour from 4-5. I had scrambled eggs for dinner. I still like them. Eating them at dinner does not start the eating just in the morning. . Its funny but DH actually tried to talk me out of eating them. He thinks I have quit eggs. LOL Doesn't even realize I am fasting. I think that's because I eat dinner with him most days. I have him totally confused.

    Tomorrow I go for bloodwork for my Friday Dr appointment. I don't want to go too early because its usually crowded. Its good now that fasting won't bother me and I read online that black coffee won't effect it. I will go easy though because coffee raises my glucose. Either that or it's just the dawn phenomenon.

    Tonight I will make sure to use my CPap.
  • I was reading some of the materials that I got from the Keto plan I joined and it was talking about important vitamins. It talked about eggs being so good for getting Omega 3. I miss my eggs but I don't want to eat breakfast so I need to eat them in the evening but usually am too tired to cook them and I'm not big on eating hard boiled eggs. I'm afraid if I go back to eating breakfast or brunch I will fall back into my old way of eating.

    I've done very well with my eating today. I actually kept my carbs at 16% according to MFP. Keto is supposed to be 5% to 15%, protein 25% and the rest is to be fat. I always keep protein at 25% so I only had to adjust the carbs and fat. So far it is going pretty good. I'm doing this with whole milk so it is tempting not to switch to almond milk she isn't too fond of alternate milks either. I actually believe I would be happier with doing low carb with a 20 to 30% carbs. However, I've read that it is good to do keto for a couple of weeks and then switch to low carb. In fact, I saw one doc say that it is good to alternate between keto and low carb. So that is a possibility although I do so love the benefits of keto especially hoping that it would slow down some of the aging processes hoping that my skin etc would look healthier as well as all my numbers would be healthy. I love having FBG in the 90s.

    DH has decided to go to Sam's again tomorrow since they didn't have our tomatoes last time. I will buy a carton of almond milk and try doing a stricter keto for a while and see how it goes.

    DH and I are still working on organizing the house better, but we are ready to put the freezer in the house. It will make it easier in a lot of way including the fact that the deep freezer we are giving baby sister can stay where it is. I guess if we decide we don't like it in the house, we can always have her boys move the new one in the garage when they get their Mother's. If nothing else all this is getting DH working with me to clean out and organize my kitchen counters and my pantry/laundry room. When I get my house organized and decluttered, it will be easier to keep clean and I won't be embarrassed to have company.

    Carol Sue Praying your bloodwork goes well. I too have decided that I am just going to have a nap in the afternoon after lunch. I assume it is just a part of my age and with the 7 hrs of night sleep + 1 hr in the afternoon does give me 8 hrs sleep a day.

    Thanks to DH I should sleep good tonight as my day of rest and relaxation ended up being a very busy day. I told him that I have worked so hard the past few days that I hurt in places I didn't even know I had muscles. I didn't do the bike yet this week but I don't think I need to make up for it. I don't think it would be so bad on me right now if I wasn't starting my 1st week in Keto. Looking on the bright side it's nice to know that we are ready for the freezer so that all the other things we are working on can go at a slower pace.

    Sweet dreams dear friends. Good night.
  • Trish, I understand you not wanting to eat breakfast and I have to figure out where to fit in my eggs. I'm ok with hard cooked and sometimes put them in my salad and I love them pickled. Eventually I will go back to eating them scrambled but will have my first meal at noonish.

    I slept ok and didn't get up til 7 am. I don't intend to go for bloodwork until 10 and DH might want to go for breakfast. I will handle it if he insists.

    I think Keto will be very good for you if you can stick to it for life. I didn't think I could ever give up eggs but I shocked myself. You might get used to it and never turn back. And if not, you will be used to not eating carbs and just eat low carb. I have learned to never say never. We can change. By the way, I want to stop saying that I gave up eggs. I didn't. I gave up eating in the morning. DH has strange ideas about what you can eat at certain times. Some restaurants have all day breakfast and he hates to see someone eat breakfast at dinner time. Also, some things he says "How can you eat that in the morning?" Meaning leftovers from dinner. Or "You can't eat that right before bed.". I can eat anything at anytime. I can eat low carb or even Keto or carnivore but I know I could not give up carbs the rest of my life. And I don't want to be making a lot of subs that DH won't eat. This is just my way of thinking. I have no issue with what other people do.

    After DH had his heart attack years ago we went out for breakfast and ran into friends. The woman questioned that he should not be eating eggs, sausage, etc. It turns out that those foods are good, but it was all the sugar and carbs he ate all his life. Many people don't realize that still.

    Now I will shower and get dressed.
  • 162 again after my eating day. I ate a LOT yesterday, but slowly. I was really hungry. So I ate stuff, then waited, then ate more because I was still hungry.
    Overall stuck pretty well to plan, just more. I did not have the overstuffed feeling I usually get from overeating, so I will take that as my body just was hungry and needed the food.
    Had a nice zoom virtual visit with younger DD. She is finishing one social work placement and starting her final placement soon. Finishing her last courses. She is on the home stretch.
    Working part time while doing all this. She was saying she will take holidays after the final placement, sometime late August or early September, so we promised to save the cottage time for her then. Although we think she will want us all up there too, and we hope its safe for those kind of visits then.

    Today is fasting, and I feel fine about that. Have a good day friends.
  • Blood draw went well. My Dr usually calls with my A1c but otherwise I will discuss the results with him on Friday. There was only one person ahead of me at the lab so just a few minute wait. I go to Quest. DH asked Where next ? and I said Goodwill so no breakfast. I came home and ate a big salad at noon.

    Trish, before you put the new freezer in the garage, consider if your garage is air conditioned. If not, the hot Texas weather will have it struggling to keep up. It will run up your electricity bill and the motor will wear out sooner.
  • Carol Sue The freezer is supposed to be garage ready for up to 110 degrees but like DH says that garage gets hotter than that so besides the convenience, I think that is the reason he decided to find a place for it. It is a tight squeeze in some places for the dining room table but we don't use it that much any way. He has talked about turning it a different way which may or may not work. The problem is that it is a big table for when we had big family gatherings and a beautiful wood table and it is in the nook. This house is not big enough to have a dining room and a nook, but it does. We use the actual dining room as at the other end of the LR or family room where we have bookshelves, my exercise bike, a desk and DH piano. I did suggest to DH that we move his piano and the desk and bike out and move the table over there. Then he could have his piano and my exercise bike and even desk in the nook since we don't need a table in there.

    I know you are glad to have your blood work done. I'm always glad that is over. I bet you will find you have a good A1c. The way you are eating is going to make it get even better in time. I still get some higher readings in the 100 to 110 but they are becoming more and more rare.

    Mad I thinking you are experiencing some of the things that you probably did in the beginning when you first started EF along with your low carb diet. It will eventually balance out and you will start losing again like you were. It is what I call transitioning back into the plan. I seem to remember that you always bounced up on eating days but after fasting days it came back down and many times lower bouncing for a while until it starting going down regularly. I think that is what I am experiencing with my way of LC/IF. I am trying to remember that it just works this way and not get frustrated.

    Saying that my weight has bounced up to 187.2 so not a good stable 186 yet, but it is bouncing back and forth and I am keeping my carbs, fat and protein pretty well balanced so it should even out eventually. I'm also thinking that if the old theory is true that it is harder to break through those lbs that I've held on to for so long, then the plan is working but it is having to fight through those.

    I've decided that I don't want to do keto low carbs also I do not want to give up the milk. Reason? I compared cows milk with unsweetened almond milk and although the carb is 1 g compared to 11g in whole milk, it is only 1g protein compared to 8g in regular milk. So I need the protein in the milk. I seem to be able to keep carbs down to around 50 g to 75 g net which I read was low carb. So I am going to use a lot of keto ideas and recipes but not even try to go down to 20 or less grams.

    Headed to Sam's today and Tacos will be my lunch today. Doing 2 meals a day now with brunch at noon and then main meal around 3 ish. That will give me a 19 to 20 hr fast each day.

    Have a good day everybody.
  • Trish, I call this my pandemic bloodwork. Even though I have done very well in the past month, the 2 months before were bad. I had some very high blood sugar spikes that I never even mentioned because they were so bad. I was eating way too many carbs, baked goods and such. I am even more interested in my triglycerides. Low carb brings them down along with exercise. I'm thinking that by the time I get my next bloodwork they should be good. This bloodwork will tell me what I'm starting from.

    The air condition guy is here and it sounds like we need a new unit. Its no shame since this is about 35 years old and we got our money from the IRS to pay for it.

    I am reading a new book about appetite. It applies to me when I overeat. I will share when I get into it.
  • Well, I didn't plan very well today. My calories though within calories and not really high, my protein, carbs and fats were not balanced as I like them to be. So I guess this will be considered a carby day.
    I was doing pretty good until I realized I had a banana this morning. I had to eat small snack tonight so I could eat enough protein. Carbs higher than I like them to be. I am good at keeping my eating window with 7 to 8 hrs when I eat 2 meals and a snack. And tomorrow I will go back to 2 meals and carb balanced.

  • I did not weigh this AM. I had a long and carby. ​​​​eating window, from 12 noon to 7 pm. 7 hours, but long for me. I do not want to see a 9. Yesterday I only had 1/2 cup of coffee. More coffee keeps me fasting.

    We had a choice to put Freon in the air conditioner but he can't guarantee it won't leak out again or get new so we are getting new. The guy told us his air condition broke 3 years ago and he can't afford to replace it. At our age we cannot live without air condition so I'm thankful we have the money for it. I feel our furnace will need to be replaced soon. When we got the air condition 35 years ago the guy told us we were going to need a new furnace but its still working. DH put a new motor in it. It is 50 years old. I want to do it now but DH says not til we need it. I don't want to need it in the middle of winter.

    So far this book is long and drawn out, talking about the different types of hunger. I want him to get to the nitty gritty. He is the guy who wrote Fast 5 so this will be about IF.
  • This book is pretty much what I'm doing, a five hour eating window, but I worked up to it. The appetite that interested me is limbic appetite. That is when you want to continue eating once you start even if hunger is satisfied. Like me. He says it takes about 3 weeks for appetite correction to take hold and that's about how long it took for me as I started this around Easter. He also talks about compensatory eating, when you want to overeat because you know you will be fasting for the next 19 hours. I've heard that called "Last Supper Syndrome.". He also says you can tweak this to suit your needs as long as it produces results, i.e. weight loss. You can have a longer or shorter eating window if it works for you, if it corrects your appetite. I don't hold a hard and fast schedule for my fast but usually end up with 19-20 hours naturally. And you can have cream in your coffee if it still works for you. So tweak and see what happens. I like that he leaves the details up to you. I don't know what more he can say or how close I am to the end of the book.

    He says that the biggest obstacle can be people telling you that fasting is bad, dangerous, or social friction, handling your fasting when you have a situation where eating is involved. I plan on telling people that I'm not eating between meals without mentioning how far apart my meals are. That worked with my DIL on Easter. And I am open to changing my fasting window to allow for social events. Right now I'm not involved in social events because of Covid. He also says you can eat what you want in a 5 hour eating window but you will get the best results if you eat healthy food. And if you screw up just keep trying.

    I guess the book is good for a newby interested in IF but I'm glad it was free with Kindle Unlimited. Not a lot new for me.

    We are going to the casino today because snow is forecast for tomorrow. SNOW! DH has eaten twice already. Egg salad sandwich for breakfast and grilled cheese for lunch. In the past I would have at least sampled each of them. I refrigerated the left over egg salad in case I want it and passed on the grilled cheese. This is a new happy experience for me!