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  • Mad Congratulations on the weight loss. Glad for you. Glad your knee isn't giving you problems. I love stew but DH likes it made with shredded beef and I like it with chunks of beef so we don't have it much.

    Carol Sue Glad you figured out what the problem was with the CPAP. I probably would not have taken the vaccine if I had read the info before I got it. I've heard they may have a booster shot but I already told DH that I won't get it unless it is mandatory.

    DBS got tested for the covid so he can go back to work and he is negative. Of course, he is supposed to be okay since he got the vaccine and the people who are getting the covid on his job are young people who didn't get the vaccine, but evidently when anyone gets it, they close down the whole company for 14 days and Human Resources insists that Everybody be tested to come back to work even those who had the vaccine. Sounds crazy to me but I told DS that he will be a statistic proof that the vaccine works and you are safe once you take it since they don't seem to know how all this works.

    Well, I am proud of myself because I have met my goals of exercising for this week. Carol Sue It takes me about 35 minutes to get my 3 miles on the recumbent bike and add about 25 minutes of my other exercise 3X a week gives me 180 minutes of exercise a week plus being active on top of that. My goal is to do this every week now and do it on alternate days.

    Weight seems to be stuck at 187 but then I am only supposed to lose 1 lb a week at this rate any way. I may not be low enough on my carbs because I should be low enough on my calories between 1000 and 1100 most days. I am into my routine so hopefully it will all come together. Saturday starts week 3 so maybe I will start seeing some results.

    We all seem to have our own path and I hope everybody will have agreat day everybody.
  • Trish, I think you are doing everything right and the losses will come when you least expect it. We lose so slowly and I think our age has a lot to do with it. As long as we are not regaining we will continue to lose.

    I have been sleeping better lately but for some reason I have been falling asleep (napping) almost every day. I feel rested when I get up but get sleepy late afternoon. I guess my body needs the sleep. I am dozing off now. DH has already gone to bed but is watching tv. I want to stay up a little longer so I won't wake up so early.

    I am starting to miss my scrambled eggs. I haven't had them for a while. I would like to have some right now but I have been fasting since 2 pm and don't want to mess up this fast. I am really pushing to get lower into the 180s and not bounce into the 190s anymore. I am at a point where I'm not sure that fasting longer like this is not harmful to me because of my heart. I know fasting is good, but I'm just not sure about the heart issues. I figure being so overweight isn't good either especially with my fat being mostly in my central area, so I am trying to do something to correct it. I will pray for God to guide me.

    I think you will be ok from the vaccine Trish. Most people are ok but now there are a few problems with J&J. I am just taking one day at a time and being careful. They stopped taking temperatures at the casino but they keep coming on the PA system announcing that masks are still required as well as social distancing. Most obey the rules.

    Our weather feels like its back to winter. We had a week of really warm weather but now we have the furnace on again. I can't wait til its really warm enough to be outside.

    I can't keep my eyes open any longer. Goodnight!

  • Babysister called today and she bought some Keto program and is excited. She will have 7 cookbooks and info and samples of meals she said she would share it with DS and me when she gets moved. Still sure how strict I will go with it. Will see how things go.

    I've had a good eating day and I agree with you Carol Sue that the weight will come off although slowly. Beauty shop in the morning. It is supposed to rain so not sure I will go to the store it depends on how much it is raining and I could make it until Sat or Sun since it isn't supposed to rain then.

    Hope to get a good nights sleep for all of us. I have to get up early so I'm headed to bed now.

  • did not sleep well last night, first time in a while. I woke about 4 and could not get back to sleep, even on the couch. Stayed of the computer and tv. but reading did not help. I did doze briefly.
    162 this am after my eating day yesterday, thats ok. Its always worse with poor sleep. Also I am struggling with amounts to eat. I feel hungry while eating, and enjoy my food, but I later feel overfull and bloated. I think feeling full doesn't come for a while. I need to eat a small serving and wait and see if I am still hungry. I was kind of anxious to finish off my stew. I don't think it would freeze well and didn't want to waste it.

    Fasting today. Not sure what to plan for food tomorrow. I too will access a cookbook for some inspiration!
    Have a good day
  • Weight is down to 187.2! I am at 17 hours with my fast and still feel ok. I don't know how long I will go. I would like to go til 3pm which is when we go for dinner on Friday. I have broken through the barrier of 189 and that's all I care about right now. If this is what I have to do to lose weight so be it. I found out that I CAN do it if I have to. I did not find anything online to indicate that fasting would adversely affect a faulty heart valve and I'm thinking that autophagy could help with calcification. I only found an article from Cleveland Clinic that said fasting is good for heart health. Anyway, I'm doing it as long as I feel ok. I know to drink water and I am eating.

    DH had shoulder pain last night but didn't eat potatoes yesterday but it might have been trim the potatoes the day before. Or it could be from something else altogether. I think he is dieting but he never says so. I just notice when he starts eating less. He would never admit that he's overweight but he gets a bit of a belly during the winter. He is 5'11". I think he weighs around 220 but is very muscular. He looks better closer to 200 and is probably healthier. He is a strong believer in 3 meals a day and always eats something before going to bed. He got me into his eating schedule and I'm now getting jumping ship. He thinks sugar is an essential nutrient!


    My blood sugar is going up, either from the black coffee or from fasting. I remember when Dr Fung said that is because the liver is dumping the excess glucose and that should lessen in time. DH went out and got donuts so those don't tempt me. If he ate eggs, that would tempt me. We are going to Texas Roadhouse. I have to decide between grilled salmon with 2 sides or grilled salmon salad. If I get the 2 sides I might be tempted to get a potato so the salad might be the best choice. The thing is I have to tell them no croutons, no cheese and no bacon. LOL. I DO want lettuce!! I will have to be strong with the rolls. That will be so hard being the bread lover I am. We'll see. The salad is 800 calories but should be less without the croutons, cheese and bacon. Add the dressing and that will bring it up. If I decide to get the meal I will get a side salad and a vegetable.
  • I ended my fast at 2 PM, 24 hours. It was easier than I thought. I ate a half of a banana. I don't get hungry, but sometime my appetite flares. I think of something to eat but I don't eat it. In reading, I think I don't get hungry because my blood sugar stays elevated a bit. Maybe my pancreas is burning out. I have only been taking a small amount of G. Maybe when I've been doing this for a while my blood sugar will go lower. So far its only been going down to 120.

    I got the salmon salad at Texas Roadhouse. Yummy yum. DH got steak. Now to make it to bedtime without eating. I think I will do 2MAD tomorrow, A brunch of scrambled eggs and dinner at 3-4. I don't know what that will be.
  • Carol Sue Congratulations on the 187.2 and the 24 hr fast. You are learning that you can do this. Happy for you. I'm so happy for you. You do really good with your eating out. Good job.

    I was sleeping so good this morning when my alarm clock went off. In fact, it was a good thing that I set it or I don't think I would have woke up. I had to drag out of bed and have been dragging all day. My carbs aren't all that low except that they are less than 30% of my calories. I am experiencing so keto or low carb flu like reactions today with diarrhea and exhaustion today. I was able to go to the store to get a few things and now have all I need to make the keto or low carb ice cream. I found another Keto FB group including the one by the lady babysister bought info from. With what I'm experiencing, I don't think I want to go any lower on the carbs at this time. In fact, I read online that it is best to ease into it which I thought I was but evidently I didn't.

    I don't know what my weight was this morning because I got up so early. FBG was 97. Making this short today because I am too tired to write. I think I will take a nap and hope no one calls which is usually what happens once I get to sleep. LOL No one is used to me taking naps.

  • Mad I agree that poor sleep affects our weight just as much as anything else. Hope you get a good nights sleep tonight. I read that when you are getting back on Keto that you can have insomnia so maybe that is what is going on with you and Carol Sue. I think that because I was startled when my alarm clock went off this morning and I was in such a deep sleep that it set my day up for being draggy. Also being a rainy dreary day didn't help either.

    I went on the old LC site that I use to frequent and read about other peoples experiences with the lc flu like experiences especially the fatigue and learned that I am too concerned about the sodium. In fact one person said that they learned that 5 g of sodium got rid of their fatigue and flu like feelings. I'm not going to go for 5 g, but I will stop worrying about it being higher than the 2300 mg MFP expects. It has always upset me when it went higher and turned red, but now I will know that doing LC/Keto woe that it is a good thing. In fact, I've been thinking I need to stop my BP meds because my BP was 98/45 this morning and it is constantly low. I actually drank half a Powerade and ate a little bit of salt on my hand and felt better after.

    Today I had a Protein shake with a banana when around 12:30 and then around 3:30 we had a salad and parmesan chicken and the other half of the creamed spinach. it was really good. I haven't had anything since. I am working on switching to noon before I eat and nothing at night working toward a 20 hr fast. I think the high fat is going satiate me so I can do that.

    Hoping for a good night sleep for all of us tonight.
  • Trish, I wouldn't worry about the dietary sodium and here's why. I remember when your doctor checked your sodium and it was a little low. I think maybe your body is craving it because its low. And I agree to stop your blood pressure pills.

    My weight is up .6 lb but still 187.8 so I held the drop. I didn't eat after dinner so I think my body is getting used to that. I was craving scrambled eggs so I was thinking I would have them for brunch today. Then step daughter called and said the fire department is selling hoagies today so we always buy one. So if son in law doesn't forget to bring ours down I will put the filling into a salad for a chefs salad. One time he forgot to bring ours and they sold out.

    Last night I fell asleep in my recliner at 7 pm. At 10pm DH woke me up to come to bed. I watched TV until 12 then fell asleep without my CPap and slept without it until 4 AM. Then I put it on and slept til 6:30. I'm surprised that I'm getting all this sleep but I'm glad. I think it's the fasting because this never happened before when I dieted or lost weight. And I've only lost a couple pounds. Something is making me sleep more and deeper but I feel good during the day.

    Our weather is back to cold and its really rainy. I guess we need the rain but I'm ready for warmer weather. DH has had the furnace on and its making noise. He never called the air condition guy so maybe we will get a new furnace, too. I sure wouldn't want it to break during the winter! My dog needs a haircut but I don't want it short until it gets warmer.

    I haven't thought of what's for dinner. I don't like to eat out on weekends because its crowded. I'll think of something.

    I decided that I'm not going to tell anyone that I'm fasting. Too many people think its bad, and I am not doing extended fasting. I am just not eating between meals.

    Trish, that's good that your sister bought that Keto plan to share. All 3 of you can benefit from it. You are like the 3 sisters who started this forum.


    My fast was 19.5 hrs. I ate a chef salad with the meat and cheese from the hoagie chopped up in it. As always, as soon as I eat my appetite goes full speed ahead and I want to eat more. I don't know if I will ever resolve that. I just have to do my best to control it. Its not hunger.
  • Carol Sue That is great that you held the 187 even though the .6 bump. I take that as meaning that what you are doing is working. I think that wanting to eat all the time will finally subside. You are doing great. I used to take the making of sandwiches and put them in a salad without the bread. Hopefully I will get back to that. I can understand not telling people you are fasting. You can just say you aren't hungry right now or something like that. More and more people are understanding about IF these days but not a lot. That is like I've decided that when I see my doctor again that I will tell him I am doing low carb and eating Intuitively because he has no problem with low carb but he has a problem with keto. I don't know how he feels about fasting so why even bother with finding out. All he cares about is my numbers and as long as they are good he will be happy. My A1c should be really good next time because I'm getting FBG readings in the 90s and low 100s eating this way.

    I did do my core exercises today and plan to do 3 miles on the bike today but not sure I will ever have the time as we are working to get things re-arranged to make room for the freezer that is supposed to be here Friday. DH actually decided that the chandelier we moved from SC house to hear would hang in the entrance hall. He got it hung yesterday and partly put together and will fiish that today. While he is in the mood to help me, I told him I need him to help me clean out a certain section of my bottom cabinets in the kitchen where I keep a lot of containers etc. I have pieces that have no lids or I don't know where they are. We also need to decide what to do with pots and pans I no longer use or will use. I think we are both in the mood to declutter things and get more organized. I decided the Good Lord provided this house for us and I need to be more thankful and stop complaining about it being small. It is all we need if we will just get rid of things we don't need. I found out yesterday that there is a place to take what is useful and they will even unloaded for you. Of course there is always Goodwill. I could probably sell a lot of stuff at a garage sale but I'm not a garage sale person. I hate having them.

    I lost 1.8 lbs this week dow to 186.2 so the diet is working. I was so tired yesterday and when I headed for bed had to get up a few times because of BMs. I'm having that some today as well. I don't think I'm eating that low carb but evidently I'm eating low enough carbs and high enough fat to cause me to go potty and of course the weight has to come down. I guess I have found my micro balance. I read that this should go away in a few days. I don't know what would happen if I was doing strict keto. I remember that doctor DH listened to said you didn't have to do strict keto. In fact, he talked like you should do it for a short time to get weight moving and switch over to low carb. As long as my low carb is working like it is I won't change much.

    I watched a kid on YouTube make beef jerky in air fryer. He used Sevia cola which is a cola made with Stevia so the carbs would be low because no sugar. HEB cut strips of beef that I bought yesterday so I can make my own and will be making the marinade today and soak them over night can cook them tomorrow. It take 4 to 4 and 1/2 hrs to cook them. I have the ingredients to make Keto PB cookies so I'm slowly learning how to cook for this. Today we will have our low carb pizza for out main meal and I haven't been hungry today so I will have a 24 hr liquid fast by the time we eat. The nice thing about eating this way, I don't have to worry about the sodium in the pizza. I am tracking on MFP but if I don't hit the button to finish everything it won't tell me I'm not eating enough calories today if I end up eating only 1 meal.

    Guess I better get busy. I need to get our pills done before DH gets up. I am freezing right now . Our weather is low too for this time of the year. Had some rain the past few days and may have some today. On low carb/keto, you lose stored fat and my doctor called that your insulation. As I lose it, I find myself getting colder and colder when the temps are low.

    Have a great day eveybody.

  • HI gang: I did not fast yesterday because it doesn't feel right after such a poor sleep. I did sleep great last night, but am tired now. I think the sleep loss of the day before puts me behind for a few days. This was "normal" a few weeks ago when i wasn't sleeping well, for me to be fading in the late afternoon or early evening. My mind and heart want to do things, but the body is too tired. I did little today, walked the dog in the morning, had friends in for an hour for tea, and read a bit. Then resting for a while, but as usual, did not sleep. I have the bedding in the washer because it really needs to be done. I will have a shower now and go to bed early.
    Have been fasting today and its going well. DH had an early supper so the temptation is gone now. Going to bed early on a Saturday night seems very lame in pre-covid19 days, but just fine.

    Carol: I am so happy the fasting is working for you again. When your DH was in hospital last year it really worked for you. It seems a good way for you personally.
    Trish is also doing well, and adapting.

    Have a good weekend friends
  • Trish, I won't have to worry about what to tell people until and if my weight loss begins to show. I have quite a way to go before that happens. At Easter, I had planned that I would eat reasonably at our meal. My DIL had some tidbits set out as appetizers before the meal with little plates. She didn't ask why I wasn't eating any but I did tell her that I wasn't eating between meals but would put some on my plate and eat them with my meal, which I did. But I have already decided that I am going to reach the point where weight loss is noticeable and planned not to say that it was done with fasting. I think IF is just normal eating anyway. To me, only extended fasting is true fasting. I will just say that I'm not eating between meals, and not mentioning that the meals are hours apart! My friend who lost all the weight tells people that she's eating to control her diabetes, and most people think that's a good idea.

    None of my doctors ever discuss weight or diet with me. They don't bring it up, and neither do I. My weight has not really changed much since I've been seeing any of them. I think they look for big changes in weight, which could indicate a medical problem. Most people won't listen when a doctor tells them to lose weight and I think that's why they don't do it. I had a gyne who always told me I was gaining too much weight and that was when I was young and weighed in the 130-140 range. I switched doctors because I didn't want to hear it. I guess I'm not a good patient. LOL IF I had listened to him I would not be where I am today.

    I fell asleep in my recliner again, this afternoon. I guess that's just going to be a standard thing with me for some reason. I never napped before. I do feel that I am sleeping good at night except for a bad night here and there, and I feel rested most mornings. I don't know why it's happening but I'm ok with it. I don't think I'm getting too much sleep.

    I think it's a shame that you have good things but just don't have room for everything. Can't the new freezer just go where the old one was? I think most people have this problem when they downsize. When we moved here were were actually upsizing, as our other house was really tiny. Now we have every available spot full of things we don't need. DH doesn't like to get rid of things, but I want to. If I can, I will do it little by little so maybe he won't notice. Most of our extra stuff is junk we've accumulated over time and has no real value.

    Mad, just to show you how time flies, it was not last year when DH was in the hospital. It was December, 2018. Isn't that amazing? But you're right. I did very well with fasting then, even though high stress was also involved. I am amazing myself that I am sticking to this this long. I'm actually waiting for the other shoe to drop, waiting for the day that I fall off the wagon and get dragged under the wheels. This is so not like me. But I am finding it relatively easy and DH doesn't seem to be bothered, because I am eating dinner most days.

    I never in a million years thought I would stop eating eggs. They have always been my favorite food. But I am telling myself that I didn't stop eating them. They are still there if I want them and someday I will eat them again. I'm just afraid that the first time I eat them will start a habit of eating them daily again. It's not so much that eggs are bad, but more than eating early in the day sets me up to eat all day, which ends up being overeating. What I'm doing now is working out fine and I'm just taking one day at a time and hoping I don't screw it up tomorrow. I had planned on having scrambled eggs today for meal #1 but we got the hoagie from the fire department so that was my chef salad for lunch. Maybe I'll have eggs tomorrow. I sure am not buying eggs as often as I was before. I keep telling myself that I want to lose weight more than I want the particular food involved.
  • Mad I'm sorry you are having so much trouble sleeping and being so tired. I know you do keto and since I am getting into the keto woe and reading a lot, they say that if you are fatigued and it doesn't go away within a few days of getting back into fat burning that either your electrolites are too low or you aren't eating enough fat. Mine has been caused by not eating enough salt. I'm seeing that people are even drinking pickle juice but I'm not into that, but I do drink a little bit of Powerade to help with that. Hope you can figure out the problem and feel better soon.

    Carol Sue For some reason I get tired and have to take a nap everyday now. However, sometimes I can get busy and it wakes me up. I hope as my body adjusts to this woe a lot of that will go away. I think we have to go along with how our bodies are working at the time. I thought about eating brunch but the time got away from me and I could have eaten something around 1:30 but that is too close to eating at 3ish so I didn't eat. Then tonight I was going to eat a snack but then by the time I went to the bathroom, changed into pjs it was late and I decided that I didn't want to eat that late and mess up my fast until tomorrow so I ended up with OMAD today.

    We got the chandelier finished today and it is as beautiful as I remember it being. DH is going to get a different switch for it so we can dim it as it is extremely bright in such a small area. I love having it up.

    I joined a Keto Challenge group I saw on FB. I ordered some of the books and can go online and access some of the info as well. I could have got more stuff/books if I had paid more but I don't know if I want to get that involved with it or not. I figure with what I'm getting and what baby sister is getting, we will have all we need. They have a coach etc but I probably won't get into it that much. I've just about decided that I am going to easy completely into Keto. I don't know how this works but you also learn how to do keto with cheat days too. Since I do use some processed foods, I don't figure that I will ever be a strict keto eater any way.

    I hope I have been active enough so that I can get a good nights sleep. I am tired enough but that doesn't always mean anything. I did manage to get everything done today that I wanted to do except I never had time to do the bike but I can still get 3 days in for this new week. I did enough exercise to make up for it.

    Goodnight dear friends. Hope y'all sleep well and feel good tomorrow.
  • I am back to peaking at the 150s again, at 159.8 I want to get more firmly into that camp, so will be careful with Keto today. I may just do the yoghurt this morning, and a cooked meal tonight with Butter Chicken, which is a very mild Indian dish, but big on flavour. I can cook the chicken with peppers and onions for my veggies and have it over cauliflower rice.
    I was rather craving a roast dinner and doing a roast chicken, but with this latest lockdown, can't have others over, so its too much for the two of us, with me doing alternate day fasting. I have to be careful with shopping not to overbuy.
    Trish, I hope you do well with the new plan and that it suits you. Make sure you get lots of the low carb veggies to balance out the fat so you can tolerate it. I personally love spaghetti squash, cauliflower rice and a big variety of salads, but its a tricky balance to stay keto.
    Carol: I hear you about the eggs and eating too much when you get started. Thats part of why I am struggling, even though I am staying Keto. I need to stick with one good serving. and stop. period. Which is easier said than done for sure.
    Have a good Sunday friends. it should be sunny here and I will go for two walks again.

  • Weight is down .8 to 187.0. I'm so happy I am holding this loss even though I'm losing slowly. I am down .8 from yesterday but only .2 from the day before because of the bump up. But down is down.

    My nap was 3 hours. My sleep was 8 hours and 1 minute but Fitbit didn't give me a score. It said "not enough good sleep to evaluate.". No deep sleep and only a bit of rem. That is because I did not wear my CPap again. I will have to be more careful of that. I feel rested, though.

    I don't feel tired or fatugued, no different than I always feel. I don't know if that's because I was semi low carb all along so have had no low carb/Keto flu. If I was only eating when hungry I don't know how long my fasts would be because I never feel hungry. I get slight cravings but they only last a minute and I think they are a throwback to my grazing days, the urge to pop things in my mouth indiscriminately. I bought some ketostix to test out of curiosity but don't expect to see ketosis. I had 2 other boxes that expired as I have tried this in the past and never saw any color change. I have read in two different places that if you are burning your ketones you won't have them in your urine, so no color change. Its not really simple tang to me. I am on my interested in the scale right now. I just keep telling myself that I want weight loss more than I want _____________. (Fill in the blank.)

    My blood sugar is running high. Yesterday I started out at 150. It went up to 180 and stayed there the rest of the day. No G. I wanted to see if it would come down on its own. It did not. So I took G at bedtime and this morning it was 105. Last time I was taking half twice a day so I guess I should do that now. It increases insulin but also burns out the pancreas over time. I am taking Metformin but twice a day instead of 3 times a day.

    There is a woman on the new LC forum whose DD is living in another country. She got the Astra Zeneca vaccine and 12 days later had a stroke that developed into a brain bleed. She is recovering and will be moved to rehab but they don't know if she will recover 100%. US does not use that vaccine.