Diabetes and Prediabetes Chat Winter 2020/2021

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  • ​​​​​ Trish, I am usually up around 5 but sometimes can go back to sleep til 8 or 9. That is preferred because even though we go to bed early we watch tv and I don't usually get to sleep until midnight.
  • I had an extra turkey from Thanksgiving so I'm cooking it today. I was going to cook it without stuffing but I found an extra bag of croutons downstairs. I hope I don't eat too much stuffing but I at least want to taste it.

    I did pretty good with food yesterday in a 6-8 hour window but too many carbs. The scale said 191.2 but slid up to 191.8, same as yesterday. I don't know why it does that but its ok. Its not a gain and tomorrow it will go down. I'm planning on OMAD today as the turkey will be done early. I love turkey.

    I only slept for 6.5 hours. I noticed my back doesn't hurt as much and once I get up moving around it goes away completely.

    No breakfast today. I seem to be out of the habit. I am no longer hungry when i get up. That's good in a way, but I need to be sure I get enough protein.
  • Carol Sue I love dressing and I would love to be able to make it for just me but not worth the time or points unless I could learn how to make it very low pt using 0 pts foods to do it. I might eventually figure that out.

    Not much to report here. I do enjoy the purple plan better than the blue although I did go over pts yesterday because I got hungry for peanuts. I buy the unsalted dry roasted for me and it didn't seem to hurt me. My FBG was low and weight was 188.6 dow .2 lbs from yesterday. We are having DH fave creamed chipped beef, but it is no longer a problem for me as I've learned to throw out the biscuits and make mine with 0 pts whole wheat pasta. Actually purple makes it a lot easier for me to eat what DH likes and stay OP.

    I need to get some housework done today.

    Have a good day everybody.
  • Still feeling discouraged that weight was the same this morning as yesterday am, although I had fasted.
    Just had my lunch for today, kept carefully to low carb. Planning a curry for supper. Roasted yams and seafood in it.
    I did walk Buddy this am. DH tells me not to do the afternoon walk, not to risk overdoing it. Which is also fine. I did not sleep well yesterday, so will try for a nap when they go out.

    Glad the back is ok Carol, and good for you to shorten your eating window.
    Trish enjoy the purple haze!
  • I,ate dinner around 2:30. DH did not want potatoes so they were not here to call my name. Turkey, stuffing and green beans. All very tasty, and lots of turkey leftover. The turkey was one of the free ones they gave away at the casino.

    Trish, I used Pepperidge Farm stuffing mix. I would like to try making it with the Zero net carb bread from Aldi's. It would use the whole loaf. It has carbs but equal fiber. I don't know if anyone else would like it. It is multigrain, dense bread and very tasty.

    Mad I don't understand how your weight could stay the same with fasting. I think you'll get a drop soon.

    Trish think its ok to switch between blue and purple as long as you follow the points of each one. They both seem to work for you.
  • I had my meals yesterday as planned, and this am was under 159. So finally a bit of a drop in my non-fasting state, so hopefully, after fasting today, I will be lower again tomorrow.
    I broke my glasses today while exercising. See how dangerous it is? LOL
    I have been lifting some hand weights (10 pounds each) every day for 3-4 days. Also doing some yoga. I had stopped the yoga with my knee bothering me.
    I did not walk this am, we had some freezing rain yesterday and the sidewalks here are still slippery in places. DH mostly walked up the middle of the street.
    Our whole province is back to lockdown, with stay at home orders except for essential. like exercise, dog walking and groceries. I have essential eye appointments tomorrow, and will get fit for new glasses at the time. If they can just put my current lenses in a replacement frame, that would be fine with me. I even have frames they could use. I am used to the progressives now. So I don't need the "distance" driving glasses anymore and they are the same frames. I did that so that my clip on sunglasses could be used with both pair. Will see how things go tomorrow. I can't wait.

    I am glad you enjoyed your turkey Carol. Did you do turkey at Christmas too? I would enjoy a small one about once a month, as long as the left overs don't go on for too long. With a small one, and 5-6 people, (I am talking about 12 pounds for the bird) if everyone takes some leftovers, we are pretty good for not have so many leftovers that I get sick of it. Even with just 3 of us at Christmas, we were ok, although I did send 2 generous suppers over to neighbours.
    Well. I have two virtual meetings today, so off to get my reading ready.
  • We got 2 turkeys from the casino and my step-daughter got one from work for Thanksgiving. I cooked mine and hers for Thanksgiving and put one in the freezer. I cooked ham for Christmas. If I had had company, I would have cooked both the ham and the extra turkey. I usually have an extra turkey from Thanksgiving to cook at Christmas or later, but I don't buy turkey any other time during the year.

    We are leaving soon for the casino. Covid has died down in our area recently, even though it is raging in other parts of the country. I didn't eat breakfast, but I made a turkey sandwich to eat on the way since there isn't much to eat at the casino yet. That will hold me over.

    Mad, I realize that exercise is dangerous. LOL Actually, one of DH's friends was out walking with his wife and fell over dead on the spot. And my friend's brother used to walk on his treadmill every morning before work. After walking, he went into the kitchen to pack his lunch and fell over dead. You just never know when your time has come. I'm glad that broken glasses was all you experienced.

    Good day, all!
  • Carol Sue That is terrible that you could be exercising etc and drop dead. I know I've heard of athletes who are so careful with exercise and diets and suddenly drop dead. It makes you wonder about all the exercise they say we need. However, we do still need to move around. I believe that if you don't move it you will lose it theory. Just not sure it has to be so much. Good luck at the casino.

    Fatmad Sorry about your glasses. Glad you will be able to get them replaced especially with lockdown going on. Thankful it was just the glasses that were broken. And I agree you don't need to be walking on the slippery ice with that knee. Glad your weight seems to be moving again.

    I actually have found that my body doesn't like low carb any more. I tried doing that on the blue plan and broke out in a rash like I used to. The funny thing is that I used to think the carbs were what caused the rashes. I told DS this morning that it is almost like my body has done a complete flip on me.

    My weight was up 1 lb this morning but it wasn't a gain. If I had gone to potty like I did later it would have at least have been the same as yesterday if not lower. It can't be a gain because I don't eat all the pts. FBS was 102 and bp has really been good on this woe. I upped my weekly exercise to 40 since I made 41 today.

    Got a phone call from my baby sister this morning. My nephew they live with in MS is in the hospital. He and his girlfriend were leaving work and hit by a truck and he has a fractured neck. He can feel and the they said the cat scan was fine. He is in a neck brace and they were waiting to see a neurosurgeon when I talked to her and my nephew this morning. He is in lots of pain and of course sounded weak. He is my baby boy who always tells everyone that he is my favorite nephew. He is in his early 30s. I sure hate for him to go through so much pain. His girl friend was treated and sent home where she is resting.

    Have a good day everyone.

  • Trish, both of these men who dropped dead were only walking and died from a medical condition. It just so happened that they were walking when it happened. It probably would have happened anyway. I don't think the walking caused it. Everyone should check with your doctor before starting an exercise plan. When asked if I could walk on my treadmill my doctor said I could walk 50 miles if I want to, even with heart issues. I'm not going to do that! LOL

    I will pray for healing for your nephew. He is young.

    There really is such a thing as keto or low carb rash. That's probably what you have. But you can eat reduced carb.

    We did not do well at the casino. Can't win all the time.
  • I agree Carol Sue that everyone should check with their doctor before they exercise and I don't think the exercise itself caused their death. I really think it is better for us to move and exercise as much as we can. I know I can feel the improvements I've made from what I do.

    I talked to my nephew again tonight. He will be wearing a neck brace in recovery for 6 weeks and they hope he will not have to have surgery. However, if he is still having pain at that time they will do surgery like DH and his oldest brother had years ago. It mades me cry to hear him in such pain. He is a big man... not fat but stocky and muscle. He told me he had no idea how he got out of the car. In fact he doesn't remember how he got out all he knows was he was getting his girlfriend out of the car. They told him he couldn't get out of the car on his side because the door was jammed. We believe an angel must have helped him. We have heard of that happening before. My sister said doctors seemed to be so glad he has pain because the nerves in his neck are not damaged. She was helping him set up on the side of the bed to eat when I called and she said he had been up to go to the bathroom. So all that is a good sign.

    My eating has been good today. I've learned a new trick many WW do with their coffee. Instead of using coffee creamer, they use the Premier shakes. All I have is chocolate but it makes a wonderful cup of a type of mocha coffee. I can use it throughout the day and get my protein in the coffee for just 2 pts and it tastes like treat. I forgot about the keto rash. I don't eat a lot of carbs but I do eat enough to ward off the rashes. I haven't had one in a long time until this past week when I cut my carbs too low.

    Headed to bed. Good night.

  • Still 158 after fasting for over 36 hrs. Not sure what else to do. It was recommended to cut out the fat I have on fasting days. This is basically the heavy cream I have in my tea. I have tried to drink clear tea, and it just makes me nauseous. I cut down on it though, and just have it in the mornings. This is pretty hard as its cold out, and I prefer hot drinks over cold or even room temp.
    Also waist is over 35 inches, so I have not lost belly fat either.
    I know there is some block, and when it comes of, there will be a good whoosh, I just have to stay positive until then. At least I am busy today with eye appointments in the morning and a massage this afternoon. That will keep me from going out a buying junk food to binge on.... LOL
    I am working a jigsaw that is deceptively complicated. It is decorated gingerbread men. There is no sky etc.
    But its a crazy jigsaw with many misshapen pieces, so even the edging is difficult and I am missing 2 pieces from there. Ah well, keeps me out of trouble.
    Yesterday I had two meetings, did laundry and cleaned the oven. Had a very short walk outside with Buddy, but did the indoor exercise with the weights and did yoga.

    Also spoke with my doctor, the official diagnosis for my knee is tendonitis. So good news not torn cartilage, bad news you likely know, tendonitis takes forever to heal.
    I will contact the physiotherapist later to discuss exercises (if any) and any other recommended therapies to speed healing.

    Have a good Thursday friends.
  • Mad, when I had tendonitis I took Turmeric/curcumin. It helped, but I had to stop taking it when I was put on Plavix.

    I got on the scale this AM I saw 192 and jumped back off before it could register on the app. If it doesn't register on the app it didn't happen. LOL

    Trish, I hope your nephew can heal without surgery. Prayers continue.

    I think the protein shake in your coffee is a good idea. We need extra protein at our age. I want to start using my whey protein. Its just hard to get started. Its vanilla so could be added to a lot of things. Thing is, I think its hard to dissolve. I have a fake bullet blender. I do not use any creamer in my coffee or tea. I use artificial sweetener in tea but not coffee. I only like both very hot, and prefer my water very cold. I put it in the freezer and let it ice up.

    I need to go to the store today.
  • Fatmad I'm glad your knee will heal and hope there might be some therapy to help it heal faster. Enjoy your massage. I've never had one but hear they are very good for you. I have to really push myself to get my water drank each day because of the cold weather. When it warms up, the doctor fusses at me for drinking too much of it. LOL Most people get fussed at for not drinking enough. I am sure I drink way too much coffee these days.

    Carol Sue Thank you for your prayers for my nephew. I told him that people all over the world are praying for him. The first words he said to me last night was "He, Jesus, saved my life". Then he told me he didn't even know how he got out of the car all he knew was he had to get his girlfrfriend out of the car. He is the one wjp was born with 3 or 4 infections and the doctor told us not to plan to bring him home because no child had ever lived with them. A group of us from out church formed a circle in the waiting room and prayed for that child to live. He has had visions where Jesus actually came to talk to him when he was a child. God has a definite plan for his life. His brothers used to tell him, "You go ask Aunt Pat if we can have ??? cause you are her favorite". His Mama and I laugh because they were all my favorite. But he still will tell me that he is my favorite. Mama used to say you don't have favorite children. You are close to the one who lets you be close to them.

    Right now I have chocolate shakes but many people use other flavors which I don't like by themselves but would probably like them in my coffee.

    Well, today was WI day and I lost 2.8 lbs this week. I am so thankful that I'm back down to my 18.8 lbs total loss since May. Not a lot but as y'all know, I went for months not losing anything even with the shots I took to lose. So WW obviously works for me although it is slow at least it works. FBG is staying under 120 most of the time and I don't get those extremely low bp readings any more either. I hope I will get a good report when I see the doctor next month. I sure would love to get down a couple more lbs before then. I'm actually not eating a whole lot any more. My breakfasts are usually 1 or 2 pts and most pts are at main meal depending on meat pts as fish and chicken are 0 pts unless fried or dark meat and of course all other meats have pts. I'm using croutons for 1 pt these days to get away from eating crackers all the time since they are a trigger for me if they are special flavors. I plan to start making the croutons myself with low calorie bread. So I am learning how to cut things back even more. And then of course, my dinner or snack is always 0 pts foods. Last night I had a small nuked potato with FF cottage cheese for 0 pts. I also had air-popped popcorn for 0 pts. That popcorn keeps me from eating junk is one of the go to snacks for a lot of WW dieters.

    Have a nice day everybody.

  • Trish, good for you on the great loss this week! You are learning how to eat with WW.

    I like crackers, too. I used to have several kinds in the house all the time. Now, the only time I buy them is around Christmas when I have dips and spreads to eat with them. I don't know why I bought them this year since I didn't have any company. I ate the Wheat thins but there are some Ritz Crackers left. DH will eat them. I will not buy crackers again unless I know I am having company as they are a trigger for me.

    I think drinking too much water dilutes your electrolytes. I think I don't drink enough. If I have cut back to 1-2 cups of coffee and drink some water.
  • DH just made a turkey sandwich and said half was for me. Too bad. I ate one for dinner at 4 and don't want any more. I guess he forgot not to make food for me. Rusty got it and was happy!