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  • I got a bump up today of .8 to 191.4. That happens every time I get close to 189. Dang it! I don't know what we're going to eat today. We usually do hamburgers and got dogs on Labor Day but I'm not in the mood for that. I will make potato salad for DH if he wants it and we bought ground beef yesterday so he can have a hamburger if he wants it, but I want a steak. We have a few in the freezer that I'm working on emptying. He might want one too but I doubt it.

    I'm a little achy and I think it's from the exercise because it feels a little different from the pain I usually get. The devil is causing that, trying to get me to quit. Nope! Not going to quit! I want this to become a new habit.
  • Morning Everyone! Its my 3rd down day today. I had my first diet related dream. I dreamt that I had reached goal. It was like "this is what I'll be looking like and things I'll be doing when I'm at goal" type of dream. I was drinking a sugar free pumpkin spice latte. Its was nice. Never had a skinny dream before. Usually its about food or being fat or something, usually i wake up from them scared I ate food or pancakes or something. lol.

    Morning Carol. Why not take out 2 steaks. Grill both. If he doesnt want it, it will slice nicely over a salad tomorrow for you.

    Its cooler today for the 2nd day in a row. If I say "Autumn is here" then a heatwave may spark so..I'll say "Nice weather we've been having lately." LOL

    Classes start tomorrow. I'm only going to take one as I reassess my life. I'm adding a certs to my M.Ed. for Teacher of Adults and Teacher of Adults Online. I am also getting a French cert. I'm just thinking about what I really want to do with my 2nd career. I'm on disability because of severe arthritis in my spine but im hoping once my weight goes down it will take some pressure off my back. I dislike not working outside the home.

    My children are finally out of the house and basically I dont know what to do with myself. I'm glad they are gone its just like "now what"? So I'm reassessing if I want to teach anymore. Probably will continue and resume it all in January but for now I just didnt want to stress during this first semester with just my DH and I. Plus I just moved 1 hour away from where I was and I'm surrounded by boxes. Probably was a good idea to take it slow this semester.

  • HI everyone: so good to hear from you all. I am 159 this am. I didn't fast yesterday. We went to visit a former neighbour and of course she served us a fruit salad, and I felt it would have been rude to say no. SO I did a good supper as well, ate early to keep my eating window small.
    SO today is the fasting day. DD just left for the cottage. Its a great dull day here. We walked the dog between rain showers. I will get organized for work this week, and will get some laundry done. Cleaned the house yesterday. I have been practising music again, so may add the yoga back as well with DD gone. The space where I usually do the yoga is currently her office, so if I want to keep that up, need a different plan. Can't currently use the community centre here, but that may change in the coming week or two.
    Starting tomorrow morning, I am off call for 10 days, Have 2 days of clinical work in there, and a couple of days with meetings for my other PT job.
    SO with DD gone, I plan to play piano and do yoga as well as live my other life, and see how it goes.

    I am going to fast today and Wednesday and see how that goes. Have not yet planned my eating for Tuesday, but still have borscht leftover.

    Have a good Labour Day friends.

  • Hi Madeleine I live in not exactly rural SW Ontario but probably ...lol...I live on the edge of town. So I have cornfields and all that around me. So its...JUST on the far side of rural but gotta catch a bus to go into town. We had a thunderstorm last night that was insane. I'm from a larger city (I just moved) Sept 1 and we never had storms like that. Now I move here and there were tornado warnings when we were searching for a place and the weather gets bad around here. I had to outrun the bad weather because I was scared we'd be stuck on the highway during it. My dog hates storms so last night I had to keep pushing him out of my bed because of the loud thunder. I fast also. I have not had to double up my down days but I'm sure as the holidays approach I will.

  • Good to see everyone posting.

    Madeleine I was reading yesterday that Yoga is so good for circulation. I can't balance to do some of the moves but may check into how I could do some. I also can't get up and down off the floor these days. I think it is the carpet in this house because I had no real problems on the thick carpet we had in our house in SC. This carpet is thin and sits on concrete slab where the other house had wooden floors. I'm sure you will get things back into your routine. I loved playing the piano for years but have never got used to these electric ones like DH plays. I should make myself learn it. I'm sure it would be good for my hands.

    Carol Sue I am sure the exercise is making you sore. I've had that some from the twisting and turning etc. I hope you feel better today. I read on one of the FB WWGP where someone said the very same thing about going below a certain #. I was interested in what they had to say because I too saw 189 and then bumped back up into 190s. That seems to be normal for a lot of us. Not sure if it is psychological or what. If we keep doing what we know to do we will go lower.

    Shaybelle I think it is neat that you can fast like Mad does. When I was young and when single, food was never on my mind and I might go for hours without even thinking about eating. Once I married and had to cook for a family that is all I thought about. I married in a family that judged a good wife by her cooking. I always cooked healthy for me family but I went from eating maybe one mead a day if I ate that to eating 3 meals and sometimes snacks. Although I have to say I learned to eat 3 meals a day during my early 20s when I went to live with my aunt who insisted you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Until then I only ate breakfast on special occasions. I didn't have time for breakfast otherwise.

    Pipsicle Thinking of you today hoping your will find what works for you.

    Well, DS and BIL decided not to go out to eat. I'm really glad since DH plans to eat at Olive Garden after my Eye doctor's appointment Wednesday. My weight last Thursday was 190.8 and I was 191 this morning. It will be a miracle if I can go eat at Olive Garden and stay at 191 which will be a .2 gain. Oh well. I've got a pork roast cooking on the stove and hope to have pulled pork with 0 pt BBQ sauce and a salad and a veggie. I had 2 eggs and an apple for breakfast. I also did 25 minutes on the bike and my calisthenics so I have already earned my 35 exercise pts for the week. So I decided that since I'm earning more pts on the bike by bumping up to 25 minutes that I would bump up my exercise pts to 40 pts. It won't take me long to get those either. Thursday when I start my new week I will bump my bike riding to 30 minutes and will probably have to bump up my weekly exercise pts again. So all is well.

    Have a nice Labor Day everybody.
  • Sounds like everyone is doing well.

    We did all our running around, got haircuts, went to Walmart, the grocery store and Home Depot. DH also went to the Tractor Store but I waited in the car. We had breakfast around 10 before we left and he said he is cooking hamburgers, hotdogs and corn on the cob at 2. I don't know yet what I will eat. Walking in the stores was my exercise but I might do formal exercise later.
  • Carol Sue I looked at Walmart for the Hebrew National low fat hot dogs that is only 1 pt per item. Everybody on WW talk about them but they are hard to find. So I didn't get any. I did find Turkey hot dogs by Jenny-O for 3 pts but when I used them years ago, someone told me that they are bad about leaving bones in their stuff and someone broke a tooth using that brand of ground beef. So I don't use that brand any more. I would have loved to have had them for today. So I am settling for the pork loin roast today.
  • Carol - Have you ever tried a carrot dog? I did. skinny ones work..the thicker ones tasted like carrot to me and i'm not the biggest carrot fan. I'll eat them but I wont request them and I cant do the canned or boiled ones. But marinading them and putting the on the grill....I felt like I was bbqing. I had potato salad and corn on the cob with it and being that it was a carrot brought down the cals quite a bit. Just a suggestion. Also a risole (just the burger without the bread) would be nice but I come from a low carb background and my first thoughts are always trying to figure out how to cut carbs. But since I fast I dont have to any more but old habits die hard. I am not sure about the WW aspects as I didnt stay with them long ...i'd rather fast than graze all day. It just makes me hungrier and that makes me suffer. So i was starving on WW. Or perhaps just have the burger and hot dog regular style if you really want them? You have exercise points banked right? Don't exercise points mean you can use them for food? Not sure your particular situation.

    Patty - Me too. I have been married to my 2nd husband for 10 years. When he met me I was thin. I had lost 85lbs and was looking amazing. So he also thought I was younger and I thought he was older :P I told him when I married him that I dont do the traditonal wife cooks thing and I will cook but to feed myself and him if he wanted to eat as I do. If he didnt then he could fend for himself. He agreed. Somewhere between him and the kids I got back into cooking big family meals daily and resenting it. Until jan 2020 when I said I'm done. they are old enough to fend for themselves...all of them and that I would only cook on sundays. I had to. I felt like I was dying slowly. I had gained 115lbs in 10 years. I had to work through all my family's stuff about what a good wife and mother does. My family is from SC too and trust me they have opinions on alot of things. But after I worked through that mental space I HAD to do something and I chose self care. they wouldnt die from DH cooking or having the teens cook. Yeah the teens murmured but in the end its good because DD lives on campus, DS moved in with his gf, and my oldest is in the US military deployed so he's been taking care of himself for quite sometime. I hope you find a way to do it that works for everyone.

  • Shaybelle, I tend to cut carbs to a degree but I don't go out of my way to get low carb products or anything low fat. Trish (Pattygirl)is the one doing WW. I just stick my nose in and give opinions. I eat what tastes good to me. The hot dogs I prefer are Sugardale made with chicken and pork. Sometimes DH wants all beef (yuk) but this time I bought what I like. I don't eat them often. I have tried every diet plan known to man and couldn't stick to any. So now I eat what I want but try to keep portions small, and try to fast from right after an early dinner until a late breakfast the next day. Two meals. If I eat things I don't particularly like I don't feel satisfied and am looking for something else to eat. I love DQ ice cream. So once in a while that will be my dinner. It's about the same calories as my dinner would be although not healthy, but better than eating dinner and then going out for ice cream afterwards.

    Trish, I'm sorry you couldn't find the hot dogs you wanted. Wal-Mart was out of the Sugardale I wanted so I had to stop at the grocery store where they were 80 cents more. But I paid it because it was what I wanted. Scale might be up tomorrow because I ate it with a bun, plus potato salad, corn and baked beans. It was a holiday, not a diet day for me. This is why I can't get back to 189. My own fault.

    Tomorrow we have to take his car for inspection. I hope they do social distancing in the waiting room.

    Your picture is very pretty by the way, Shaybelle.. I think I have a picture on my profile if you want to take a peek. It's from a couple years ago.
  • HI friends: 157 again today. I am planning my weight loss fasting plan. I don't know why I think it will be easier with DD out of the house, but I hope I am right.
    So plan to eat today, fast tomorrow, do OMAD on Thursday and 2MAD on Friday, fast Saturday. Will see if that is doable.

    Shaybelle: I guess I didn't change my info when I moved back to the city 3 years ago. I am in KW now.
    I think you are wise not to jump back into teaching right now. I don't know if there is real safety in the back to school plans, and as a black woman, you are higher risk. This seems to be true in Canada as well as the US. Many teachers are not even sure about their assignments either, with last minute changes based on how many children are doing on-line learning and how many in person. Avoiding the chaos sounds like a good plan.

    Trish, there are lots of types of yoga, and many moves can be modified. For instance, using a wall or chair back to touch or hold onto for balancing poses is quite alright. I used to need more help, but with practice, rarely need that support now. But actually doing those poses, helps with balance over time, and as we age, that is one of those things that needs help. There are many online "classes" that are helpful. Iyengar was a teacher who used props for assisting people to do poses with support. Look for anything that incorporates those teachings, or for "round body yoga" specifically geared to overweight people and those with flexibility issues. There are even yoga programs for those with limited mobility.

    Well, tea is made, and time for that before my walk with Buddy, if the rain will stop for a bit.

  • Mad, it should be easier to fast with DD gone because DH is used to your eating plan but DD likes to cook. Then again if might take time to get back to it. I know my eating would be very different if DH was not here. I did good for a while but I broke training and am back to old issues.

    Up .2 today to 191.6. It wanted to go up to 191.8 but I said NO!
  • Social distancing was good at the car dealership. All wore masks and sat far apart. I noticed there were 3 tables set up in a separate alcove if needed but you couldn't see the tv from there. I could have sat there because I was online on my tablet but DH and I eat together so he could watch tv. Our car passed inspection.
  • Shaybelle I am actually from Central TX but DH #3 and I moved to SC from FL where he and his 1st wife until she died. We moved back to TX when my Daddy got older and we knew my DS would need help with caring for him as he was in his 90s and I wanted to spend as much time with him before he passed away. As much as I love TX since that is ingrained in me from my youth, I have to say that SC is my favorite place to live. I used to sit on my back porch and wondered why my great grandparents chose to leave there and move to TX. Fall and spring are beautiful in SC and once in a while we got just enough snow for me to really enjoy it.

    I've never heard of a carrot dog, but my baby sister and I used to eat some of the best veggie burgers you ever set your teeth in but the guy who owned the health food store where we bought the mixture died and his wife sold the business and we don't have any place to buy it. I've never seen another veggie burger as good as it was.

    Carol Sue I'm glad you could get the hot dog you like. I've kind of gotten away from the hot dogs but would like to have some sauerkraught and franks so I will look at the larger HEB when I go back to getting my hair down. I heard from my beautician and she is walking pretty good after her foot surgery so I think she will do our hair on the 18th as planned.

    I also thought about what you said yesterday about snacks making you think of junk food. I think you are right. I've been tracking only breakfast, lunch and decided to track evening food as dinner instead of snack although it is small enough to be a snack. It actually is working to keep me from eating snacks. In fact, I actually realized last night that I haven't had an actual snack in days. I got so busy yesterday that I ended up not eating 9 pts of which I lost 5 since they only rollover 4.

    My weight is stuck at 191 but I will take it and hope to keep it. I ate only 2 pts for breakfast which was 1 sl cheese toast. Then DH got us DCB from McDs. I ate the actual DCB for 15 pts and weighed out 1/3 of the order of DH Fr. fries for 3 pts. I drank my 3 pts skimmed milk and finished it off with a NSA chocolate ice cream bar that I save for high pt days because it is only 1 pt. I hav 6 pts left for the day if I need them.

    I went on Olive Garden and found that they have Shrimp Scampi lunch size plate for 13 pts. I never can eat all their servings so I will eat the salad with the 4 pt dressing which DH and I share so that should be 2 pts, I'll eat half the 13 pt scampi and then 4 pts for a breadstick. I should be able to stay within my pts. So it is all good.

    Mad I knew it wouldn't take you long to get your weight moving down again. Thanks for sharing with me about the yoga moves. I will search that out and start doing them. I didn't realize that it could help strengthen my bones. I've got my numbers good on my lab work and I hope the next bone density test that I have done that my bones will have improved too.

    I have earned 42 exercise pts this week so don't have to do any tomorrow but I want to make it a habit so I probably will. FBG was 116 but that is because I had kettle popcorn that DH bought for dinner last night. And I've already shared that my weight stayed at 191. I'm just hoping at this point that staying OP within my 8 hr window and pts that I can at least stay there Thursday even though it will still be a gain.

  • Holy cow! I'm up to 192.6 today, a whole pound since yesterday! I get so close to 189 then up I go again. I have been eating dinner every night with DH and he's really happy about it but I just can't do that. I would be ok if I could limit my portions more but once I start eating I don't know when to stop. I'm better off not eating at all. I have not had my bedtime hungry feeling for several days.

    We never go to Olive Garden because DH doesn't like it. There's nothing on the menu that appeals to him. He wants to go to Cracker Barrel but we're not sure how to get there. We know how to get to the town it's in but don't know how to find the street it's on. We will have to ask for directions. I don't know what he's going to order there either but he just wants to try some new restaurants. When we go somewhere new and he doesn't know what to order he gets a hamburger.

    Today I want to highlight my hair. It all got cut off with my haircut.
  • Carol Sue I am so sorry about the bump up. I can't help you with that because I seem to having a stall myself. I am stuck at 191 and can't seem to move down. Here's hoping my eating at Olive Garden today will shake things up and get things moving down and not up. I love eating at Golden Coral as it is so easy to eat healthy. You can get a protein and surround it with veggies. A good place to eat. I hope you have an easy time finding it.

    I'm doing everything I saw them say on FB WWGP says to do to get scale moving. Exercise, drinking water and even change up plans. Nothing so far for me but I will keep trying.

    Yearly eye exam this afternoon. Hoping it is the same as always "No change" unless my eyes are better since my glucose is in normal range. So this will be a quick flyby. No time to even exercise but no big deal since my goal for this week was 40 pts earned plus 2 more. So just normal moving will be fine today.

    Hope everybody is doing good today. I'll check back in later today.