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Wannabehealthy 06-02-2020 08:30 AM

Diabetes and Prediabetes Chat Summer 2020
Have you been diagnosed with Diabetes? Or told you have Prediabetes? If so, come and chat with us, discussing treatment, diet and exercise plans, that help control blood sugar.

All are welcome, even those without Diabetes. We love to hear from you!

Here is a link to the Spring Chat if you want to review.


Wannabehealthy 06-02-2020 09:24 AM

Hi Mad, glad to hear you have been relaxing at the cottage with your family. Too bad Buddy couldn't come home with you to accompany you on your walks. He probably misses you, too, since you are the one to usually walk with him.

It looks like we are all struggling right now, except for Trish who is sneaking back toward Onederland. Yay!

Trish, I hope you get this figured out. I think it's important to remain conscious of your hunger and not eat more than you need. Maybe you should eat your points daily, and then add the zero points foods to satiety. You will have new points the next day, and there's the weekly points to be used, too. Have you ever tracked on MFP and compared the calories now to the number you were eating before WW? Are they more, less or about the same? And rolling points over to the next day gives you even more points which is nice to have, but it could be more than your body needs. Remember, that any time you overeat you will get a bump up even though you stayed within your points. There is no way that they can give everyone the same points, because we are all different. This was something that always confused me when I did WW in the past. They always told you to eat all your points, but then you could very well be overeating if you weren't hungry. That's like telling everyone to eat the same number of calories. It's good that you have the WW group to help you with this, since we are not experienced with it.

My WT is up .2. I caved yesterday and ate some of DH's ice cream. It is really good! It is cheap ice cream from Dollar General. He also bought some Hershey's syrup for on it. Groan!! We always used to buy it in the little can, but they discontinued it. It's in a plastic bottle now, and the Special Dark is the same as the one in the can. I have to rein that in, as I don't want to get back to eating that. One taste was OK, though. I didn't go overboard.

My sleep was OK. I slept for 7 hours and feel refreshed, even though Fitbit said it was not restorative. What do they know? I feel restored!! LOL

I enjoyed the pork and sauerkraut last night. I also had a small piece of kielbassi. I didn't make any sides with it but ate a lot of the sauerkraut. The sodium in the sauerkraut could have been the cause of my little .2 bump up. I don't know. DH had kielbassi and a hot dog with his. No leftovers. I don't know what we will eat today. I like eating more meat. Maybe we will have hamburgers.

DH is making breakfast now. A little early, but that's OK. The protein and fat in the eggs holds me for a long time. I will try to make it through til dinner.

pattygirl63 06-02-2020 01:22 PM

Fatmad Glad you had time at the cottage. I can see how being alone would make fasting easier. I am sure you will miss your little buddy to walk with as he will you.

Carol Sue No I haven't compared the calories/pts on MFP although I have thought about doing it. I think it probably would show more sodium that I should be getting which I think is a lot of my problems sometimes. I am working at doing this Intuitively more than by the clock except that I like keeping the eating window more of an 8 or 9 hr and fast the rest of the time. Doing fairly well on that most days.

Weight up 2 lbs today and not sure why but not really worried about it. FBG good at 101. I notice that my bs is relatively the same or very close to the same everyday now. So overall things are good.

Thursday is my WI day and I will be looking at the Blue plan again to see how it affects my 0 pts foods as I would lose 100 of them. I mostly try to do the 0 pt grains which I are on all 3 plans but I would get 23 pts and have to count the pts in the 100 items that I would lose and that might be a good thing. It is easy to go in and change my setting to it. Everyone says on the FB page that they lose better with the blue plan than they did on the purple. So I am rethinking the plan I am on. May not change anything as long as it is working. BS and BP is very good all the time so my main goal now is the weight loss and I have a little over a month to get below 200 for when I see my doc in August. I'm still happy with my plan and enjoying playing around with it. I hope to get my WW kit today because I would love to read it before I make any changes because I think it would be easier to make a wise decision since I'm still learning and adjusting to things.

Got up early and went to the store. Wasn't crowded and the only people wearing masks were the workers. However everyone was staying 6' apart. Got more fruit and a few grain foods like steel cut oats and almond milk. I found a small box of malt o meal. I haven't seen it in years and loved to eat it at my grandmothers. It is a 0 pt grain so I got a box. I won't eat it much but can when I want. So ready to go.

I hope everybody has a good day.

Wannabehealthy 06-02-2020 05:01 PM

Trish, I had to Google Malt O Meal as I've never had it. I wasn't sure what you meant but I think you meant the hot cereal like cream of wheat. DH used to eat Cream of Wheat but I don't know why he stopped. Malt O Meal has other cereals but I think the hot one is what you mean.

Our stores still require masks. I don't know if that will ever change. I don't know if we ever get any new cases. Every time it comes on tv DH changes it. He's tired of hearing it but he wears his mask. I don't notice if people social distance but I'm never near anyone long enough for it to matter.

I ate too much for dinner but what else is new. When will I learn?

pattygirl63 06-02-2020 08:14 PM

Carol Sue Yes the Malt-o-Malt is cereal. It is kind of like oatmeal and on purple plan it is 0 pts.

Well, I tracked the 14 pts + the 0 pts on MFP to see how many calories I am eating and they were 1090 calories. I have 2 pts to rollover to tomorrow. I don't think I'm even eating enough if that is true most days.

Wannabehealthy 06-03-2020 09:00 AM

Wow, Trish, that is low calories. I don't understand why the weight is not just falling off you! That is strange. Maybe you do need to eat more, I don't know. They said the diet they put me on from the hospital was 1800 calories and I lost well on that but I think if I tracked the calories it would have been less.

Wt was up .2 yesterday and is down .2 today. I can hardly contain my excitement. My sleep was 6 hours but terrible. I was hot and sweating. DH would not put the air condition on. He said I was hot because of my sunburn, but he did put the ceiling fan on. I feel ok but will probably fall asleep in my recliner in the evening.

DH just found out that casinos are opening Friday. Uh oh!

DH was outside doing yard work all morning and didn't cook until noon. Yay! I had a 19 hour overnight fast. That is a good start to the day.

pattygirl63 06-03-2020 12:58 PM

Carol Sue Looks like your vacation from the casino is over. Things must be getting better if they can open them. It is nice that you were able to get the 19 yr fast.

I am tracking foods on MFP as well as WW today to just see how it goes. I've had 5 pts for breakfast on WW which equals 315 calories on MFP which isn't bad. Weight still 204.6 but FBG was 96. Not bad.

I got my WW package and it was disappointing. Nothing that I can use, but I suppose it is difficult to send things everyone would want or need. Nice products and if I worked out they would be nice to have but I'm home all the time. It just had a cookbook in it and would be nice except more cooking than I want to do. It didn't have a little pamphlet which says the average weight loss should be 2 lbs a week. So I think I will get my old materials out and see if I can adapt them.

I had the malt-o-meal for breakfast this morning with banana, chia seeds enough yogurt for flavor. It didn't taste as good as I remembered when my grandmother made it. So maybe it was just a good memory of a special time with her. The malt-o-meal was 3 pts and a serving is 3T dry. It was filling.

I got up to go to bed last night and had a pain in my left side which must have been a pulled muscle as nothing else is there. I had to take meds to relax so I could go to sleep. It is a little better, but still sore and now I am having draggy day from the meds I don't always take.

Have a nice day everybody.

Wannabehealthy 06-03-2020 01:39 PM

Trish, I think wearing masks and social distancing, having things closed, has dropped our new cases but I'm concerned that people will be out and about more now that things are opening up and the weather is warming up. Look at all those people who have been protesting being so close together. If that doesnt cause an upswing in cases then maybe the virus is dying out. Time will tell, but I don't want DH or me to be statistics.

I don't know if DH will like the casino as much with the changes. All will enter through 1 door. Temps will be taken, and questions asked about symptoms. There will be a long line. I might get turned away with my cough. So far it's the WVa casino opening. PA is allowed but have not planned to yet.

I have found some foods that don't taste as good as I remember. One is cottage cheese. Remember when I went through that period when I didn't like meat? Now I have started loving it again. I could eat steak every day.

I had eggs, sausage and tomato slices for lunch at noon. Right now I am fighting the urge to eat marshmallows that DH bought. I hope I can stay strong today and see a drop tomorrow.

I have been thinking about popcorn ever since you mentioned it. It is unbelievable how much popcorn I used to eat. I love it. It is low calorie and full of fiber but I don't know about nutrition. I want it, but I don't know when I would eat it since I don't usually eat after dinner. I'll have to think about this. LOL

pattygirl63 06-03-2020 03:49 PM

Carol Sue We did have some more cases here but not all that much. I hope it goes that way for y'all too. I notice when I was at the store that no one was getting close although not wearing masks. I tried to keep my distance as well and avoided bottle necks by turning around and going the other way.

I won't be eating the Malt-o-meal much if at all. I can have oatmeal or steal cut oats for 0 pts so will be using grains from my 0 pts and save the pts for other things like protein. I have been rethinking how I'm eating and decided that I definitely want to stay on the purple plan because I like having some of the 0 starches and it seems to be lowering my FBS so I definitely want to keep that benefit. I don't want any food to be off limits. I actually like the freedom of eating what I want within my pts. The # of pts often turns me off of a certain food I really would like to eat.

I don't think I'm eating enough protein mainly because the protein that I like to eat like beef as well as the protein shakes costs me points. The only 0 pts proteins are chicken and fish and I don't like ground chicken or turkey. So I'm having to re-adjust my thinking on what I can eat and keep my protein up enough to lose weight and be healthy. I also need to get back to my exercising.

The key at this time is to learn how to make this plan personal to fit my lifestyle.

Wannabehealthy 06-03-2020 05:02 PM

It looks like our county had 9 new cases since May 27. I think that's a lot but most of ours have been in nursing homes,not that I think that's ok. At the W Va casino there will be people from PA and Ohio as well as W Va because it is on the border of the states. I'm nervous about it. If they don't let me in because of my cough DH will be mad. Whatever. I do the best I can.

I had 1082 calories in a 4 1/2 hour window and it included some popcorn.. My window is CLOSED! I feel full. I won't get hungry.

pattygirl63 06-04-2020 01:30 AM

I forgot to track all day on MFP. However, I think the calories I ate might have been 1200 to 1300 hundred because I ate one of my weekly pts. I think I will see what happens if I eat my pts. Tomorrow is WI and not sure what i will be. If I stay at 204.6, it means I had a 2 lb gain so we will see. As much as I don't want to switch to blue I might have to but I will wait one more week before I decide to give it time for this to work.

Headed to bed. Hope we sleep better tonight and will see you tomorrow.

Wannabehealthy 06-04-2020 07:56 AM

Down .6 today. I felt like I was going to get a drop. 192.4, so still working on recycled lbs.

I felt terrible again last night. Heart rate was up, I was sweating, but the air condition was on. I checked my temperature and it was normal. I checked blood sugar and it was 80. Not hypo, but lower than normal for me. I took a piece of candy for a few minutes. Stopped sweating, heart rate went down, and I was able to fall asleep. I don't want to stop fasting because I think that's when I get a loss. I need to be careful with the G especially overnight.

Trish, you might only have to use blue for a few days until you see what's going on then go back to purple. We don't understand the way our bodies react to certain foods. I should not have reacted to an 80 blood sugar but correcting it did the trick. That's a shame because you are following this so well and had nice losses in the beginning. I'm sure you will get it right.

My dog ran out of treats. I wish DH would tell me when they are low because we were just at Wal-Mart a couple days ago, now we have to go out again.

pattygirl63 06-04-2020 12:11 PM

Carol Sue Sorry for the incident last night. Do be careful because you will probably need less and less of the G as you fast and lose. I'm just glad it wasn't your heart. I know the few times that G made my bs go so low so fast, my heart raced and I sweated and thought I was having a heart attack and I felt lifeless. My bs never was extremely but it just went down too fast. It is better when our bodies ease into the lower bs readings instead of all of a sudden like that. I think this diet is slowly taking my bs lower and that is another reason I want to stay with the grains in my plan.

I got up and weighed and my weight was down .6 lbs to 204. I was arguing with myself all morning about switching to the blue plan and then I went on WW site to track my weight. Turns out I lost .6 lbs since last Thursday. So I am staying on the purple. FBG 104. I had steel cut oats for breakfast with a banana and chia seeds and I added 1/8 c of Equate liquid protein powder in it for taste plus my 2 c coffee with stevia and SF vanilla creamer and I've had only 1 pt so far today. I am planning spaghetti for lunch today and will use a grain pasta that I bought because it was lower in pts but can't remember exactly what the count was off the top of my head. The nice thing about using the WW scanner on my cell phone is I can know what the pts are immediately and it tracks it on my phone as well as my pc.

So needless to say I am staying with the purple plan and choose more wisely this week. The only difference with using the purple rather than the blue is that I get 100 more foods that are 0 pts and there aren't really that many of those 100 foods that I would miss if I couldn't have on blue without having to count their pts. I know that if I am smart and choose wisely and mostly from the ones I would miss and am careful to eat only the portion recommended or less this will work for me. I have already switched to almond milk to get the pts for milk down to 1 in place of the 4 pts of regular 1% milk. The only thing that I am wondering is if the almond milk is as good for my bones as the dairy milk. I hope so. I guess I need to check that one out.

Sorry you are going to have to go out today Carol Sue. Are y'all going to the casino tomorrow? I kept thinking today is Friday. I don't know how I've gotten off a day. I took 2 of DH pain pills last night for the pain in my side and today I feel like a zombie. I absolutely hate taking anything like that and it didn't help the pain all that much. Tramadol which is the only thing they give any more doesn't do a thing for my pain except dull it a little and then makes me feel like crap. That is why I don't like taking anything other than Tylenol or Ibuprofen. Now I only want to do the few things I need to do and then sleep this crap off.

Y'all have a great day.

Wannabehealthy 06-04-2020 02:50 PM

We went to Wal-Mart so the dog has his treats. A couple people didn't have masks on although it is still mandatory. I think people will slowly stop wearing them.

Our hair salon is opening Sat with limited hours. I don't need to go until my DIY hair cut grows a little. I don't know if DH will go yet. I will check online to see how busy they get.

I don't know when DH will want to go to the casino. It's up to him. I say masks are mandatory, he says they are not. It would be hard to have a mask on all that time and there might not be food. We'll see.

fatmad 06-04-2020 11:28 PM

Hi all: binged a bit on popcorn today. Our farmers market was partly opened. New rules with careful handling and social distancing. I got some fresh local strawberries. they are SOOOO much better than imported grocery store berries. Just lovely tasting.
Not sleeping well again. I am going to call our Member assistance program and ask for some online consultation for it.

I think you are right Carol Sue, the opening up of things is not going gently enough. Today at costco they were giving masks to those without, but not demanding people where a mask, and several were on the ground in the parking lot, so many don't value them. (so easy to hang them out in the sun to clean and re-use)
And while some who have been to the BLM protests are now self isolating and planning to get tested in 5 days, they were not able to social distance, and not everyone was wearing masks. Until we make it mandatory, people just won't do it, and will endanger others.

I do recognize that humans are social beings are there may be psychological damage from lack of human contact. We who chat here are fortunate to be with partners and family members, but imagine what it is like to be a single person. Computer contact is not touch. I am going a little crazy here at home without DH and DD and my Buddy, and its only been a few days, not 2 months. I really feel for those suffering loneliness.

In any case, these social changes may also affect our diets and ability to stick with them. I hope we can all manage together.

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