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Default Need some help on a lower carb diet idea

Hello! I have a question in regards to diabetic dieting/carb counting. I am trying to find a diet that both my DH and I can do. His doctor suggested the Mediterranean Diet and when I was last pregnant I had gestational diabetes, controlled w/diet and exercise and did really well with it but sadly did not stick with it too long after baby hit 6 most old. That said, is there a place on the web to find information in regards to carb daily limit for my size/hopeful for weight loss?

What I was given was from the clinic's dietician at the time I was pregnant so my allotments were: 30: breakfast 30: morning snack 60: lunch 15: afternoon snack 60: dinner and 15: evening snack. I guess I haven't found what I am looking for in direction online and I don't know if these type of carb numbers are good for not being pregnant, but eating in this manner? Any help would be good. I felt full all the time while using this diet, it was a bit hard at first, so I kept a journal and meal planned each morning for the day until I felt comfortable enough on it. IF this is the route my DH and I go, I am guessing his carb numbers would be different? He is 6' 3" and currently 325.

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CLEARLY the Mediterranian Diet is NOT a low carb eating plan at 210 carbs per day!!! Low carb is a bit of a range, but under 100 carbs and for thos looking to be in ketosis (true fat burning mode), one needs to be under 50 NET carbs per day.
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At the risk of being repetitive (I've posted on this subject in several places recently--but that's why I go by Carbhater, after all) but let me tell you how I lost 40 pounds on a low carb diet last summer (as soon as the administrators let me, I will post a couple before and after pictures).

For the first time in my life (I'm 60), after learning everything I could on the low carb/high fat diet I buckled down and committed myself to keeping my carb intake to under 40 carbs per day. (it's different for have to find your own sweet-spot). I stopped eating bread, potatoes, popcorn, rice, and pasta along with any prepackaged snack food that came in a bag. Basically I quit sugar. All carbs turn to sugar quickly after consumption.

Every week for 4 months I went through two or three dozen eggs, a pound of bacon or sausage, a dump truck full of various cheeses, kale and berry smoothies, and lots of real butter. I eliminated the words "low-fat and fat-free" from my vocabulary. For sweet tooth cravings I ate all the blueberry cheesecake I wanted, made with almond flour, flax seed meal, Splenda, vanilla whey protein powder, etc. For crunchy-salty snacks I ate pork rinds.

The weight just fell off of me and I was never hungry. There was even a low-carb pizza by Dr. Berg with a cauliflower/mozzarella crust we had every Friday. When I went in for my yearly physical my Doctor was elated, at first, that I had lost 40 pounds of fat. But when I told her how I did it she got a cross look on her face and said, "Well, let's just see was your lab results are before we celebrate. Your cholesterol is probably through the roof!"

Well, not only was my cholesterol NOT through the roof it was below normal and the good cholesterol was up. And my triglycerides were way below normal. She didn't know what to say and I could tell she having problems digesting (no pun intended) the numbers on the lab report. The last thing she said before leaving the room was, "Watch your protein intake, it's a little high."

I didn't mean for this to be so long, please forgive me. I just get excited when I share this with people who are struggling, like I did my whole life with being overweight. Oh, and something else I learned that I never knew before: you need fat and protein for your body, especially your brain, to function need it to live. But you could eat a diet consisting of only carbohydrates and actually starve to death. Freaky.

Good health to you!

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Spaghetti Squash, if you haven't tried it please do. The stuff is amazing and the amount of carbs and calories in it are very low.
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Yes, I always think the whole diet thing is too big for our forums, we are a support group, and give ideas. But learning to live and eat low carb is a big job that requires learning and reading beyond here.
Unlike WW, there isn't an in person teaching and support group, but the books do give menus.
Hope we can all find the path that gets our blood sugars and weight into better order for us.
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Just a suggestion, try including Oat Meals in your food/diet.Oats help in lowering blood sugar levels, especially in people who are overweight or have Type II Diabetes.

Another advantage of including oat meals in the diet is it improves insulin sensitivity.

Oats are also among one of the healthiest grains on earth.
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