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Wannabehealthy 06-01-2014 12:23 PM

June Chat
Welcome to the Diabetes June chat.....

Wannabehealthy 06-01-2014 12:45 PM

Good morning ladies. I woke up at 5 AM then went back to sleep. Then again at 8:30, then back to sleep. Finally woke at 10:00 and DH was already up. He rarely gets up before me. So I'm getting a late start to my day. I just ate breakfast, so probably no lunch for me today.

My bedtime glucose was 103 and this morning was 123 still without the glimiperide, so I guess that's my new number. I'm not complaining. After all those 200s and 300s I'm thanking God. My doctor doesn't care about fasting bs as long as my A1c is under 7.

kris2008 06-01-2014 02:55 PM

Carol Sue - Glad to see your numbers are looking so good without the medication. Good for you!

pattygirl63 06-01-2014 08:32 PM

Carol Sue You are doing very well without the glimiperide. I have been thinking about asking my doctor to let me have on my trip because I know it is going to be tough keeping it down eating in restaurants. But I will wait to see what the A1c is first. I just don't want to get above the 130s any more.

I ended up losing only 2 lbs for the month of May even with the low which I haven't been able to keep steady. I probably need to change my ticker to the higher number of 223.4. I will raise it if my number doesn't come back down in the next day or two. Not tracking on MFP is working very well for me. I am only eating when hungry and eating fairly low carb. It seems as though IE has actually set in and I'm not craving carby junk. Amazingly I actually have been hungry for veggies. So I will continue with this way of eating as long as it works. I made breakfast for lunch when we got home from church and the amazing thing is that I didn't even want toast like I usually do. DH wanted scrambled eggs and toast and I wanted an omelet made with greens and Southwestern eggbeaters. I really did enjoy it. Then for dinner I got hungry for a salad and put canned diced ham in it. I hope I can keep this up.

Rennie It seems that I remember you asking if I tried the whey shake without oatmeal. I'm sorry I forgot to respond. Yes, I have a different brand that I really do like, but the store where I purchased it went out of business. I need to go online and see if some other local store carries it. Right now I use the Atkins shakes and add a little bit of fruit to it. I forgot to put the coconut oil in it, so I put it in my coffee. Coconut oil is supposed to lower triglycerides so I really want to get back to using it. I also use the coconut oil when I cook my eggs.

We have 3 month doctor's appointment Thursday morning. They want to switch DH from Warfarin to one of the new meds that is supposed to control blood thinning without having blood stick every few weeks or once a month. DH has to decide if he wants to change and I need to decide if I want to ask him about the glimiperide.

My daughters companion passed away early this morning. She said she finally prayed and released him last night because he coded again and didn't seem to be older than maybe a 6 yr old in his mind. She said for a month that he has been talking to about how excited he was that he was going to go to heaven and see his Mama again. So thankful he isn't suffering any more. They had come to the place where if they tried dialysis that he would crash and if the didn't get to do it until Monday he would bloat excessively. Now he is free and doesn't have to worry about it and be poked at any more. She has peace although she is hurting. I think she is learning that she is stronger than she realized. Of course, it helps that I know exactly how she feels having gone through it 2x myself. Those of you who pray, please pray for her and his family.

Catch y'all tomorrow. Have a blessed evening.

Shannonsnail 06-02-2014 12:41 AM

Trish I'm sorry to hear that, I will pray for her.

Rennie you asked about heavy whipping cream. I do low carb high fat so it's fine for me. Most things that call for it do not require much though.

I also only lost two pounds in May. I was kind of depressed upon realizing that but checked my measurements today and they are all still going down so trying to focus on that. I finally have had 24 hrs without incident so I think the food poisoning or whatever has passed. I was getting a little worried that I was going to have to go to the dr. Tomorrow starts summer for us....no preschool and no more planned vacation til Sept. I have a loose schedule planned for this week starting with returning to the gym tomorrow, going to the pool Tues, a puppet show Wed, hopefully a playdate Thurs and storytime on Fri. Lastly, happy to say I've had a completely on plan day today for the first time since before vacation.

Wannabehealthy 06-02-2014 08:08 AM

Finally broke through the force field and weighed in at 193 this AM. Bedtime BS at 106 and 97 this morning. Still no glimiperide. I find that no eating after dinner is lowering my FBS. It's hard, but I'm taking one day at a time. I make sure I eat a big dinner so I don't get hungry. Last night my stomach was growling but I didn't feel that weak hungry feeling.

Shannon, I'm glad you're feeling better. You are back on track and seem to have your summer all planned. My grandson is finished preschool but still going to daycare until kindergarten in the fall. It will be all new kids for him because his current daycare is not in the town they live in, but one kid from his karate class will be going to the same after-school daycare so he will know someone. It's hard for him to leave his friends.

Trish, please extend my deepest condolences to your DD. They are both in my prayers. When someone is so sick, it makes you realized that they are going to a better place, even though it is still hard to let go.

I am going to research the coconut oil before I stop using it. Lowering triglycerides is a very good benefit!

Kris, I still take Metformin with no side effects and that will probably be forever. But the glimiperide forces your pancreas to release insulin and eventually burns out your beta cells so I don't want to take it continuously. I will not tell the dr that I am not taking it daily as he directed because I want to have it on hand if I need it.

Don't disappear again, Rennie!:nono:

Hey Artic and Ruthie!:wave:

Someone wake up Bonnie and Mad. They have been away too long!

Ruthxxx 06-02-2014 10:12 AM

May was a roller coaster and I ended up back at 190 this a.m. Of course going off low carb for the weekend didn't help. Back on track today.

I bought a Fitbit a while ago and realized how little I move - bad knee and hammer toes kind of cramp my style. Just lately though, things have improved and I'm getting more steps in. Sometimes it's good to have a reality check!

FBGL running fine and I have not yet gone for HA1C - Maybe next month? This one is just crammed full!

Wannabehealthy 06-02-2014 10:18 AM

Glad you hear from you Ruthie, and hear that you are still doing well.

I just ate my breakfast. I sauteed some mushrooms, chopped spinach and some lentils, then poured my eggs over them and scrambled it all up. Served it on a plate with some sliced tomatoes and raw onions. It was soooo good, I could eat another plate of it, but I won't. I am loving these breakfasts I've been making lately, but when we go out for breakfast it seems so boring to have plain scrambled eggs. One place serves a Veggie Delight Omlette, but it's just not as good as mine, and it costs $8, plus tip!

Trish, about the glimiperide. I was checking my BS before each meal and if it was up a little, like over 130 I would take the glimiperide, or maybe a half, depending on what I was going to eat at that meal. You might surprise yourself. There are ways to eat in restaurants without eating a lot of carbs. I find that most will allow you to swap out your carbs for veggies.

Shannonsnail 06-02-2014 10:21 AM

Happy Monday! I finally tested my fbs (had not tested since a week ago) and was glad to see 100. I also was a pound down on the scale from last week's weigh in. Yay! Maybe things will turn around this month :-)

My daughter woke at 6:30 and was up for an hour then slept for maybe 30 min. I never really got back to sleep but laid next to her to help her try to sleep so I am dragging today. It's already 9:20 and I haven't started on breakfast. I may switch pool day to today and then go back tomorrow for exercise. Childcare at the Y here has weird hours. It stops around noon and doesn't start again til sometime after 4. I prefer to put Olivia in there before 10 because by 11 it thins out considerably with moms getting done and leaving.

Carol Sue yay!!! Congrats on putting that force field in its place!

pattygirl63 06-02-2014 12:34 PM

Sounds like everyone is starting June off well. I got to keep my 221 as the scale read 221.8 this morning. And my fbs was back down to 118. Something I'm eating or doing is causing me to have diarrhea and I'm not quite sure what it is. I am drinking the Atkins shakes for breakfast because I want to get used to having it on the trip. It has never caused me problems in the past, but I am putting my 2 servings of fruit in it and this morning I added 1 T coconut oil. Yesterday I had the coconut oil in my coffee that I drank along with the shake. I am going to research coconut oil today and see if it could be causing me to have the diarrhea. So Carol Sue, please let me know if you see anything about it when you research it as well. I would appreciate it.

However, since it has just hit me again this morning, I think I just realized it is probably the corn syrup and other junk which I have no idea what they are in the fat free creamer I bought. I wanted to find a powdered creamer I could take on the trip for my morning coffee so I wouldn't have to use just anything people have and I accidentally picked up ff. However, that doesn't explain the Golden Corral incident. I don't know where they get their veggies from, but I use packaged salads for my foundation to my salads and since they don't advertise we are getting GMO foods, I'm wondering if that could even be the problem since what I used yesterday looks a lot like what I had as my base at Golden Corral. I'm going to research all that today as well. The only up side to this is that it is helping the scale move downward. LOL Any way, I am staying low carb as much as I possibly can. I like having my fbs under 120 and it is my plan to stay under it. If I have to live on or close to the Atkins way of eating the rest of my life I will just have to do it.

Thanks for your prayers for my DD. I know from experience that God seems to wrap us in a cocoon of His love and peace the first couple of weeks and with Chester having been in the hospital for so long it just feels like he is away and will be home soon. I know the day comes when the reality of the loss sets in and that is when it really hits you that they are gone and won't be back. She is a trooper and will hang in there. They good thing is that our trip puts us there with her about the time that she will really need us to just hold her and love her and re-assure her all will be okay. She will be busy for a while finding housing that she can afford since she will have only one income now although he didn't bring in that much with them on disability. However, now she will qualify for help she probably couldn't get before and I think AR has good help for the disabled. Then I hope when she gets settled that she will come spend some time with us as she adjusts. She has friends and wants to stay where she is. She can always decide to move here but must do things in her own timing. I remember when her Daddy passed away, I had to do it all as I was ready and she will too. She is good about sharing her feeling with me and that helps me to be able to help her.

Ruthie It is so good to hear from you. I know getting OP is very difficult with you being so busy, but you really do good.

Shannon You have a busy summer planned and I'm sure Olivia will totally enjoy it. So glad you are feeling better.

Rennie So glad to hear from you. Don't stay away so long. We miss you when you aren't here.

Kris Glad you checked in too.

Now if we could just get Bonnie and Fatmad to check in. They are really missed.

Y'all have a great day.

Wannabehealthy 06-02-2014 01:39 PM

Trish, I didn't see anything bad about the coconut oil. It said it's good for you, but couldn't find anything specific. It just said lowers cholesterol, without any details. I know that the bowel problems help with weight loss, but you can't go on too long with it. You might have caught a bug.

love2b150 06-02-2014 04:44 PM

Carol Sue and Trish THE TWO OF YOU MADE MY DAY :hug: I'm not going to disappear. I just get distracted and then when I come back it's pages to read, and I feel the need to respond to everyone. I need to stop but it seems rude not to ... I'll have learn not to obsess over posting to everyone all the time :)

Carol Sue the way you woke up and went back to sleep is what I did today. I was just tired. I got up at 9:30, felt good to sleep in :) Good job on your blood sugars. I'm happy for you. YAY on 193 and a FBS of 97, look at you go :high: Thanks for the tip on restaurants allowing you to switch a veggie for a carb. That's good to know :)

Trish, good job on the 2lb loss :high: I think IE with 5:2 are the way I'm eating, though I still want carbs every now and then, probably more now than then times ;) Trish, my condolences, I will definitely add your daughter and his family to my prayers, God Bless :hug: You'll be her ROCK I'm sure :) Glad to hear you have a close relationship :), that makes it all the better :hug: Sorry about the diarrhea, hope you figure out what's causing it :hug:

Shannon thanks for the tip on the heavy cream. :) Good job on the 2lbs GONE :high: You had a ton of activities going on that involved food so count that as a VICTORY my friend :) Which gym to you go to? My daughter and her husband go to Planet Fitness off Glenwood. Glad you're feeling better :) Good job on staying OP yesterday :high:

Ruth good to see you, glad you're getting more steps in :)

I started June 1 @ 160.0 and weighed in today at 158.6 down 1.4 this is a new low for me. My fbs was 114 yesterday and 102 today. I was so happy to see it at 98 on the 31st but oh well. Carol Sue I know for me also the key is not to eat after 6:30-7 so that's what I'm trying to do. And Trish I am trying to stay as close to low carb as possible without deprivation, so no binging :)

pattygirl63 06-02-2014 05:15 PM

Carol Sue I read info on WebMD and it says coconut oil helps diarrhea so I don't believe that is it. And even GMO causes problems but doesn't mention diarrhea. Then I looked up HFCS and it most certainly can be my problem. They say if you drink a Coke and have diarrhea within 2 hours it is caused by the HFCS. I'm throwing out the ff creamer. One thing I did realize after reading that coconut oil helps relieve diarrhea is that the coconut oil may have actually caused the diarrhea to not last as long as it did last night. I may just have to drink my coffee with only my sweetener at DH son's house because he makes awfully strong coffee that would almost walk to you. LOL Will probably have to drink only one cup and stick to lots of water which can't hurt.

I also wondered if I had a bug, but am thinking it was the creamer. Will see how the day goes and how I do in the next few days. I have a doctor's appt Thursday morning if it doesn't clear up by then I'll talk to the doctor.

WebMD also says that coconut oil is good for not only lowering bad colesterol, but also is good for raising the good which my doctor told me was hard to raise. It warned that too much can cause you to gain weight. However, used correctly it is good for losing weight around the waist witin about 6 weeks, but to be sure not to use too much of it. One reference I read said according to the author that while she did use coconut oil, she felt olive oil is still better. I use both moderately so I think I'm doing good.

love2b150 06-02-2014 05:59 PM

Trish did it say what the recommended amount to use per day would be? LOL one of my Aunt's makes her coffee really strong. I would rely on it to go to the bathroom, she used canned Pet milk for her coffee so I think that helped also :) Hope you're feeling better soon :hug:

Wannabehealthy 06-02-2014 09:26 PM

Rennie, the chain restaurants we go to around here list your entree plus 2 sides and those two sides can be your choice, so I just choose 2 vegetables, or 1 vegetable and a salad, or 1 vegetable and a cup of soup. I have done the same at Texas Roadhouse. It may be different with better restaurants. And don't forget to tell them "no rolls." Once they are on the table they are hard to resist.

Glad to hear you are back down to the 150's. It does sound as if we are all starting off June on the right track.

I remember back in the day, so many people used canned milk in their coffee. I usually take mine black, but I bought some of those International Coffee Almond Joy creamers and they are really, really good! I am down to 2-3 cups of coffee per day now that I switched to decaf and I only use one of the creamers every couple days. I could get addicted to them, and I don't need any more addictions!

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