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  • Quote: Today I was up 2 lbs at the dr. I had a mid afternoon appt. I'm not upset over the gain. The other was on a fast. My surgery is July 7. He still believes it will be ok so I have to trust him. I showed him my bs numbers and he suggested getting bedtime readings. So at. 9 pm bs was 110. I am pleased with it.
    How are you doing dgramie?
  • Shannon, my psoriasis started around the time I started through menopause. I don't know if that had anything to do with it. Until the past couple years, it never went into remission. It has gone into remission 3 times. It's possible that the carbs had something to do with it because it came back over the winter, when I was eating carbs at an all time high. But it doesn't necessarily go into remission when I am carb free. I can't seem to put my finger on what effects it. I know stress is a factor. A couple times I had to be on prednisone for my contrast dye allergy and that clears it up, but that's not something I want to do on a regular basis.

    I did very well with my carbs today. I had 53 gm of carbs with 1135 calories. The carbs were from veggies, including lentils, and 4 potato chips I ate. No bread, pasta, rice, potatoes. Now to make it to bedtime. My bs is still a little high but I have been taking the glimiperide. Once I get it back to normal, low carb eating should keep it there.

    I think I mentioned that the last time I had bad palpitations my TSH was over 7. I was put on levothyroxine, but then my TSH went back to normal and he took me back off it. Said the high reading was a fluke. I think TSH is on my list of bloodwork for July 1, so we will see what it says.

    My heart disease came from my mother's side of the family. She died at 64 but back then they didn't have the surgeries or meds that they have now. I know that weight loss would help ALL my medical conditions. It's easier said than done.
  • I am doing good! We went to the fair last night and walked around. I had a lemon shakeup. My fbs was 114 today.
    My scales stayed the same this wk.
    Hubby is allowed 45 carbs per meal. What is your limit? I'm trying to decided what goal I should set for myself.
  • dgramie, I'm not sure if you were addressing me about the carbs per meal, but I will answer. I am told that I am allowed 45 carbs per meal and 15 per snack, but that wouldn't work for me unless I took the glimiperide twice a day as it is prescribed. I don't want to do that, so I try to avoid starchy carbs altogether...bread, pasta, rice, potatoes and sweets. I CAN eat one spoonful or so at a meal without much damage, but the carbs I get are from vegetables, including beans. I would also not be able to lose weight eating that many carbs. Mine run between 35-50 per day. Everyone is different. I think you should figure out how many carbs you can have per day or per meal to keep your blood sugar in the right range. I suggest testing 2-3 hours after each meal to see what carbs and what amount of carbs spike your blood sugar and go from there. I doubt if your results will be the same as your husband's. Taking a 15 min walk an hour or so after dinner helps, too. It helps by getting the glucose out of your blood and into your cells for use by the body.

    My blood sugar finally went down. It was 112 this morning. Now if I avoid carbs, it should stay good without the glimiperide. Exercise helps too, but I have not been exercising because of the palpitations, other than daily activities.
  • I am doing good! We went to the fair last night and walked around. I had a lemon shakeup. My fbs was 114 today.
    My scales stayed the same this wk.
    Hubby is allowed 45 carbs per meal. What is your limit? I'm trying to decided what goal I should set for myself.
  • The forum is acting wonky this morning. It posted your post twice, almost an hour apart!
  • I am preD so I have not been given a limit of carbs but I went to a preD nutrition class after my diagnosis, this was like 6-7 yrs ago, and the RD set forth similar suggestions as indicated by Carol Sue. I really never changed my diet after that and continued to gain weight slowly. If I ate those amounts of carbs now and tested regularly I suspect I would see spikes. I have a lot of off plan meals....still working on taming my sugar tooth....but when I eat on plan (my own plan, not a specific diet, of no pasta, bread, corn, rice, potatoes, added sugar) I am probably around 50 g carbs per day, maybe a little more or less on some days. This is just a guess as I do not track calories or carbs.

    A typical day of meals for me is:
    Scrambled eggs and cheese (or omelet with meat and cheese), bulletproof coffee
    Salad with meat leftover from previous night's dinner or leftovers from dinner
    Some type of meat with veggies as sides
    I may snack on pork rinds, cheese sticks, raw veggies, homemade low carb, gluten free baked goods or Atkins bar in the evening
    I drink water or splenda sweetened tea in general.
  • From what I noticed when I was diagnosed in the hospital, they follow the 45 gm per meal guideline and then adjust your meds according to your test results instead of adjusting your menu according to your blood sugar readings. They would test my FBS in the morning before breakfast and inject insulin on a sliding scale based on that reading. Breakfast consisted of oatmeal 1/4 c, with skim milk 8 oz, egg beaters (1), toast (1) and fruit. They would test again before lunch and inject insulin accordingly. Lunch would consist of protein, carb, veggies fruit and milk. Test again before dinner, insulin, dinner of protein, carb, veggies fruit and milk. I was on an 1800 cal a day diet and was to choose 5 carb portions at each meal. This included the milk, fruit and veggies, it wasn't only starchy carbs. If there was pasta offered at any meal I would choose something else from the ala carte menu. Part of the reason my blood sugar was high was I had had heart surgery. By the time I left the hospital 7 days later I was able to skip the insulin and go on Metformin and Glimiperide, which my PCP discontinued after a week. At first I was able to follow the same type of diet at home, but little by little I ate more carbs and larger meals and my readings got worse. It was just recently that they got into the 200s and 300s and I went back on the Glimiperide to get it back down.

    It seems that with insulin, you test before meals to see how much insulin you need. With oral meds, you test post prandial to see if your meal spiked you glucose.

    I rarely track, but when I do I enter my food on Fitday. I only seem to do it when I know I've been good that day! Sort of the way I only weigh when I feel as though I've lost. It doesn't change the results, just my frame of mind.
  • It is pretty standard for the American Diabetes Association and medical practitioners to go with 45 carbs per meal and 15 per snack... The problem is I have not heard from a diabetic yet who can eat that amount without a serious SPIKE after the meal! As stated above by Carol Sue... "they adjust your meds according to your testing results" and THEREIN lies the problem. If your ONLY GOAL is to control your blood sugar by taking as much medication as needed to keep it in line, that probably will work for awhile. BUT shouldn't the goal be to find an eating plan that keeps your sugar from spiking in the first place? Certainly not everyone will be able to get completely off meds (many do, but not all even with the best eating plans!)

    Recently, the ADA just started recognizing that their suggested carb limits are too high and need to be adjusted down for many (most if not all is more likely). I don't know if they have officially changed the recommendations, but perhaps they are moving in that direction! (Though I doubt the pharmaceutical companies would be behind that!)
  • I know that I won't lose weight at 45 grams of carbs per meal. Guess I will just try and see what level is best for me.
    I plan to eat a meal out tomorrow but will make healthy choices.
  • Dgramie - I too cannot eat the ADA recommended carbs. I am officially pre-D. One more .10 on my A1C and I would have been official. I keep my FBS down by eating very few processed carbs. I eat lots of vegetables and fat. I also eat fruit, meat, cheese, yogurt, eggs, nuts and seeds. I do have V8 every day just because I love V8. Once in a while I have a slice of pumpernickel or a rice cake to put a hamburger on.

    Now my FBS is still not normal - I average about 110. I hope I am more normal after losing this belly weight. I will always have to watch my carb intake, but it would be nice to have some pizza or french bread now and then. I can live without actual sugar, but a weekend normal meal out would be nice.
  • Laurie, a co-worker of mine told me that her mother lost 50 lbs with diet and exercise and was able to stop her diabetes meds completely. Now that I am retired I no longer see that woman, but I'm curious as to whether her mother was able to maintain the loss and stay off her meds long term. I would love to be able to do that. I don't mind the Metformin because I have no side effects with it, but I don't like having to take the Glimiperide.

    I need to take into consideration that too much low carb food is still bad. Blood sugar will rise with larger meals, too.
  • Hi Chickies. Just a quick flyby to let you know I'm still around and doing good. BS was 145 this morning which isn't bad since I am eating a little more carbs than usual. However, I did manage to eat a lot of veggies yesterday. Also really wasn't fasting as I forgot to check fasting before I had drank some coffee with 1 splenda in it and I know splenda raises my blood sugar just a tad. So fasting probably would have been in high 130s. So I'm happy with it. Saw great grandson and he is precious.

    My Daddy gave us a scare. The day we got here his bp was up and bouncing around. Went too high for us to do much of anything yesterday. It was fine by the time he went to the doctor's office. I think it scares him when it goes up at all because his Daddy had a stroke before he died and his great grandfather on his Mother's side had a stroke. However, he got over his. He is fine today, but it makes me truly glad that I came to see him.

    Busy for next few days. My cousins I've never met I was hoping to go see has decided to come here and spend the night in town. That perked my Daddy up as he has been wanting to see them. He had thought about driving up to see them. We are excited about them getting to meet my sisters too. I will catch y'all again when I can. Y'all have a great weekend.
  • Oh girls, I took Olivia to a birthday party at 3:30. Due to being gone all day trying to deal with my car's AC issues, I had not eaten since about 10:30. I ate a serving if almonds on the way but I was so hungry I had a small slice of cake and tiny scoop of ice cream. Holy cow, got home and checked my BS almost two hours later and saw my highest number ever of 190. Yowzers.
  • Shannon, I would chalk this up to "lessons learned." Even though you are considered pre-diabetic, you are apparently insulin resistant. Your insulin does not react fast enough to start getting rid of the sugar as soon as you eat it. If you had had something else with the cake and ice cream, you might not have had such a drastic reaction.

    If you find yourself in this situation again, I would either have something to take with you that you could eat on the way or stop somewhere and get something. I think if you weren't so hungry you would have passed on the cake and ice cream. (or maybe not! LOL )

    My blood sugar is still running high. I haven't eaten many carbs so I'm blaming it on big meals.

    I looked at the slip the doctor gave me for my labs and he did not include thyroid on it. I think I'm going to stop at the office and ask him to add it on. If I'm going to get bloodwork done I want it all done at once.