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Unhappy Is anyone else frustrated about not losing weight with diabetes?

I am 33 and was diagnosed with diabetes in June 2012 and since then have been on Metformin. In 2010, I was diagnosed with PCOS and insulin resistance. Since then, losing weight has been a constant battle battle despite changing my lifestyle entirely - I eat healthy, exercise (walking) 6 times a week, don't drink and pretty much haven't touched a sweet (save a few special occasions). My sugar levels are looking good - from mid-200s I am now showing 90s and 100s. But my weight barely seems to be budging. I have unexplained weight gain sometimes and spend too much time just shaving those extra kilos. It has undoubtedly been the most frustrating period of my life. Is there anyone out there with a similar problem. All my doctors ever say is "oh! Just eat less and exercise more" and that's where their advice ends. Or they have asked me to look into surgery. I cannot afford that and I frankly don't want to consider that option. Please advice..
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Hey there!
I'm also diabetic and know just what you are going through. I was diagnosed when I was 9 (type 1) because my pancreas just got out of control. So I've been dealing with weight issues all my life.
At my heaviest last year I was 181lbs, but I managed to lose 34lbs (before just recently gaining 20 or so back) and girl, let me tell you its a tough road.
You seem to be doing everything right, I would die for my sugars to be as good as yours.
But honestly, I did just what your doctor said.
As for eating less I learned that once that moment hits you of "Im full." STOP. just put down the fork and STOP. Immediately. and drink water to fill the gap of wanting your tummy to feel completely satisfied. Its very hard to do, but baby, it works wonders.
As for exercise, how I lost that 34 in actually just a little over a month! I got up every morning at 5AM to jog two hours, took a nap, then did some weights and leg lifts for 45 minutes and treadmill for an hour, then when night came I would walk 45 minutes around the neighborhood with my mom.

Being diabetic, I felt the only way to lose weight was to be that extreme, and I kept that up every single day until I just couldn't anymore. We have no choice but to work crazy hard, and it's not fair, but in the end its so worth it.

So when your doctor says "exercise more" He means it.

what gave me motivation was 12 seasons of biggest loser on netflix hahaha, very inspiring show!
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Remember too that just weight loss isn't everything. With all the exercise, the weight may not change much, but the amount of muscle vs fat changes and that makes a BIG difference. My daughter recently joined a gym, and has lost 2 inches all over, without any weight loss. She is a buxom girl, but is looking healthier. I am really proud of her and hope she won't go down the trail to being overweight and prediabetic like me.
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Haha, have to say you made my day(misery loves company ;P). After being sick and not able to eat for a few days, getting on my scale and seeing my heighest weight in YEARS (gained 2 kg, can't zip up my fat pants T_T); I was just floored, couldn't understand it. Thank you for reminding me how incredibly hard it is to lose weight with the big "D" monkey on your back. Super strict calorie and carbohydrate control is what I always have to resort to. I just hate it because it's so time consuming.

Good Luck, you can do it =), and thanks for reminding me that it is definitely possible, it just takes a lot of elbow grease.
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I would really push the weight training at this point. Once I got the diet figured out, I lost some weight and my numbers improved somewhat, but when I started consistently weight training, that's when my body composition really changed (less fat, more muscle and bone) and ALL my blood panels and blood pressure improved greatly.

I still weigh just over 300 lbs. and weight loss is slower than I want, I'm 53 and my last A1c was 6.0%, HDL finally bumped up over 50 and my blood pressure was 109/68. And this is entirely free from medication.
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Hmmm, I was going to make some comments, but then I realized the original poster has never come back after her first post.
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She was back online on Dec. 2 but didn't post. I'll close this thread.
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