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Default Fasting sugar still "normal" but slowly creeping up...

I'm not diabetic, yet. It runs in my family, my mother has type II.

My fasting sugars have always been in the low 60s. I noticed a few years ago, they creeped up to the 80s..still normal though.

Over the past 6 years, I've had 3 pregnancies, and with each I've gone from about 160 lbs (over weight) to about 230lbs. I did lose it with my first two.

Currently my ticker is about right. I'm struggling to lose the weight AGAIN, after baby # 3.

My endocrinologist (I have Hashi's and I'm on synthroid) was concerned because my last baby was large 9lb 6 oz. I did not have GD.

So he sent me for A1c, 2 hour GTT, and fast glucose.

I have not gotten the results to the A1c or the 2 hour GTT, but the fasting glucose was 97.

And the last time I ate was about 8 pm the night before and the lab wasnt drawn until about 10 am. Over 12 hours fasting, and it was 97.

I know that's normal, but I also know where this is heading.

Did any of you see this upward trend? If so how long did it take to cross over to pre diabetic? Did weight loss correct it all? Am I over reacting to go on a carb controlled or diabetic diet now? Up until these labs I was doing calorie counting, so if I wanted cookies or something sugar filled, I just budgeted it into my calories, but now I'm thinking maybe I should not be eating those foods at all.

I see my doc next week to go over these labs.

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this is very like the way it happened for me. I did lose weight after baby 2, (she was 9-2, and I went to 173, but back to 140, which was still much more than after baby 1) and my fastings and a1c slowly went up, but still within normal. I was about 48, and up to 170 ( had been slowly gaining, and not LOSING) when I started to have excess thirst and peeing. Did the 3 hr test, (fasting, 1 hr, 2 hr and 3 hr sugars) and the 1 hour very high, 2 hr normal, 3 hour abnormally low, fasting normal too.
SO that was the official start of pre-diabetes. I am still officially there. I take metformin twice daily, and still struggle with weight issues and overeating. I really crave carbs, and recently started to treat that issue as an addiction, so far with some success.
I am proud of you if you can bring the weight down before you get here. Remember though, that is it NOT you fault. There is good research to show that those with a diabetic predisposition, especially genetic, may have problems losing weight.
Also, this pattern you are seeing is very common (read on the website blood sugar 101) and see about ways you can help yourself and stay as healthy as possible.
good luck

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