Suggestions for newly diagnosed. How am I doing? 220 before eating 350 after

  • I was recently told I have diabetics. I am not sure that I totally believe it because I know I have gained weight from my usual weight (about 70 lbs) so I am waiting to lose it before starting too many meds.

    I take metaformin now once or twice a day and this is where my sugar level is at.

    I am doing lowcarb and it was actually higher before I started that.'

    Morning sugars are about 210/210.

    How am I doing, and do you have any suggestions?
  • Dis your doctor tell you that you have diabetes ? My suggestion is do what your doctor tells you.
  • Bargoo is absolutely right. Did your dr give you target ranges for your bs? That sounds high but it can come into control. Are you going to meet with a diabetes educator or dietician? Feel free to come over to the May chat and hand out if you like.

    I am concerned when you say that you take metformin "once or twice a day". Usually, it is taken in the same manner each day. Did I misunderstand?

  • I'm far from being an expert on diabetes, only been diagnosed 18 months now, but I have to agree with Rie here. "Once or twice a day" doesn't seem right. Please take it exactly as it is prescribed for you at this time. Trust me, it will help.

    As for morning sugars at 220, that's where I was diagnosed, roughly 12-13 mmol/L (Canadian). My doctor told me he really should be putting me on insulin shots at that level.

    For the first few days, yes, that's probably where my numbers were, but within two weeks I had them down to 7-8 mmol/L (that'd be about 126-144). Granted he said that was extremely rare dropping that much that fast, but I was motivated, if you know what I mean!

    Please get in to see a nutritionist/dietitian specifically schooled in diabetes as soon as possible. We can do it!
  • Johnnysgirl I thank you for your comment. I started on Monday taking metformin 1000mg twice a day and I was wondering if it is working. My fbs reads have been really high. Today was the lowest at 198 but I also think it's because for once I this week (since Monday) I haven't sat on the sofa and ate chips or popcorn in the evening. I am now hopeful that this medication will help.

    Rie when you say in the same manner for the medication, do you mean at the same time each day? I can do that with the mornings but the evening is different since I am sometimes at work and I'm not able to eat and take the medication. Do you have any suggestions?

    Newly diagnosed on 5/14/12
    HGA1c 10.4
  • Love2B150: the metformin will work best if taken at evenly spaced intervals, but if you can't quite do that, as close as possible will do. Milk counts as food, so its ok to take the medication at break time with some milk or a small snack, it doesn't have to be a full meal. If you are new to this medication, don't worry about the digestive problems (like gas, bloating, very loose bowels etc) they will get better. Took about a month for me. Many of us find that extra B vitamins or a calcium-magnesium supplement helps with leg/muscle pain. Welcome to our group.
  • Thanks for the welcome Madeleine and the tips

    ... I came home this evening and took it with a cup of milk. Thanks also on letting me know the side effects will get better. I haven't paid attention to bloating since TOM arrived the day I started taking it. I'm not experiencing any muscle pain just gas, slight nausea, and I get super tired about an hour after I take it.
  • Hi Love2B,

    Just letting you know that we would love to have you at the regular thread on the May chat. (soon to be June chat). I was diagnosed only about 18 months ago but that thread has really helped me. Join us!
  • Rie, I've been reading the May chat and you all are doing so well. I didn't want to jump in with my way over readings, but I know I need to start some where so thanks for the invite