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Ruthxxx 04-01-2012 08:13 AM

Diabetes Chat for April
Even if you just want to report your FBGL, pop in and share some of your life.

New month and it always seems right to have it start on a Sunday. (I am sort of anal.)

Interesting evening last night. I was invited to an Indian dinner which was absolutely delicious and not to hot. I did have some rice and naan and was expecting it to show on this morning's test but FBGL was 4.1 again. I'll be very careful today in case there's a delayed reaction.

I'm way, way behind on catching up on posts in here but will go back and read up on March. In the meantime, another :welcome: to the new folks.

Here's the old thread.

pattygirl63 04-01-2012 09:51 AM

A good April 1st/Fools Morning to all you Chickies.

Ruthie - Glad the Indian food didn't show up on your fbs.

I'm getting too much salt from somewhere. So I'm going to have to be more careful. The weight gain I've seen lately may not be anything but water. Although I'm doing the IF style of eating, I might have to go on a few days of very low carb to get this water weight back off, but I did keep my 1 lb loss for this week and the fbs has been great all week. So I'm pleased.

DD and the DGC got out yesterday and trimmed all the trees and bushes and pulled weeds. I've got to talk to DH when they aren't around, but I'm thinking if they would help him by doing the yard work done that he can't do right now, I would be glad to consider that payment for them staying here as long as they can't pay anything and as long as they don't run our utilities up higher than they are right now. Then when they can they can put in a little something to help on that. DD did a beautiful job with the bushes out front and Yes I was quick to thank her for doing it a such a beautiful job as well. Then I won't feel so bad about the things they don't do around the house. I remember hearing the story that when my Daddy's uncle and his wife had to move in with his grandparents. His grandmother loved outdoor work and his aunt loved housework so his grandmother got to work outside and his aunt did all the housework and cooking. If we can work out something like that here, I think it would make all of us happy.

Going to church this morning and then DH and I are going to get me a new cell phone. We're behind the times and he wouldn't change at all, but I want a phone with texting and a little keyboard to do it. Girls at the beauty shop got that new straight talk with no contract month to month phone, texting and internet. I told him that is what I want and he can count it as my Mother's day gift. LOL So I'm moving on up to a higher tech girls. Really my Daddy and nephew texts me from time to time and I'm having to pay for it on the plan we've been on since the stone age.:dizzy: With the new plan whether I get the cheapest or the unlimited, I won't have to pay and I will be able to text too.

Well, guess I better get busy and get going here. Hope everyone is doing good.


chipper15173 04-01-2012 10:52 AM

happy palm sunday.
went to gym, and a nice workout with DH. used most all the weights today. instead of treadmill i choose the bike. nice change of pace. back to running in the morning. my scale is also up a pound. i am thinking holding water also. cloths aren't fitting any different. oh, well. it happens. there doesn't have to be a reason or excuse.
off to get laundry going....

fatmad 04-01-2012 11:00 AM

Ruth, I had a mango chicken curry last night that was quite delish! I just skipped the rice and didn't spoon too much sauce on my food.
Yesterday I did overdo it in general with food, haven't added up all my points yet, but was relieved not to be over 170 this am, still an ounce or two under that number. I just couldn't get over my hunger. I would eat something, and still be hungry 30 minutes later. I am really having trouble with feeling hungry at all for some reason.
FBGL today was 4.9 though, so doing ok there too. Will have to eat tons of veggies (free, no points) to fill up the next few days so I won't be hungry, as I will have to stick to the daily points, and not use weeklies.
Got out for a trail walk yesterday, and will go for yoga today, maybe a walk later too if the rain clears.
Trish: My daughter and husband have had to replace laptops a few times, they really don't last as well as desktops. I paid more for my macbook, but it is 3 years old and no problems so far. that is longer than any of the other laptops have lasted. But is a reminder to do a backup!
Hope everyone has a happy April Fools day!:p

Riemontana 04-01-2012 11:57 AM

Happy April Fools day!

fbs at 81 this morning and 78 yesterday. Food was a challenge yesterday as I was out playing in a pool tourney. I did ok with the pool and not ok with the pool.:p Oh well.

Ruth, glad that you enjoyed the indian food without a bs consequence. I have never enjoyed indian food very much. Perhaps I haven't been fortunate to have good indian food.

Trish, that would be really good if your DD and family could care for your yard. Maybe include specifics about that? e.g. lawn mowed every week, weeds pulled, etc? Glad that everything is going well for you.

Chipper, nice workout. I agree with you that the scale doesn't always tell the tale. I know mine doesn't.

Hello to all newbies! Have a great Sunday!


Butterfly50 04-01-2012 12:08 PM

Happy April fool to all today!!
Maybe the scale is giving me one cause it says i have not lost but a pound maybe it was dinner last night. I didn't do the cooking for a change so I cant complain about it.

Trish I love my straight talk phone I jest go buy a card once a month or you can set it up where they jest take it out of your account once a month . Bu I love mine 45$ and I can talk and text all I want even use the web.

I hope all is going good with everyone and will check back in later..

pattygirl63 04-01-2012 04:54 PM

Hi Everyone,

Bonnie - I ended up getting the Straight Talk smart phone. More phone than I wanted... actually more to learn... I don't know anything about that stuff. Good thing the kids are on spring break this week as it will take DGS all week to teach me how to use it.:dizzy: However, I must say I look forward to it.

Mad - Do you think it is the carby foods that makes you hungry? I think I got in the habit of too much carby foods and can't seem to stop eating them. Still haven't ruled out an Atkin's Induction to get my act together. Sure would help with the swelling.

I'm ready for a nap. I think it is because I've already had too many carbs. I get sleepy every afternoon about this time. Got to think about the strict low carb eating for a few days.

Chipper, Ruthie, Rie and everyone else have a great evening.

fatmad 04-01-2012 08:13 PM

Trish: yes, for sure, too many carbs gets the cravings going for sure, but for some reason yesterday I just stayed hungry. Then when I wasn't hungry, I stayed feeling full and bloated until this morning. Ugh.
Doing better today. younger DD was homesick so came home for a few days to study for exams. Glad she is so close that we can do that.
DId better planning today, and planning for tomorrow too. Yum
RIe: If you haven't had good Indian food, you have never had indian food. We have several good restaurants in the area, and since my Liz (daughter's friend) married a Bengali man, we have been invited to many celebratory feasts and it is wonderful.
Did go to yoga, and wrote an on-line exam for recertification in one of the teaching modalities I do, and got the laundry done. So a good day all round.

geoblewis 04-02-2012 01:52 AM

Hey girls, quick check in for Sunday. FBG was 132, and then I decided that's all I wanted to test today. I had a lovely day: took DaisyMae to the dog park for a run, got some work done at home, went to lunch with some friends and now I'm ready to go to bed on time! I feel pretty happy and content today.

See you all tomorrow!

Ruthxxx 04-02-2012 06:51 AM

Geo, I love the name Daisy Mae! My Disney was already named when I got her and I considered changing her name to Daisy but didn't.

The Indian food caught up with me and I tested 5.8 this morning. Of course, having a rather carby day yesterday didn't help. I made cream of asparagus soup for lunch with my cousin and scorched it. We ended up having grilled cheese instead and a lot of laughs over the blow to my reputation. "How can you scorch soup, Martha?"

I'm off to the gym and then to my quilting group this morning. I stay only until noon but have running around to do afterwards so am taking a tuna salad with some celery sticks. I plan to park near one of our many lakes and have a peaceful soul-restoring lunch rather than eat with the gossipy quilting biddies. I gave up annoying situations for Lent!

Hope your first Monday in April is a good one. Be well. :cofdate:

chipper15173 04-02-2012 08:22 AM

lost a pound. wasn't sure what the scale would say. i am just so bloated up. took something last night to help. hasn't kicked in yet. drinking loads of water again today. been since 09 i was at this weight, so maybe body deciding to hang onto some for a bit. no problem, that's what the body does, stress than releases it, cause you aren't starving it. just got back from my run, need breakfast and start some much needed housework.

Just completed a 2.63 mi run with RunKeeper
Duration 0:40:23 | Calories Burned 266
Average Pace 15:22 / mi | Average Speed 3.90 mph | Elevation Climb 102 ft

Riemontana 04-02-2012 12:10 PM

Good Morning!

fbs at a strange 91 this morning. I am really not sure why? I have a busy week this first week in April. I did 40 minutes of Walkitout this morning.

I got a new kindle fire this weekend and I am sure enjoying it. I have been downloading games, movies and books in preparation for my trip.

Georgia, I love how you post the details of your run. I enjoy reading about it. Your weight will come down.

Ruth, LOL at burning soup! I'd say that humor was worth a few carbs. Your plan for lunch sounds lovely.

Mad, how nice that your dd feels that the place she can do the best is at home. That says a lot.

Bonnie, dratted scales! I don't understand how they can rocket up and then slowly slide down. GRRRR.

Trish, that straight talk smart phone has so much cool stuff - including gps apps so you can track walking, etc. You can also now track your food on the go if you want.... Enjoy.

Sorry if I missed anyone, off to work.


geoblewis 04-02-2012 12:11 PM

I have decided that tracking bg, macronutrients and calories, weight and time exercised is too much for me. Something gotta go! My priority must be the diabetes and PCOS management, so all the tracking is important. But it's making me nuts. So all I'm going to do this week is track fbg and carb intake.

This morning, start of day 4 on Janumet 50/500 x2, fbg was 112. Finally below 120! I am happy with that progress, but of course, I wish I could have achieved it all without meds. But when I see good numbers, I feel encouraged to keep tracking those. So this is what I'll keep an eye on this week.

And since tracking what I eat is important too, I'll keep doing that as well. I'm taking a break from the scale and from exercise for the week. I just want to see what the meds and controlling food can do now.

Catch you later! Hope you're all off to a great start in April.

Butterfly50 04-02-2012 07:15 PM

So I have fallen flat on my face so I must get up and dust myself off and start all over... Dang People who cant accept what I am trying to do...

fatmad 04-02-2012 10:09 PM

Georgia: don't be discouraged about the meds. I was able to get control of bs with very low carb (atkins induction) but any more carbs than that I didn't have good control and thought that was not realistic for life. I ASKED for the metformin, as there are many studies that show lower risk of most diabetes side effects (like heart disease, vascular problems, kidney and eye problems) with the met that the side effects were worth it. I really don't wanna be old and broken because of blood sugars. If adding the janumet in works, you will be glad not to have to be a victim diabetes! And it DOES work better with your good efforts, so don't abandon your hard work.

for my part, fbs was 4.9 today, and after work I took the dog for a long walk, AND went to a 90 minute very aerobic hot yoga class. I am making up for not working out much last week since I was working so much!

Helloes to everyone else,
RIe: why is 91 so odd?
Ruth: it cracks me up that you "gave up annoying situations for Lent", I hope you didn't suffer too much, but Lent is over by the way!

have a happy monday friends

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