Chatting about Diabetes - SPRING 2009

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  • Okay everybody . . . the glorious SPRINGTIME SEASON is officially here now . . . so here is a new place for our chatting enjoyment.

    This is the place to check in regularly, share and receive support, and get to know one another. Lets encourage one another all we can as we live day to day with this disease.

    We are glad you are here! If you are a newbie, please feel free to join right in! And don't forget to go an add a bio in the Getting to Know You thread up in the Sticky area.
  • Good going VERMONTCHICK . . . read about your good FBGL and BP numbers over in the Winter thread before I closed it. Dont' forget to subscribe to this new one so it will be easier for you to find it.

    Well . . . looking our my windows this morning . . . it's not yet as sunny as it has been but the temperatures are destined to be in the 'not too bad' range by this afternoon. On the down note; 'they' are calling for snow on Monday/Tuesday; but, let's face it, a lot can change before then, especially at this time of year.

    So how did you celebrate today ??? I decided to take down the blankie I use to cover the drafty westerly facing door on my sunroom. Probably jumped the gun a little because as I sit in front of it right now, I definitely feel that silly draft leaking in -- but it looks so much more Spring-like.

    After my terrific BGL reading yesterday morning, I'm back in the nasty range - 9 / 162 this morning - and I swear I did nothing differently overnight. As a matter of fact, my bedtime number was better than the night before.

    No exciting plans for me today . . . may go out for a little while just because I can. Hope the sun comes out soon because it rained all day yesterday and I want to see the .

    Have a great Friday everybody . . .
  • Hey Meowee: I am sorry to hear about your readings! Mine were high by normal standards, but not for me. This morning I was 189. Two weeks ago when I went to the doctor and was diagnosed I was in the 400's. So it can only get better.

    I am hoping that by losing weight (my goal is to lose 150lbs) I will be able to cotrol this disease without the yucky metformin.

    How often does the doctor recommend you exercise if you're diabetic? I have been doing it every day, I think that may be the concensus.

    It's getting a little bit better every day, but I am still depressed that I am going to have this disease for the rest of my life.
  • Sending you a bit of sunshine for tomorrow, Meowee. Sorry about the crappy BGL - you do go to the doc Monday, don't you.

    Vermont Chick, nobody likes the diagnosis but at least you know now, not when things have passed the controllable point. The Metformin side effects will pass. It is encouraging to see your readings improve, isn't it? Exercise is fine and recommended for us "Sugar Babes" and an hour a day is great. Hang in there.

    My reading was 6.2 or 111.6 this morning but the weight blipped up a wee bit. I think the salt in the tabbouleh was the culprit. I hope to see it blip the other way tomorrow.

    I'm very tired this afternoon but am going outside to rake a bit although I'd prefer a nice nap. Hmmm -maybe I can work in both.
  • Happy Spring everyone!! It is so chilly here, it even snowed last night eek. Didn;t stick around by the morning though. I decided to take a short walk to celebrate it being spring. I didnt get very far but it was nice and next time I will go farther.

    I lost 2.2lbs this week and my blood sugars have been great. Though I am slacking off and I keep forgetting to test after meals ugh. After lunch I am so busy and after dinner I am so sleepy I just forget lol. I am trying to remember though so I can get a better idea of how I am doing.

    I got a free skin for my tester from the company that made it. Purple with kitties my two favorite things lol. Silly but cute. And then I discovered on accident that it keeps track of weekly, 14 day and monthly averages of my blood sugar lol. How neat. I have an 89 for 7 day, 86 for 14 days, and 81 for 30 days.

    I hope everyone is having a lovely spring day and feeling wonderful!
  • exercising an hour a day??? no way do i do that...should i be? i've been doing about 20 minutes every day.

    i hit another record BS low today - 137. still pretty damn high, but probably the lowest i have been in at least two years. i suspect i had diabetes for a while before it was caught

    oh, and i am happy to report that i am now out of the 300's....299.4 in fact. it's been about five years since i weighed that little.

    i am so going to meet my goal of 150
  • Sorry, VermontChick, I didn't read carefully! I'm old, you know. An hour a day would be great but not easy to work in. The best I ever get is a half hour walk. Good work on the weightloss.

    Blasphemie, I'm north of you but we let you guys have the snow. Your BGL levels are looking good. My meter keeps track too.
  • Hi everyone..sunny here and cold my sl was 94 this am..ive been testing at odd times to see if my #'s are staying in line and they are its a frustrating disease for all of us.. my dh was complaining that i dont bake any more so i made him chocolate chip cookies and then i eat one and make him put the rest in a top cupboard that i cant reach works for me hope u all have a fun weekend rosey

  • In a bit of a rush this morning . . . need to get out to enjoy the sunshine even though it is cold.
  • hi ladies -

    wow, what a beautiful day it was, though cold - it was sunny!! today was rough for me. i stayed on program, but i got depressed again about having to "be on a diet" the rest of my life. i know i shouldn't look at it that way, but right now it feels that way. i SO wanted to chow down a whole bag of chips...instead i had one serving....then went to the store to stock up on veggies to snack on!

    i am happy to report only a little blip of stomach issues today, and i seem to be still experiencing it at the moment.

    meoweee, i hope you got out and enjoyed the day today.

    rosey - a chocolate chip cookie sounds good to me!! my trouble is, i can't have just one...i want to eat them until i am full...not a good idea...

    ruth - it's ok!! i think i might start walking too. i've been using my wii fit, and also My Fitness Coach for wii.

    well i think it is high time that i have my desert...ww chocolate cake - i've been saving up all day!!!
  • Hi all . . .

    It's starting to look a lot like snow. Oh well, never lasts too long at this time of year.

    I did not sleep well at all last night and I'm definitely feeling like I need a second nap. thankfully, nothing pressing in my plans so I'll just go with the flow.

    BGL was fine and dandy at 4 am (6.3 / 113). Of course by the time I actually got up and decided on breakfast about 7 am, it was 8.3 / 149, and it has been hovering in that same range all day.

    Hope everybody else is having a really fun Sunday . . .
  • Yuck . . . Spring is wonderful . . . we are supposed to be getting 10 to 12 inches of snow today.

    I have to go to the doctor this afternoon and to the dentist first thing tomorrow morning -- wouldn't you just know it.
  • Good luck at the doctor today meowee..let us know how it all goes...I have decided to stop checking my BS for another week or so...I need to give my meds time to kick in, and i am beating myself up over all these highs...
  • Hi folks. It is great to hear how all of you are doing. I too am anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring, although they are predicting snow for Wednesday. We (my fiancee and I) have had an incredibly stressful week. I won't give you the details but it has been a nightmare. My DF bs was 409 tonight. Very unusual for him! He had to have a tooth pulled today and I figure along with the stress of this week, Maybe that is what is doing it for him. I am doing Ok and have been losing weight slowly but steadily.

    Blasphemie. Those are some great numbers!

    Vermontchick , congratulations on all your hard work and lowering those numbers (weight and bs) I am a little concerned regarding not checking at all for a week. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water

    Best to all DCM
  • Morning all!

    Carb question: when we count carbs, should we be counting actual carbs, or net carbs??

    Activeadventurer: I decided to not check for a week because I am still newly diagnosed. In fact, my doctor didnt even tell me to get a moniter..i am doing that on my own. my numbers are still high, but the fact of the matter is, they're lower than they were two and a half weeks ago when i was diagnosed. i will probably crack, as i did yesterday afternoon! When i was diagnosed, my numbers were in the 400's. I bet your hubbie was SUPER stressed out. When i go the doctor (ESP that day, cause i knew they were going to call me diabetic...) i sometimes come close to panicking. i have NO control over there, but my heart races, my bp soars, and i am guessing my blood glucose goes up too. I think it had been hovering in the 300's because i calmed down, came home and tested and i was in the 300's. I have been steadly heading into the 100's.

    On another note, each morning I wake up closer and closer to twoterville! the other day i was in twoterville, but i knew that was a fluke becauseit would have meant losing like four pounds in a single day. sure enough, the next day the numbers went back up a bit..

    And I just gave in and teste!! still very high -160...but we're getting there...

    I can't believe it's spring!!! It's FREEZING here. Yesterday our furnace crapped the bed, and we were on the phone all day trying to get someone to come check it out, no i've been locked in my room with the door shut, the space heater blasting.