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Ruthxxx 04-19-2009 02:52 PM

Hi there. Meowee and I are doing fine. We even had slightly better BGL readings this morning since we are being really "good". She has been serving me lots of vegetables. The woman will never have bad breath because of all the chlorophyll! She can eat a haystack of mixed greens.

Tomorrow morning we take off for the airport together, me for Ottawa and Meowee for Toronto to be with her family.

Hang in there and I'll see you late Monday.

meowee 04-19-2009 02:55 PM

I will be thinking about all of you while I'm away . . . see you just as soon as I'm home again . . . :grouphug:

TappingPeony 04-19-2009 10:51 PM

Let's see if this works this time. I just wrote you all a great big letter, and it said I wasn't logged in.


VermontChick 04-20-2009 07:09 AM

peony - that seriously stinks, i think that has happened to the best of us :( after pouring our hearts out, it seems as if we're too exhausted to try again...well scale looked great this morning, down another three pounds or so...despite having a crappy weekend. i think basically i am in the habit of simply eating less, because i seem to be still making some crap food choices. i had a peppermint patty yesterday. what else? i am tired of this 'dawn effect' thing, every morning my fasting bgl is somewhere between 120-140. i think i may stop testing when i first get up - i mean what is the point?

Ruthxxx 04-20-2009 07:41 AM

Well despite a crappy BGL this morning because I forgot to take my meds, I am quite delighted to be in ONEderland. I'll wait until I get home and weigh on my own scale to change the ticker.

VermontChick, just hang in there, sweetie - it WILL change.

Peony, nice to meet you and sorry about losing your post.

Meowee and I are outta here in an hour. The woman is packing snacks right now - probably veggies! :carrot: :carrot:

TappingPeony 04-20-2009 10:27 PM

Well, this evening I notice that my bar is missing from my signature, but my quote is there.:?:

I have been off for a very long time, because it has been brutal around my house since about Oct 08. One thing after another with work, moving a college kid just before thanksgiving, husband surgery, traveling. I have been sick sick and sick since Feb 09. My F-I-L fell Feb 4th and broke his hip and had a spiral fracture of the upper arm, on the same side. He came home from rehab on Good Friday. I am presently in Chicago because my oldest son has been sick with some scary symptoms, so I have been getting him worked up besides moral support. I was supposed to be in Washington DC for a Nursing Conference, but I am where I should be. Hopefully test results come in tomorrow so I can go home Wed.

I am surprised at myself. I have been good with my BG, staying in my 90-105 range through all of this, and I got on the scale at the doctor's office while waiting for my son, and have maintained. Time to get going again. Since he has been so stressed with these symptoms, my son has gained 35 lbs. Maybe I will try a little "exercise challenge" by e-mail and help us both out.

My F-I-L is diabetic due to pancreatectomy in 1984, and doesn't know to this day a thing about it. I always learn something new when he is sick-mostly what not to do. I have the funniest story to share from when he was at rehab. He poorly controls himself and was really doing well at rehab. But he got "the grippe" ad his BG went shooting up. some good natured teasing from the nurse started because no one could figure it out. He was trying to "kill it like I always do". Needless to say I finally figured it out. He had been chugging his Listerine 7-10 times a day. With 21% alcohol in it, all he was killing was his BG. We couldn't stop laughing! The nurses had no idea. He is not a happy camper with his now alcohol free mouthwash. But his BG are back down.

I have missed you all. It took me 2 evenings to catch up on the thread. Hopefully now that I have jumped back in, I can get back to normal with all of you to lean on.

So sorry about your loss, Meowee. How are you doing?

Talk to you all later.


akrosey49 04-20-2009 11:03 PM

Hi everyone.. i have had puter issues and cant post like i want to..its being resolved soon i hope :?:.. first meowee :hug: im so sry for your loss..nice to read all your news be back when i can :wave: rosey

Jeanne88 04-21-2009 12:02 PM

Good morning all,,,nice to read so many posts am trying to get to know some of you as i read through was MIA for a while,,Rosey good to see you hope you are doing good and rosetta thank you for the welcome back,,my bs was 96 this a.m. and am still taking the lantus in the morning so it must be working ok haven't talked to the doctor yet about it. It is sunny and beautiful today, makes me want to go fishing hopefully this week end,,my son went yesterday and got his limit in no time at all....little bugger..lol...well have a great day all ,,Jeanne

TappingPeony 04-21-2009 09:57 PM

Evening all.
Hope the weather is better by you than this nasty stuff in Chicago.

Had to go to Lenscrafters yesterday afternoon because my glasses frame broke. Not what you want to do out of town! But we got something workable so I can drive home tomorrow. Mostly good news with my son's labwork, so I can go home without anything hanging overhead. The other son made it back to Orlando, so it's all good tonight. Went out for my favorite deep dish Chicago Pizza, and I was good, had salad and only 1 piece, and peaches for dessert. Cooked some healthy things to freeze for my son-we'll see if he asks for the recipes!

Everyone have a great night. I'll see if I can catch up when I get home tomorrow, but maybe not until Thursday morning-can't wait to see my daughter tomorrow, and that moping dog who doesn't eat when I am gone.


Ruthxxx 04-22-2009 08:32 AM

Good morning. My weight really did drop a bit over the weekend, thanks to Meowee the Veggie Pusher. Even my home scale says I'm back in ONEderland.
Now to get the FBGL in check. My diabetic counsellor told me not to worry about it too much and to get my HA1C done early next month. If it's getting close to 7, we will adjust the meds. She thinks the stress of my sore knees plus worry about my friend who has cancer may be affecting my morning readings. It's definitely not the Dawn Syndrome.

Right now the sun is supposed to shine right through the weekend and I will try to be outside a lot - with SPF30, of course! I hope the weather is spirit lifting where you are!

VermontChick 04-23-2009 06:14 AM

hello all...i saw my diabetes educator two days ago...i may have even mentioned it already...she was seriously the nicest woman ever. she was very enthusiastic, helpful and even gave me a hug when i left.
i have realized these past two weeks the importance of exercise. now that i have seen it on my meters, i realize. these past two weeks i have not been able to get my fasting bg down to a comfortable area. i was beating myself up about it, i couldn't figure it out. i was concentrating on my diet. then it occured to me that i hadnt been exercising (regularly). i was under the impression that exercising would lower your bg a little bit at the moment you did it, and not have an overall positive effect on your bg.
we'll see if those numbers improve after getting back into my routine.
on a positive note, the scale is treating me well. down another two pounds. i am actually now wondering if i am losing weight too fast. i am eating so much less than i used to be (mostly because i now wait 3 hours at least before eating to get my sugars down).

Ruthxxx 04-23-2009 06:30 AM

Mel, sounds like you lucked out with your counsellor. I really like my Jane too - and she gives hugs when needed. I'd not worry about losing weight too fast because the rate will stabilize as your body adjusts to the new routine. Exercise has long range as well as short term effect on BGL. I need to do more.

I'm still eating veggies like a fiend and had a nice 5.4 (97.2) FBGL this morning, maybe because I did not have any starchy carbs with dinner. Even at my age, this is a learning process!

TappingPeony 04-23-2009 11:29 AM

Morning all! :wave:
I am home, and it is so much nicer (weather-wise) here in So. KY.

Get to see the eye doctor today-the sooner I get new glasses the better. These temporary glasses will be just that. Too bad I had to buy the frame-maybe I can trade it out.

I was a little high for my BG this AM, but with driving all day and coconut shrimp for dinner, I'm not too concerned. It was only 103mg/dl. After reading the posts, I am thinking I will make an appointment with my dietician, I haven't seen her in a year. See what she has to say to get me on a losing track, not just a maintaining track. Think I will go check out the exercise and challenge posts and see what's cooking there that might peak my interest.

have a great day!

VermontChick 04-23-2009 04:47 PM

so...i caved and had white bread, my bg soared through the roof...bad bad bad mel....:(

Ruthxxx 04-24-2009 07:18 AM

Mel, we all cave once in a while and just carry on. I had some crusty white bread last night too. It was to "use up" some yummy garlic marinade which would have poured down the sink just fine. We're human, dammit! :shrug: I lucked out with a decent BGL this morning and weight stayed the same.

Peony, that's a good BGL in my opinion. Good idea to see your dietitian - we need to "tweak" our plans once in a while and she may have new ideas. (By the way, are there any male dietitians?)

Today will be full of temptations with a tea party this afternoon. I cannot take "just one" of those tiny sandwiches so will hope they have a veggie tray. Dinner party tonight but I am contributing a veggie tray so will be OK - unless they have pasta.

Happy TGIF, chickies.

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