Chatting about Diabetes - SPRING 2009

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  • FBS 96
    I am feeling great! Good morning all. Went to my first diabetic nutrition meeting and it was so informative. I was put on 1500 calories and was told to finish my Nutrisystem D products and to go on learning how to do the exchanges. I like this much better. It's real life and I should loose about a pound a week which is just fine with me. It was complicated at first, but not to bad and I can still cook which is great.

    I hope all of you are doing well.
    Blessings to all
  • YEY Melsie! You are doing an axcellent job.

    Ruth, TOM is a jerk indeed. I used to said he wasn't that much of a jerk but now that I'm watching what I eat it could be that I never noticed it.

    Enjoy your job tonight. Hahaha when I read "porn" I thought to myself "she'll be ok as long as she watch it but don't touch it". Now reading it sounds kind of funny...
  • morning everyone..another beautiful day was 114 this am..nothing new to report..have a good day ((((hugs))) rosey
  • Hi everyone!

    FBS was 83 this morning but an hour after breakfast it shot up to 142. Crazy! It must be stress, I ate the same thing I usually do. Once I got to work, I checked again and it was back down to 120. I stayed between 80 and 125 the rest of the day, so I guess I'll consider it a fluke.

    Hope everyone is having a beautiful day!

  • Hi everyone..its cloudy today and we need sl was 95 this am..ive been doing house wk today ugh ..had a dr apt dr wants me to have a sleep study which has been scheduled for next week..nothing exciting going on..have a great evening ((((hugs)))) rosey
  • Morning everyone rosey
  • Hi, all. Still overcast and cool here. BGL was 130 this a.m. pretty good since I scarfed down a burger and sweet potatoe fries after 10 p.m. last night. Work has been especially annoying this week. At least I have Spamalot to look forward to this weekend.
    Rosey - good luck with your sleep study. I've had several. I use a CPAP but it doesn't help me much. Other people love it.
  • Hi..beautiful here today..we've been out and about..drove out to captain cook park..sat and watched the ocean.. a very nice was 88 this am..meowee sure hope things are going ok for you rosey
  • Another interesting thread....

    Type 2 here. Diagnosed about 15 years ago. A1C was 7.8 last doctors visit but recently haven't been good about monitoring my numbers and keeping things under control. Would love to have a community I can talk to that understands what it's like to have diabetes. Will start posting my numbers and keeping up with you guys.
  • Hey storm kitty welcome,jump right in rosey
  • Stormkitty. Glad you found us.

    I need to boot my own butt and get in here more often but real life keeps interfering!

    BGL has been running fine but I'm still messing around trying to break the 195 pound barrier. It sure gets harder to lose weight as you get older. I have been pretty active with gardening and other stuff and no "treats" have snuck in. However, the odd glass of wine probably isn't helping.

    Church this morning, then I hope to finish cleaning my front porch. This afternoon there's a memorial service in the cemetery. I sure hope it doesn't rain as predicted. It's pretty miserable standing around in a cemetery in the pouring rain, even if I am related to most of the tenants!

    Have a "sunny" day, no matter the weather.
  • good morning all!! it's been about a month since i was here. i've been doing pretty well with losing weight, my blood sugars haven't been that great. ever since i moved i haven't been exercising.

    i just took some pictures of myself and the photos were very depressing. i am losing weight but i seem to still have rolls everywhere i need to think of some good workout routines to tone myself all over - any suggestions?
  • Morning everyone..nothing planned for today except for some bad i dont have a magic wand have a great day rosey
  • FBS96
    Good evening all! I hope everyone is doing well and feeling good. I do. I am still on Nutrisystem D and can't wait to finish the foods and get started on the ADA diet. I bought some really great cookbooks that are very diabetic approve with all the nutritional info and the tell exactly how much your portion is and I love that. It will help us with menus that I have to follow, how much my nutritional info is and a good shopping list that will help us financially also.

    So far all is good and 13 lbs lost to boot.

    Blessings to all and I will write more as time goes on.
    Melanie in Colorado
  • rosey