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Bobbolink 08-13-2008 11:31 AM

Calling all Zucchini Queens!
I can't give our Zucchini away fast enough, I found one person that said she'd take everything I don't want. She freezes it to use this winter but I didn't think to ask her how she does it. I googled it and all recipes say to "blanch" it first. I don't want to do that, too much work. I haven't frozen it in the past because we don't eat sweets much. I did make some chocolate zucchini bread that DH loved so I thought I'd freeze the exact amount the recipe calls for. Who has good luck with freezing zucchini? One person said it gets watery when you thaw it out, do you put the water and all in the recipe or squeeze it out? I'm open for any suggestions.

CyndiM 08-14-2008 07:37 AM

Haven't tried this before but folks on the preserving food list recommend shredding it into meal sized piles on a cookie sheet, freezing the piles and then placing those in freezer bags. You can toss that into stews, soups, etc. I dehydrate mine so no water problem. It definitely won't be the same as it is now but will make good, healthy filler for stews and soups and can be used for any baking you do.

tt15 08-14-2008 07:52 AM

Hi ! I just grate it and put it in a strainer press some of the juice out and freeze it in freezer bags. I make zucchini bread in the winter so I just put the
amount i need in freezer bags. When I want to use it I thaw it out and squeeze more water out then put it in my recipe. I also have given it frozen as a basket gift with the zucchihi bread recipe. My friends love this!!!
Hope this helps !! Have a great day.

Katz 05-20-2011 09:01 AM

I grate it as well and freeze it in freezer bags by portions (no blanching). I use everything when it thaws out (juice as well). It works well in zucchini bread and makes pancakes moist and yummy.

JEN3 05-20-2011 09:45 PM

I grate it and freeze it and then take it out and use in a recipe without any preparation or draining. I know a guy who loves zucchini he says his mom likes to use the big ones and scoops it out and fills it with chili and bakes it. I suppose she puts cheese on top. He raves about it.

I like to take a regular size zucchini and cut in half long ways and put a slice of bacon, salt and pepper and onion slices on one half. Put the other half on top and wrap it in foil and bake it or grill it until it's soft. About 45 - 65 minutes @ 375 degrees. It is so good. So far everyone I've served it to loves it. You'll know it's done when it no longer rock hard.

Munchy 05-27-2011 12:24 PM

This Recipe is so good. My mom and I have been making it for a while.

I also grate zucchini into my turkey meatballs and my daughter is none the wiser. You can do the same with turkey burgers.

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