Chocolate Cheescake Mousse!

  • This has got to be the world's easiest dessert to make-- I actually eat some to stave off the snackies!

    1 package of low fat chocolate instant pudding (or anyone you want to try)
    1 package (8 oz. or 250 gm depending on where you live) of cream cheese
    1 cup skim milk

    Mix with mixer the milk and pudding. Add in the cream cheese in parts until the whole thing becomes extremely creamy. Set in the fridge for 5 minutes--voila! I'm telling you it's really yummy!
  • wowzers!
    oh my gosh this sounds wonderful !!!!!!

    I have got to try it soon! tonight even!

    oops I better figure up the carbs first - I'm suppose to be doing atkins induction!
  • Thanks for the recipe Pooky! I cant wait to try this one out!!

  • I tried this at the weekend and it just stayed dident you think i may not have put enough chocolate pudding mix in it???

    thats all i can think it could have been im going to try it again
  • I tried this recipe today - it didn't set and had a bitter taste(maybe because I used sugar free pudding????). I used a large pkg of pudding mix.
    It doesn't say size of pudding package, but I would think if it was a large one it would set?

    I may try this and let you know (if I can find some sf pudding mix in the house!)...but will not use milk (as I am on Atkins) but will try cream instead (maybe only 1/2 cup to ensure it sets and is not watery??)

    I will let you know once I try it

  • Another idea... 1 pint heavy cream whipped with unsweetened cocoa powder and splenda to taste... mix with 1 8oz cream cheese. I like it and my husband loves it!
  • Pooky sent me a pm about the pudding - she said to use the instant pudding (not the kind you cook) and to use the large package. I will try this recipe again and let ya'll know how it turns out.