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Zef: Yes you did, especially because I was able to find a bunch of beans in bulk at a local Co-op grocery store/oraganic food store. The prices are awesome on produce and bulk goods.. everything else is a bit pricey.. And I was able to find Agave Nectar, I hadn't been able to find it anywhere before this place So I think I'll also try Kara's way too. I'd like to try the recipe once before I send it out to a family dinner or something. Maybe I'll make some this weekend and if they taste good I'll take them with us to the parents house to try. I will not be mentioning the bean thing... I've noticed that people shy away from baked goods that are healthy too..
So I just soak and then cook normal then? And about 2cups or a little less do you think?
Salma: that is nice that you've got a recipe for brownies now!!! I'd be excited about it too!!
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slow and steady?
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Yum! These were really good. I might cut down a little on the splenda next time too. Half a cup would be good to me.
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OH MY GOSH... Thank the heavens i found this. it saved my diet. these are soo good.
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dayumm! my kinda cooking! thanks!
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I made these tonight and they weren't sweet to me. They were ok, just not sweet. Perhaps it's because I couldn't find SF chocolate chips? They were pretty thin too...

1-10? They get a 6. But if I add some more sweet to it (maybe some SF syrup?) it might work...

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I made the orginal recipe the other day for my dh's work. It got really mixed reviews from "taste like crap" to "wow, this are a wonderful European style dessert, so rich and decadent and not very sweet" Another person said they were great because it hit the spot for a chocolate craving but didn't trigger you to want to go and eat the rest of the pan the way regular brownies can. many people were just trying to be nice and said "they taste very healthy" and "who wants healthy if I'm expecting a brownie?"

Sarah in MD

It does have a different texture, one person said it looked like fudge and they were greatly disappointed in the taste.

I may try it again using the baking powder & baking soda.
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I just made these, I used ground flax seed verses oil, so mine are a bit more (cakey) which is how I like my brownies, I sprayed the pan with smart balance verses just a plain cooking spray. They came out good, I think you can tell it is made from beans, but when you put a little Fat free whipped cream on top it makes a difference ! I also couldn't find SF chips, so I used SF baking squares and just chopped them up, no I'm on a cocoa high
I also don't have sweetner in bulk so I had to open about 25 packets (I worked for my brownie )
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Do you think its possible to make these brownies using chickpeas?
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I googled and found recipes out there for chickpea brownies. Instead of just substituting in this recipe you might do an online search and find a recipe specifically designed for them and make and SBD alterations needed.
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Loved the bean muffins, had one for breakfast. Now I'm hoping the black bean brownies are as good.
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I subbed coconut oil for the regular oil. I also made them in muffin/cupcake sized. Finders crossed. Will be back in 30 minuted when they finish cooking!
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