Peanut Butter Cup - Phase I and onward

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  • 1 sugar free fudge pop
    2 tablespoons natural peanut butter (peanuts and salt only)
    2 tablespoons of Cool Whip Free

    Put the pop in the microwave for 10 secs so it is easily removed from the stick. Mix with other ingredients and ENJOY! 1 serving.

    Remember the PB counts towards the 2 Tbs per day that you are allowed to have.
  • wow
    I felt like I was cheating when I ate this! It's worth not eating the nuts during the day. Last night I just put 1 T of PB so I could eat a half of serving of nuts. It was okay that way, but much better with the 2T. Chocolate & PB is my absolute favorite dessert combination, so this will be a regular one for me!
  • Oh.My. I made this with a little less than 1 T of peanut butter and no cool whip free since I don't have any, and it was still decadent. Wow. YUM!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • OMG I tried it and it felt like I was cheating. It was SOOO good. I wont eat it daily but for a sweet tooth it will do the trick! Thanks soooo much!
  • I start Phase 1 tomorrow and had to try this today. I cannot believe how delicious this is -- and I also cannot believe we can have this on Phase 1! It seems to good to be true... I'm guessing this needs to be a once in a while treat
  • Quote: I'm guessing this needs to be a once in a while treat
    Nope! You can enjoy one every day, even on Phase 1.
  • Wow, this was so delicious and decadent--I almost couldn't finish it (I did anyway)! I agree with some other posters that it would still be great with less peanut butter. Thanks for sharing such a simple and tasty recipe!
  • Choco & PB HEAVEN
    I can't even begin to express how pleased I am with this little concoction! I'm in heaven! I'm a major chocolate/peanut butter fan for my treats, this is absolutely perfect! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • OMG, I'm not a big peanut butter cup fan, but when you haven't had sugar in almost a week, I was totally excited when I saw this recipe. All I can say is YUM! That totally hit the spot and really made me feel like I wasn't on a diet at all! Thanks!
  • This is the best phase 1 dessert ever!!!
    Peanut butter is my weakness,seriously and this hit the spot!!
    I only used 1 tbs of pb,read the recipe wrong,but it was still over the top yummy!
    Tomorrow I will try it with the 2 tbs,already I can't wait!
    Thanks to whomever discovered this gem!!
  • This is so delicious, I have a feeling this recipe alone is going to get me through Easter on Phase 1! I would normally go out and buy a whole bag of Reeses miniature cups (and eat them ALL) and now I don't have to because I can have this, which honestly tastes just as good. Woohoo!
  • I just had one of these and YUM!!! My hubby just stares at me: "Are you SURE that's on your plan???" Showed him the book & the ingredients! HAHA!

    Holy cow

    This will get me through a sugar craving! THANKS!
  • I am still having this a few times a week, it's a lifesaver!! I make it with just 1 T of peanut butter, that way it's only 155 calories and still just as filling and satisfying. LOVE IT.
  • So glad I get to eat this every night. My little treat...

    PS My trick is to refreeze it so it's more like icecream. Even my hubby loves it!!
  • I just did this with 1 tbsp cashew butter and a fudge pop without the whip cream, but OMG!!!! It tasted like Nutella!!! I'm in serious heaven!