Chocolate Jello?!? Ideas?

  • Hi all-- I recently did a WW SF jello mixed with LF cream cheese, and its divine, like a strawberry pie (well almost.)
    Just curious if anyone has ideas for something similar with chocolate/ cocoa?
  • My simple desert for chocolate pudding is to add cool whip free and a teaspoon almond extract, fold. This creates a nice mouse type desert that I often put on chunks of angel food cake and let set in fridge for a few hours. The fam totally loves this one, mommy does too!!!
  • SF FF pudding is allowed on Phase II occasionally. For Phase I, I mix RF ricotta with cocoa powder, Splenda and vanilla extract. It's the Ricotta Creme recipe listed in the Phase I desserts.
  • 1 box of sugar free jello
    make as directed
    1 box of FF sugar free pudding, add the powder to the jello
    1 tub of FF cool whip

    make the jello with the 1 c of boiling water and then add the cold water, mix that up then add the pudding powder, mix that in and then mix in the cool whip, chill

    This is borrowed from a WW board. I made this a long time ago using chocolate pudding and cherry jello. It was pretty good.
  • well i like coffee and chocolate but you can leave the coffee out...

    4 oz skim milk
    1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa
    1 tbsp instant coffee
    2 tbsp splenda
    1/2 tbsp Knox unflavored gelatin

    Heat milk, add all ingredients, mix until everything is dissolved. Chill until set. it's more like pudding than jello. you can peek in on it and take it out when it's the desired consistency. it's pretty close to pudding and as exciting as phase 1 gets when it comes to pudding
  • I am adding cocoa to the whipped cream recipe made with FF milk and powdered milk as I type. If you refrigerate it, it gets the consistency of a jello cream. If you eat it right away, it is a whipped cream consistency.