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Talking Peanut Butter and "jelly" Cheesecake

I adapted this recipe from a light Paula Deen Recipe

1.5 Recipes of the Peanut butter cookies *Make a double batch and use the remaining quarter for cookies
1 cup of Low Fat Cottage Cheese
1 8 oz package neufchatel Cream Cheese Softened
2 boxes of SF Jello I used Strawberry
1 cup Boiling Water
1 cup Cold Water

Preheat Oven to 350
Press Peanut butter Cookie "dough" into Pie Plate and up the sides to form Crust
Put it in the oven for 5 -7 minutes Turn off oven and leave crust in for 20 min
Take out and let it cool
Put 2 boxes of Jello in a bowl add Boiling water Stir till Dissolved
Put 1 cup Cottage cheese in food processor pulse till curds are broken up
Break up pieces of Neufchatel and add to food processor pulse till well incorporated
Add Cold Water to Jello and Stir till incorporated.
Add Jello Mixture to Food Processor and blend till its all Very Pink (VERY PINK!) it will be soupy
Pour into your cooled Peanut butter crust
Refrigerate for 4 hours
The texture is great! THe PB crust has a texture like a more dense graham crust.
Initially I didn't like the crust (we used sugar sweetened whipped cream )
without the whipped cream I love it!

It would probably make 9-12 small pieces 6 if you have a hungry Significant Other
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I absolutely love the breakfast cheese cakes. I top mine with a tsp of SF jam for a wonderful treat! I know that if they were not in the individual cupcakes that I would just keep shaving away at the next piece of cake. (I have no control) Yes, I am a surgarholic.....

I love you idea for the peanut butter and jelly cheese cake. Has anyone tried this recipe cupcake style?
KO, do you have any idea what the calorie/fat content might be per serving?

I have been thinking about experimenting with a pumpkin version of the cheese cake cups. (maybe someone else already has?) I love anything with pumpkin in it!! I hate waiting until November to have my fill. I am a bit apprehensive about attempting this... I really need to know exactly how much I can have so that I won't hamper my progress. If I know that I have a little treat that I can look forward to during the day, I can keep up the good fight and stay motivated.

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Default tried it!

Thanks for the idea!
I made this as cupcakes. I ended up with 18 with the crust, and three with just the leftover filling.
I think if you used the entire cookie dough, it would end up being 24 cupcakes. (I had already amde cookies with the extra dough.)
I always thought the cookies were a bit on the dry side, but as a crust, they're great! I actually woudl liek to try one of the other "regular" cheesecake-type recipies to see what they would be like with this crust.
I couldn't get fitday to work on my computer so I couldn't run the recipe yet. I will try at work on Monday where I have a better internet connection.
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