This hurts so much

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  • I agree that your husband should be willing to tell them it was inappropriate and rude. In any case, remember that your FIL is the one with the problem, not you.

    I'm sorry you had to go through such a humiliating experience.
  • Yes, your husband should be the one to straighten the old bugger out but if he can't or won't, it's up to you to do it! Hey, you're from Wisconsin where we tend to say exactly what we think, so go to it! Don't take any you-know-what from the ignorant fool.

    In truth, his opinion of you should not matter one bit. And, maybe that is something that you can explain to him BUT he was rude and he was unrespectful and nobody should put up with that. So quit being hurt and get angry.
  • He may have his warped opinion but I truly hope you don't let him have a repeat performance. 30 pounds gone girl and if he can't see that its his loss. I hope your feeling better today.
  • Update: Things were running smoothly until last week friday....They were extremely rude. They pretty much told me and my hubby that we are not good parents, and we are not raising our child the right way, and he is growing up in a bad home by staying and living with us......I flat out freaked out and came unglued on them both after they said that. Now, i have avoided them like the plague, and I simply told them that if they want to see thier grandson, they can come over to our house and have visits. I also told them that the only way we are going to get along is if they respect mine and thier son's wishes on how we want our child to be raised, and they will not even attempt to tell us what to do with him.
  • I come from a family that has no grandparents to speak of. My mom's entire family disowned her. The reason was because I had a sister and 2 brothers die and they could not handle it. My dad's family just always made snide remarks. At a point in our life when we could not handle playing the little family games, we just walked away. I have never looked back. There are a couple times in my life that I have a pang of it would be nice to have grandparents, but then I remember how they were. It was one of the hardest things to do, to walk away, but my life and the life of my mom, dad, sisters, and all of our kids are better for not having them around.

    I know this sounds cruel, but when people are cruel and do not want to lift you up, sometimes it is just better to walk away and get that kind of negativity out of your life.

    I would never tell someone to not try to fix things, if it is possible you should, but I also think that it is detrimental to someone if you hang around just because they are family. I have always heard that blood is thicker than water, but so is toothpaste. If you need to chat or feel frustrated feel free to pm me.