Monday Chat - June 19th

  • Good Morning,

    How is everyone today?

    Welcome back Misti good to see you.

    Boss guy is here so I can't stay.... I'll try to sneak back later.

    Love Yah !!!
  • Oh man, what a weekend.

    We got our new cocker spaniel. In the short time he's been with us he has managed to totally alienate the cat - she attacks him on sight - as well as climb on the table and knock over a cup of coffee on the phone, climb on the counter and eat a package of cinnamon raisin bagels (yes, those were only rented), and find a patch of grass burrs and roll in them.

    Hubby and I went to the Gaylord Texas for a murder mystery dinner - that was fun.

    On the not so fun side, my son collapsed at home last night and we took him to the ER. Turns out he's lithium toxic. Levels are 1.38. Ick. Kid is sicker than the dog was.
  • contrats on the new doggy!!
    I've been in such a horrible funk... ate and ate all weekend.. today I feel blah.. I'm premenstural.. but c'on.... I feel like my meds aren't doing anything.. sigh..
  • Hey Gang,

    CJ - I hope that your son is ok! goodness that kind of stuff is scarey!

    Leenie - hope all is well at work and home.

    Purplepansy - hope you are feeling better soon!

    I'm leaving in the morning to go to Branson with my mom. I'll be off the internet until the 27th but will check in as soon as I can.

    Y'all be good.

  • Well today I just cleaned out my closet. Threw out all of the outdated stuff. Sorted the stuff that doesn't fit into two piles will fit soon or will be a long time. Boxed up any of the stuff that is still cute but will be a long time and tried on many clothes. Let me tell you that was depressing. But I am here and I am doing something about it so, it is all ok. If I was sitting on my duff and not doing anything about it then it might be worse.

    Had a good weekend. On Friday walked with hubby and kids to the park to play. Saturday went swimming all day with kids and sisters and mom and dad. Went to celebrated dads b-day and fathers day. Yesterday took hubby to lunch for fathers day.

    CJ - I hope your puppy settles down soon and I will be praying for your son.
    Leenie - Hope all is well with the boss man.
    Purplepansy- This too shall pass.
    Cathy - Have a blast in Branson. Sounds like tons of fun.

  • Hi everyone.........beautiful weather.......sunny and is wrapping up.

    See ya another day.