*UPDATE* (Accomplished something I'm proud of)

  • So....I admit, the house is still a mess. The dishes actually got done this morning (mold...creepy), normally I'm such a neat freak. Anywho, it was a beautiful day outside, so I got a hair up my butt and groomed all of my dogs. Now, by groomed I do not just mean a bath, I mean GROOMED. I used to work as a dog groomer, so I have all my stuff set up on the back porch. Before anyone thinks "oh, she gave her doggies a bath, whoopdie doo" allow me to explain, I am the proud mother of a 112lb. Labrador, two 100+lb. rottweilers, 3 german shepherds, 1 border collie, 1 pit/shepherd mix, 1 chow/pit mix, 1 poodle, 1 bassett hound, 1 chihuahua, 1 cairn terrier, and 1 something mix with a massively thick coat. I also have a persian, a himalayan, and two maine coons that recieved haircuts today. I can kinda cope with a trashy house, but I cannot stand to see my pets in disaray. When I was done, I was really proud of myself. And OH OH, GUESS WHAT, my accident-prone-burning-the-cabinets-cooking-talent-******ed husband managed to make dinner today, normally he's not allowed anywhere near the kitchen, but he hurried up and grilled some chicken breast and made a salad before I got back inside, he's so sweet sometimes.
  • WOWEE Bry, that is alot of work, yikes !!! CONGRATULATIONS. Good for you and the poochies. Bet you go thru ALOT of dog food LOLOL !!!!!

    Where do you live that you are allowed so many doggies. I believe where I am its only 4 dogs, more than that you need a kennel license.
  • Bry, WTG!!!! When I read the first sentence I was like, oh grooming dogs - she can come to my house. I was impressed. By the time I was done with the post, I was blown over. Please come groom my golden, and 2 huskies. Sounds like the right one for the job. Heck, I'll even do your dishes.
  • lol thank you. We live on 10 fenced in acres (8 ft. fence) out in the middle of nowhere. The city laws don't apply to us. I remember talking about how to do it when we first decided to live here, my husband said "devlin will try to dig under it (lab), bootleg will try to climb it (chow), Roxy will try to unhook it (rott), and bear will try to bull through it (rott), if we can stop all four things, we're golden" so our fence is buried and concreted into the ground by about a half a foot so they can't get out.
  • Thats awesome Brytax that you have so much room for your doggies, I would have lots of them too if I could. They are wonderful and they give you so much love. My friend has 5 dogs, one more and she'll need a kennel license LOL !!!