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Talking Friday Chat - December 23rd

Good Morning and Happy Friday !!

Two more days ***GIGGLE*** until Christmas

Whats everyone doing today? I have to run DD to school and remember to bring stuff for her christmas party that they are having today. Then meet DH for breakfast at friendly's yummmmm !!!

I bought a new christmas tree yesterday, its a skinny tall one and its so pretty. The one we have originally is HUGE !!!!!!!!!! and it takes up alot of room not to mention it takes me a day to put the lights on it. uhhhh. Our new tree is PRELIT !!! can you say OHHH YEAH !!! and its just lovely. Get this, a few years ago we bought the monsterous tree and it cost us $600.00 on sale...yeah I know !!! This one is 7.5 feet tall, skinny, prelit and cost $100.00 go figure.

Well kids I gotta run... TTYL !!

Love Yah !!
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Wink Good morning y'all

I'm spending today getting ready to go visit our son. We're leaving tomorrow morning, and we'll be staying over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day . I'm really looking forward to our trip..not just seeing Matt (we haven't seen him since Labor Day weekend), but just getting away for awhile. We're staying in the big city of Tallahassee, FL so it should be fun.

Leenie: TWO trees? I guess you must love Christmas!
Breakfast at Friendly's (sigh!). We don't have Friendly's down here..just as well. Their ice cream is too good!

Well, I guess I better get the coffee on and get my rear in gear!
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We are driving our kids to school.......class parties........waste of time! Humbug!

Today is laundry and cleaning day!

I am ready........bring it on!

(((((((Joanne))))) so glad you will see Matt.

Have a great day everyone!

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