Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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takin it one lb at a time
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Unhappy i don't know how to do this!

i've been diagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder. I've gained 50 lbs since March '05 because of the depression. I was happy with myself at 170.. i mean.. i would have liked to lose weight but it wasn't constantly on my mind. Now i just feel like it's impossible for me to lose weight at 220 lbs and i wont ever do it. Maybe that's just the depression talking but still... it's very discouraging. I am on pills but i tend to forget to take them. Then when i forget to take them i get really irritable and upset easily.. and when i get upset you all can guess what happens, i eat! and i don't even eat healthily either. I just don't know what to do to stay motivated to do this... my goal seems so far away.
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Hi Melissa and Welcome !!

JMHO but I think you should start by trying to remember to take your pills. Keep some in the house and some in your purse, this way when your out and about and you do remember you'll have them with you. Can you take them before bed? leave them by your night stand. I'm the same as you but there are ways to remember.

Are you considering following any type of diet plan? WW, Low Carb, etc.?

Also a good way to get started in your journey is to find a good support group and you've come to the right place. Just surf this site and you'll see the many many groups of dieters all doing very well. It so helps when others understand you and your plan.

Its a vicious cycle of the meds and eating, I agree but the one thing you can't do is give up. Your worth it !!!

Hugs and Kisses !!
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Hi Melissa,

I'm bipolar also, and I have to echo what Leenie said: take your pills, sweetie. I know it's hard to remember, especially when it's a new thing, so put them somewhere where you can't miss them. I have them between the tea canister and the Splenda canister because the first thing I do every morning is make myself a cup of tea. . I still forget sometimes, though, especially on the weekends when I don't have a real schedule to follow.

I ALSO know how painfully difficult it seems to lose weight, especially when you have the added issue of depression and all those hideously negative thoughts that go along with it. I've found that SO much of losing weight is a mental battle, and when you're depressed, you just don't have the energy to fight that battle.

I used food as a form of medication. If I was lonely, depressed, stressed, or even just bored, I'd eat. And that is a HARD habit to break, especially if you've been doing it for YEARS like I was.

Here is my main advice:

1. Take your pills, and know that it sometimes takes a while for them to kick in, so be patient with them AND with yourself. If your pills DON'T kick in in two weeks or so, tell your doctor. It took my doctor and I quite a while to get the meds right.

2. Don't look at the big picture -- concentrate on little things that you can do each day to make yourself healthier. I (literally) started by cutting back from 4 cans of Coke a day to 3 cans a day. Every week, I changed something else. It's much easier -- and less stressful -- that way.

3. Set up little rewards for yourself. If you lose 5 lbs, but yourself something nice, rent a favorite movie, or even treat yourself to a snack-sized bag of your favorite chips (some people may not suggest using food as a reward, but I think it helps you to "wean" yourself off the junk food.)

4. Try VERY HARD not to talk to yourself in a negative way. I know this will be extremely difficult because when a person is depressed, negative self-talk is very normal. But really focus on being NICE to yourself; acknowledge your victories however small. If you walk past a vending machine and DON'T buy a Snickers bar, congratulate yourself.

You can do this, Melissa!
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You do it just like that!

Keep coming to the daily threads!

Hang in there.

Glad you are here.

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Melissa, I just wanted to send you a big hug...
I suffer from dysthymia and major depressive disorder, and I hear you, sweetie.
Kate's advice is great... hang in there, girl... you're going to be alright.
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takin it one lb at a time
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awww.. you guys are so sweet. thank you so much for all your support. to answer your question leenie... i don't intend on following any certain diet plan.. i just want to eat healthier and exercise more.

thank you again you guys.. you almost made me cry with your wonderful comments. it's so much appreciated
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