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Default Thursday Chat ~ November 3rd

Good Morning Ladies...

How is everyone doing this beautiful Thursday morning.. It's only 50 out but they said we should hit 70 today... and it should be sunny..

Exercise = 30 minutes on the strider.. 150 crunches, 30 sit ups and 15 push ups. Now it's time to get ready for work..

Hope everyone has a good day..
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Hi Everyone

Nothing new here sosdd.

We're over the hump for the week, anyone got any good plans for the weekend?

Nothing for me, just a lot of house work and visiting MIL in the hospital.

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Hi ladies,

It's windy and snowing in my neck of the woods. Yes I said snowing! It;s really cold out and I don't feel like doing much of anything. The only plans I have for the day are cleaning the house and it's open house at school so I have to go and see my DS's teachers today. I'm working all weekend 12 hour shifts so I don't see anything good in the next few days

I have to weigh in tonight and I haven't done anything to lose weight now for two weeks. Hopefully this depression will soon end.


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Just had 2 days off so got all my laundry done, Halloween cleaned up, and general tidying.
I have friends coming into town this going out for supper on Saturday night..........friday night I work an evening for the first time in a long time.....and then birthday party for dd7 on Sunday and I teach sunday school at 6 pm mass.
Slowly adjusting to my new glasses......I've had them for a week...hard to believe how poorly I was seeing for so long.
I am a geriatric assessment nurse Cathy so I see patients both in-patient and out-patient......regarding memory problems, incontinence, dementia, delerium, depression, pain,falls, discharge planning, meds etc. I am really enjoying it. I also work casual on medicine and the ER.
You guys are doing awesome with your weight and exercise! What awesome inspirations....well done!
Hi Leens.....keep us posted on MIL.....what is the underlying condition for her? Diabetic, vascular disease? Hugs!
HI everyone else........

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good morning gang!
it's already busy here this morning so I'm waving as I run by.
thanks for telling us about your job Liz - I was wondering.
hope everybody has a blessed day!
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Hey ladies just a quick type and run. Glad to see everyone this morning!
I'll be back later to catch up with everyone. Lots of cleaning, including shampooing carpets today. Got the vacuum fixed too. Talk to ya'll later.
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Well we have rain in the UK, so perfect for a cinema visit, I went to see Nanny McPhee!

I spent most of the film drooling over Colin Firth!
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Hey ladies,

I've been lurking and not posting for a few days, glad to see everyone is still trucking in one way or another. I am trying my hardest to get exercise in my life, it's just never been my thing. I've decided that that's why when I gained back nearly 20 lbs I looked worse than when I started; put on nothing but pure fat. Had been ambitious over the weekend to try to get on an every other day schedule, but now I am settling for one workout video (approximately 30 minutes) during weekdays and some activity on the weekend. Really enjoyed going hiking last weekend, but bf is sick so I may spend Saturday morning shopping this weekend I'll try to make up for it with a video too since unfortunately shopping just doesn't burn the calories like hiking does...
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Hi Everyone,

Just another quick fly by .............

Liz, I took gerontology in college, LOVED IT !!! I wanted to become a nursing home director or a director of activities. I really enjoy the elderly. The only thing I know about my MIL is poor circulation. She is not diabetic or anything like that. She weighs about 70 lbs soak n wet. Just poor circulation in her legs.

Gotta get dinner going.... bbl
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Just popping in to say hi.....
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I am just dropping in to say hello....I am still visiting near Vancouver....with DS1, DDIL & DGD Claire.....Claire will be 3 months old on Saturday.....she weighs 11 lbs. 4 oz.....that is pretty good....since she was a premie.

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