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Default IT"S FRIDAY Chat ~ Oct 28th

Good Morning Ladies...

Yes I am up to earl this morning but after this post I am going back to bed for 2 hours then getting up again so I can exercise..

Today is my first day of in a chain of three... I have Friday, Saturday and Sunday off this week

but I have to be up early today because I have an appoint at 8am which I can't wait for... *might be the whole reason I am wide awake and my body is jumpy ~ nervous* I go to see the conselor for the first time this morning.. I'm a little worried but I know I need to go.

I am in the mood for a good rant and ramble but I am trying to be good.. I just have so much on my mnd and I just want it off and out.

How is everyone doing today?

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Lightbulb Friday Chat what time :)???

Would love to get to know some of you guys are we going to chat later on today?

Who saw the biggest loser this week and thought it was an AMAZING transformation? Pete entirely changed he looked about 30 years YOUNGER.

Talk to you ladies later.... Half way through 32 ounces of Crystal light at 4:45 am I am going to be finished with my 100 oz before noon today

I HATE getting up so much at night when I drink too late in the day
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I am good, I just paid a debt off which is a nice feeling I am now debt free! Over the weekend I want to give the house a good clean! and then I am gonna do nothing for a week until I am back at work on the 7th!
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Happy Friday Chickies

Good to see everyone. Watcha got planned for the weekend ?
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Hey Stephanie, 2fat4sure, Mazarin, and Leenie

Think I'm going to be watching some movies this weekend and maybe going hiking. I'm usually not tempted by Halloween candy, my family buys milk duds to hand out which I am not a fan off, but someone bought mini kit-kats It's just going to be a big test of myself not to binge out on those, but I have some skinny cow ice cream in the fridge and some sugar-free JELLO pudding so I know I can satisfy my sweet tooth in other more fulfilling ways. I am taking the 31st off as well, so it will be a nice 3-day for me. Did some pilates last night for the first time in a while and I feel good about it. Hoping to get it in at least once over the weekend, maybe twice since it is a 3 day It's going to be sooo nice to be away from work stress. Hope all you ladies have a really nice, relaxed weekend with healthy treats and no tricks
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Hey Sorry I have been MIA today I've been waking up at 4:30 am every day this am and today i figured out why Suppressed stress anxiety and depression and a whole lot of tears this am!
I'm just popping in I'll be back
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Have a friend arriving from BC...........have to get my house clean in one and a half hours ugh!

Lots of Corona's and Lime tonight with natcho's and a long visit......send cleaning thoughts my way...........I really need them!

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Good evening Ashlie/Stephanie, 2fat4sure, Mazarin, Leenie, Miles, KO, and Liz!

Good evening Ashlie/Stephanie...

Yes, you did get up mighty early this morning.........I was supposed to get up at 5 AM, but my DH had other plans.....if you know what I I ended getting up at 7 AM, struggled with the kids to get them off to school and was running late to church for the first day of our annual church bazaar, where I had a table for Mary Kay. Hope that you got your exercise in. I have done my 15 situps, but I have not done my 10 pushups yet.

Congrats on having a chain of three days off this week! I forgot, this is the day you were going to see the counselor. How'd it go?

Did you rant and ramble, or did you try to be good? Lord knows that you do have so much on your mind and I'm sure that you just want it off and out!
I'm doing fine today. Yesterday I was OP and did 1190 calories and both yesterday and today have walked ~8041 steps. My church had it's annual fall bazaar today - I took a bannana with me for breakfast but had to eat lunch there at the church, but I tried to eat healthy. Roasted chicken, green beans, potato salad and cornbread with water to drink. Since I've been back home, I've been on OP. Have done my situps, but have not done my pushups yet.

Hi 2fat4sure! The best way to get to know us is to posts, and there is no special time for chatting. We are chatting everytime we post. Good luck with your 100 oz of Cyrstal light.

Hi Mazarin! Glad to hear that you are good and just paid off a debt. Isn't feeling debt-free wonderful?! Wish that I could say that over the weekend I want to give the house a good clean, but it ain't gonna happen! Still got this kitchen renovation going on and I have a Mary Kay table for 2 days at our church's annual bazaar. I wish I could join you in doing nothing for a week ......but it ain't gonna happen!

Hi Leenie!

As I said, I'm involved with our church's annual fall bazaar Friday and Saturday - I have a Mary Kay table. No dance classes for the kids this weekend - actually for me either - the mothers dance in the christmas recital, and I participate. Sunday I have to help DD finish writng a book report and get her started on another book report, both due Tuesday. It's the end of the first grading period already!

Hi Miles!

Watching some movies and going hiking sounds like a plan! You're a better person than me - the bigger I get, the more I am tempted by Halloween candy, and I've got thse Hershey's kisses here for my treat bags for the bazaar table. I've already flunked the big test by binging out twice on the milk chocolate and caramel ones! And I have some Healthy choice desserts in the freezer just for my sweet tooth! Sounds like your going to have a nice 3-day weekend! Glad to hear that you did some pilates last night! Good Luck on getting some more in over the weekend! and no stress from work! I don't know how relaxed it will be, but I hope that I have a really nice weekend with healthy treats and no tricks!

Hi KO! Sorry to hear that you've been waking up at 4:30 am from supressed stress, anxiety and depression. Hope the tears have gone away!

Hi Liz!

Watch out for those Corona's and Lime tonight! Sending cleaning thoughts you way!! I really need them too!

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