Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default Tuesday Chat~7/19

good morning gang!

I posted some messages late last night and wanted to be sure nobody missed them so I'm gonna copy them here.

Marbles - thanks! and I figured everybody was waiting on me this morning - sorry I was late ;-) you are doing great with the exercise! you go girl!

Leenie - how is dd? you were at work today? still busy there huh?

Kierie - hope your first day on SBD went well. what did you eat today? how very nice of your dh to stop and help like that! we all hope someone like that is around when we need help!

Hey April - congrats on the 22 lb loss! that is awesome! you must really be liking Core! hope your dh is getting around and feeling better!

Wow Cin - I'm sure you did need a nap after all of that! and wow - you stayed dressed all day! I take it your clothes don't bother the stitches that are healing? did you go back to the meeting tonight or were you too tired? sounds like you had a full day! hugs!

Hey buddly - what ages are your girls? I have 2 boys and they are now 21 and 17. Do kids ever move out? I've heard that rumor too! your hot dog roast sounds fun!

hey liz - I will be praying for you! how awesome to think you might not have to work nights anymore! woooooooooohoooooooooooo

SueMarie - It was really hot over here today too. Like a steam oven really. I hope you finish up those tests soon. And good for you getting in the water aerobics! go girl!

MMarie - I just sent you a pm with some info. I'm really glad to hear that your doc looks past the numbers too! what is your weather like? hot there too?

Carla - coming off of psychotropic drugs can definitely make anybody feel "weird". take it slow girlie. Everything I read says to taper off very slowly so the side effects aren't unbearable. Take special care of yourself - exercise, vitamins, eat healthy! (do I sound like your mom yet)

Hope everybody has a great day!

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Well, here I am-all bright eyed and bushy tailed. Roger had to go to the office today so we got up at 5:00AM. We were awakened twice in the night by raccoons munching on the cat food he forgot to bring in. One window of our bedroom looks out on the porch where we feed the cats and those varmnts were tipping the metal pans around and raising heck. Finally, Roger went out in his jammies and bought in the cat food. we settled back in and then we had a nice LOUD tomcat disagreement out there. Those cats make more noise than damage. I yelled some naughty words out the window that they apparently understood cause they quieted down.

It is a beautful cool morning here in Wisconsin but it's goig to heat up again into the 90's later this week. WE NEED RAIN! The corn is drying out and not forming cobs. I heard the Canada geese from on our pond this morning. The goslings are almost as big as the adults now. Our neighbor who owns the land around us found out that geese like corn They cleared a lot of nice young seedlings for him. He teases me that they will make good eating this Fall. I told him that he can shoot any of them ON HIS PROPERTY, not mine.

Today, I have to do some stuff in the kitchen and also do some cleaning. I might wander down to the local watering hole late this afternoon since Roger doesn't get home until almost 7:00 tonight. Don't worry. I won't get into any hanky panky- I see the same faces there as in church.

See ya all later!
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oh yea Tip - like you don't get into trouble at church yea! sure! we believe you! hehehehehehe

your part of the country sound absolutely beautiful!
can't imagine it being cool in the mornings. oh man that sounds nice!

enjoy your day girlie!

did you see my post on Saturday about trying the Spicy Hot V8 that you mentioned?

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Off to bed!

Hi everyone

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Hi Girls:
Cathy First day on SBD went well on to day 2 I had a small Triumph this morning I was craving Coconut Cream Pie (wierd I know) to the point where I could smell it. I just opened my lil bag of peanuts and have been munching on 30 peanuts for over 1.5 hours and I still have peanuts left (Did I mention I love Welbutrin?) I'll Post today's menu on the thread.
Tippy at my moms old house we had a similar issue with raccoons and our garbage. and Cats having Hot dates bleh. Sounds like you are having a great day Enjoy the Watering hole!
Nite Liz
DH has a migraine this AM so I'm goign to call him and see if he's in bed or went to work SSDD here
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Hi is so steamy, humid here, I think I'm growing mold under my bra, ugh!

I had a raccoon on my deck a few years ago....I foolishly put Xmas dessert, (I spent mucho time making bavarian cream-filled cups of chocolate) on the table outside because I had no room in my fridge. My family came in from church and my SIL said...."why is Slim outside?, I had no idea he was so BIG"....(slim was a baby at the time, he's a Maine Coone)....well this huge raccoon was on the table unwrapped and eating my dessert! My brother tried to distract him with triscuits, but the raccoon preferred chocolate and cream. We had no dessert.

Kier, this weather could trigger a headache for sure. tippy there is something you can get at Petco to discourage the cats from having sex on your porch (evil smell when they spray).

congrats April on the weight loss and new undies. Hi to everyone else, and the sweater was a gorgeous color too, I forgot to comment last weekend.

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Cathy – I can only imagine how hot it is there. It’s probably humid too! We’re going through a heat wave here. I’m hoping it will cool down soon.

KO – how much different is SBD compared to Atkins? I’m curious

Marble – OH NO! Hehehe well that cake must have been good then to not be distracted. Maybe it was sign that you weren’t suppose to have the cake? Hehehe… I ate more than I should have yesterday before dinner and had like only 500 calories left in my schedule. We were debating on what to eat… and so we went out and James wanted some Del Taco… *sigh* so I got cravings as we entered the drive through and when he went to go look for his wallet he left it at home. SO! He scrounged up some dollars in his pocket and had only enough for one meal. I said he needs to eat it because I could really do without eating that food. It was like a sign trying to keep me honest on my weight loss. So he felt really guilty tho and gave me his fries. I ate those through out the night. Was under my calorie budget so it was okie. More fat than I would have liked to take, but I stayed under my budget and was glad.

I’m doing well today, just getting some studying in. I have an exam every Tuesday for Calculus. So it gets rather hectic during this time of the week. My last day of instruction is July 27th. So I’m hoping to take the kid to Soak City on July 28th. (A water park) This way it’s during the summer and hopefully not as busy. She goes back on track to school starting August 1st. So it will be a nice little get away… maybe might got to Raging Waters instead… not sure… one or the other

Oh, before I go… The guy who was suppose to do my driveway this Saturday, well, he’s going to come THIS Saturday the 23rd at 7 am. So… if he doesn’t this time, then I’m not even going to deal with him anymore. To many excuses. Since he was suppose to show up Monday evening with a guy to give us an estimate on hauling the dirt away from when they dig down to make the driveway thick enough. So we shall see. I hope it’s not another Saturday well wasted!

Catch you guys later.

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Originally Posted by marbleflys
Hi is so steamy, humid here, I think I'm growing mold under my bra, ugh!
Now thats a visual

Everyone !!

I'm at work and can't play... DD is doing okay, we're keeping an eye on her chin, making sure it doesnt' get infected.

Tippy trouble tippy trouble ?? I don't see the connection

Hugs to you all !!!!
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Leenie, it's a *good* bra from Vickie's secret......

it is now 85 degrees in my office....and we've lost power for about 20 I'll pack it in soon......
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Hi everyone, just a quick note to say that everything is going good. I went swimming today and I didn't feel like doing laps, but I did them anyway. That felt really good when I was done. I love the moldy bra. I definitely sweat there more than my underarms. Do you think it's wise to apply deodorant there in the hot summer????
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Hi everyone

I went to the doctor this morning....needed a refill of 1 of my meds...then I had to go to get the prescription some shopping....then I went to Winners....didn't get anything there though.

It has been warmer today....but the clouds have come least it's not raining.

I got a pedometer last year....I finally took it out yesterday....have started wearing it today to see how many steps I am walking in a day.

Cathy & BBL.......thanks about the weight loss....but even with have to watch the portion sizes.
DH is doing more....he paces himself....he said he feels about 70% of what he used to feel.

Tippy....we didn't have a problem with racoons....but with squirrels....they had half filled the shed with their stuff.

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Hi folks,

I'm feeling pretty lucky to be here in cool Calgary instead of sweating thru Ontario's heat wave. No moldy bra, and I even managed to get my sports bra on without hurting myself!

Cathy, I'm reducing the stuff very, very, very slowly. I think my little "episodes" are probably quite normal, I had just forgotten what mood swings are like. (The hot flashes are back with a vengeance too.) But I'll check with my doctor when I get home - if I can get an appointment... The good part is that my junk food/wine cravings are abating. I don't know if it's because I've reduced the anti-depressants or not, but I hope it lasts.

And now to bed.

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