Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Post Monday, 11th

Hi Ladies,
Am I the first one to post this morning? Only reason I am up this early is to wake up dd for school. Other than that I would still be in bed..
It's time for that first cup of coffee.. I need it.. DD wanted to talk until 2am. this morning.. So, I am tired right now. It is only 7am..
I will check in with ya'll later.. Hugs to all, Lanee...
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Good Morning Everyone,

Just a quick one today.

I need to ask you all to pray for my brother in law. He has cancer and last week he had major surgery, They removed his esophagus (and the cancer lumps) and brough his stomach all the way up to his chest area, he was cut both sides of his body and down his neck, and is on a feeding tube thru the side of his body. Anyway, he took a turn for the worst, he developed pneumonia, he is steadedly going down hill. He really needs our prayers, he is 53 years old, has 2 daughters, 4 grand kids and one on the way. His name is Bobby. Please pray for him.

BLESS YOU !!!!!!
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good morning gang!

Leenie - I will be praying for Bobby. Please keep us posted!

Lanee - have you noticed that teenagers usually want to talk late at night. don't know why that is but I always wait up for my guys - so that I know they have made it in safe & sound - and bec it is usually the time when they are finally willing to talk and share their feelings. I find late nights and car rides can be the best time for "heart to heart" talks. I will be praying for you and your daughter! hugs!

Cin - when you get done with your and dh's spring cleaning will you come do mine man I need to get into my closets - I just don't seem to have enough hours in the day. I'm sure ya'll know the feeling!

ok I've got lots of paperwork to do

We took 22 of our 12th grade girls and guys from chuch on a 3 hour hummer limousine ride yesterday afternoon. It was really nice and a new experience for me and dh too - never rode in a limo before. What a hoot!

hope everyone has a blessed day!
later gaters
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Hi, everyone,

I am still here, reading everyone's posts and wishing you all the best. Leenie, I said a prayer for Bobbie. I am trying to stay calm while getting more serious about job-hunting. I really would prefer a part-time job as I still have one daughter at home, but the job market here is rough, so I don't know if that is possible. Stresses me out a lot! Do you all work full or part-time? How does it work with your famlies and stuff. It has just been awhile since I have been in the workforce. I lost another pound this week. WW seems to really be working for me, through all the ups and downs. I wish I could lose at a faster rate, though, but one pound---I'll take it. I hope everyone is doing well. Have a blessed day.
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((((praying for bobby))))))
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I will be praying for Bobby.

Today is a beautiful day here in Kodiak. Nice sunny weather. Not doing too bad on WW's either. I'm afraid I may have gained this week, but I'm still going to go weigh in. I'll let you all know how I did tomorrow.
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Hi Gals
Oh Leenie.I am so sorry your family is going through this with your brother in law.I will sincerely pray for him today! He is too young for this!

I detest is an ugly thing! I pray they soon find out the cause and cure for it. It takes many from us far too early!

Today is sunny and bright here in Ky.. ...78 high expected. Love it! Love the smell of fresh mowed grass too! Thankful I don't suffer from allergies too!

Heading out for 2 more meetings....see you all later
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Oooo Silly Me!
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Hello everyone…

Well today started out sucky. Actually Friday night is when it started *grrrr* Kids were playing baseball or something and a baseball smashed my cars rear window (the one that has the defroster and stuff). So this morning the guy comes to replace my window. Gonna cost me 320 bucks :-P So… I’m thinking about pan handling outside of my local grocery store… just kidding. I don’t know who did it and the kids aren’t talking. I spoke with the police and I figured maybe I could get them to come out and scare them a little by questioning them. Since I know three of the kids…. Ah well… police said that since I don’t know anything they can’t do that. I think all they needed was a little intimidation, but who knows…. So right now the guy is fixing my back window.

Today, well… if 11:30 in the morning is a good judgement for the rest of the day… Today the cravings aren’t so bad. I guess my splurge last night was it. Now just gotta get rid of the cramping and I’m good to go.

Leenie - Your brother-in-law, Bobby has my prayers and my thoughts! Please let us know how things go

everyone. How we all doing?

Take care everyone!
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Hi everyone.......DH & I are a bit under the weather the last few days.....It must be a virus.

Today is my birthday.....DH & I are going out for dinner at the Keg.....DS3 & his stepson are coming....DS's GF is out of town.

Not too much else new.

Leenie.....So sorry to hear about your brother-in-law....I will pray for him.

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Leenie, your BIL is in my thoughts and prayers. April, I hope you feel better and have a good birthday. It's hard to be jubilant on your birthday if you're sick. Sue, I feel for you and the paying for the car window. There's something obnoxious about having to pay for something that totally wasn't your doing. We had it with slashed tires years back and it's stil irks me. Cin and Dori, enjoy the nice weather for me.

I'm doing pretty good on plan and plan to exercise tonight. My DS left renewal of his wellbutrin to the last minute and there wasn't any refills, so he's going through withdrawal since it's over the weekend. He decided today he didn't need it anymore and I feel like we just took a giant step backwards. He definitely needs anit-depressants. I keep calling the pharmacy to see if it's been filled yet, but no luck so far. I'm hoping that pointing out to him that he might not be jubilant, the drug is still working - this didn't need a rocket scientist to figure out. It's made a big difference but he's almost 20 and has a mind of his own.

Have a fun day.
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Hi gang!

Just got home. Worked a day shift for a change. Taught CPR. Went well. I have a great scheduale this nights!

Lanee you sound like a great mom.......hope you had a good day after being up late with dd.

Leens I will keep you and yours, esp Bobby in my thoughts and prayers.......sounds like a very difficult time of suffering .

Cathy I am glad you had a good weekend. NO grass grows under you eh?

Cin hope you had good meetings.

Sue sorry to hear about your window, I am sure you could have thought of better things to spend your money on........bad luck!

Hi Lynn!

Kathy good luck on the continued job hunt. I work part-time...have ever since I had my first of both worlds, work but still stay home enough to feel like a stay home mom.......get out but still do the things I want to do with the kids.....hubby and I always had a of us had to be home. I am a nurse so it works out well with the shift work and the flexability. Even if I won the lottery I think I would still work casual......but no nights~(EXCEPT I DON'T PLAY THE LOTTERY )

Dori keep up the good work.

Marie congrats on your plan and your exercise....hope things work out with ds.......sorry to hear about the mix up with his meds.

Everyone else have a great day.......I am going to kick up for another few moments and then go do the dishes and make supper....not used to doing dishes at this time of day cause I usually don't work days.

Be well all!




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Hi Ladies,
Liz- Thanks for the nice compliment.. I try.. Riding in a car is a good time to talk too..
Leenie- I will be praying for Bill.. And all of your family..
Happy Birthday to the birthday lady..
Sue Marie- Soo sorry to hear about your car window.. It is sad to have to pay for something you didn't do.. And don't know who did it..
The lady in LA. doing her spring clothes in her closet... You can do mine when you are finished.. I am bad with names.. I will remember it probably after I sign off...Cathy..I went back and looked at your post..
To all the other ladies, I hope you all are having a great day!!!
We got rain off and on this afternoon.. Oh well..
My husband might make some gumbo for supper.. I hope so.. Seafood gumbo!!
My favorite kind!!
I'll catch up with ya'll later... Hugs to all, Lanee...

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hey gang!
don't miss the Birthday post for April today that Liz started!

hope everybody has a great nite!
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