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Default Friday Chat ~ April 1st

Good Morning Ladies..

Just stopping in to say hi.
Hope Everyone has a Wonderful Friday.

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Good Morning Gals
It is April Fool's Day so BEWARE !

I am subbing for a Leader out of town at I will BBL.

Sunday is my 34th wedding anniversary so we are heading to Cincinnati Saturday for the day and evening then to surprise my brother Sunday morning and visit the church is co-Pastors!

NO JOKE..........34 years to my first husband!

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Good Morning,

Just a quick hello b/4 the boss comes back

Cin Happy Anniversary

to everyone

Whatcha all doing this rainy weekend?
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well I can see that everybody is smiling and perky this morning.

It is an absolutely perfectly beautiful day outside here today! man I want to go for a nice morning walk in the perfectness!

Cin - CONGRATS on the first 34 years! hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend!

good morning Ashlie/Stephanie - are you off today?

Kathy - I am so sorry you are feeling badly. I am praying for you!

will check back after I get some things around here today.

hugs & blessings,
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prepare for the BEST time
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Do they pay you extra for NOT going to the ladies room????? If not, just get up from your desk and GO! it's good to walk away from your desk! stretch your shoulders and back too.

yes, this weather stinks....I am soooo sick of rain and mud and hair that flops.
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Hey everyone!

Well this day started off with a challenge..........hubby got paged at 5 in the morning and was still at the hospital at 8 when I got up........the dog peed on the carpet, hubby still didn't get home and dd13 had an appointment at coffee! (how did that happen?).........had to run dd 13 to the salon after putting up with her moody "I don't want to make my bed, wash my face or have breakfast"attitude....anyhow here I sit with my rice krispies......stil no hubby and it is almost 10 am.......dd 7 is still house looks like a bomb hit it and I work nights tonight and tomorrow night.

I really need to relook at things......I really think that I need to get back at school part-time, hook up with some of my girlfriends for lunch, get walking, and tackle this house. Going to start by replacing the lino on my main floor, and paint dd7's room. It is a rugs are a mess........want to replace them too but should probably break down and give them a spring clean.

Have a great day everyone. I'll check back later.

Congrats on your anni Cin, Hi Leens, Cathy, Marble,Ashlie and all those to come!

Hang in there everybody!

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Hello Ladies

Just came home and finished supper and now I get to eat :P the kids get the good stuff.. Spanish hotdogs and potatoes and I get a salad with a little chicken and a porkchop...but it's ok..

Cin ~ Happy 34th Anniversary

Leenie ~ I agree with marble.. if you have to go then go....

MARble.. Hi

Liz ~ /hugs

Cathy ~ I had to work today, but I get Monday off.

Ok have to go clean now. Hope everyone is having a good day.. it is chilly and blah here...

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Ashlie – Good that you got things planned for your exercise route. I had to give you and Cathy a hard time because I’m trying to get more active. I’m trying to beat Cathy on her miles… which I came no where beating last month <G> which is why April is a new month for me hehehe…


Had a last start tonight on the posts. Had a busy day. I started doing some spring cleaning around the house. Tommorrow I gonna get my rear end outside and do some yard work and give my roses some attention.

I bowled league tonight. Was about hmmm 3 hours. I was very good with not ordering a soda. I drank ice water oh and I had an apple martini. I know that’s bad. I was celebrating my 8th year anniversary with my fiancé. (that’s how long we been together). I had the martini he had the pepsi LOL. Course my last game was shot to heck… but it’s okie *grin*

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