Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default Need a shoulder...


I'm ashamed of myself. I have been a member for quite a bit now yet I haven't lost any weight. I found a buddy but lost contact with her rather soon after we met. I'm feeling pretty pathetic.

I have very bad depression, some days are better than others... I have suffered all my life (I'm 23 now). It has become a part of me, I feel my depression isn't something I have to get rid of (I haven't succeeded yet) but more like something I must learn to live with.

I just can't get motivated to lose weight when I can hardly function normally from day to day. I can fake it up to a certain point, but then exhaustion and misery and paranoia take over, and there is no thinking about or planning for a future, because in my mind, there isn't one.

It's so very hard to attempt to lose weight when one is so miserable all the time. Being constantly discouraged just doesn't go along with a diet plan. Never having any motivation or energy or high spirits doesn't help.

At this time, I'm not going to try meds for my depression because I've been down that path a zillion times, never finding the right kind/combo, etc. I want to try to lose weight and THEN see maybe, just maybe, if it will make me feel better naturally. I know weight loss isn't the cure-all but it would certainly help my self-esteem and physical health, I know that for sure.

Thank you for listening to my bable. I really need support and any suggestions on how to get started, once again, would be greatly appreciated.

For gosh sakes, I must do it this time. I have 100 extra lbs of fat on my body. That's insane to see in writing. Funny, when I look in the mirror, it doesn't register. But I know by my clothing, my lack of energy, my cravings, my family's reactions, pics of me. I've really grown to be quite hideous.

It's so damn hard, ya know? And now that it's spring again, I'm in panic mode. Soon it'll be summer, and last season I swore it would be my last fat summer. Look at me now, 20lbs HIGHER, an even bigger failure.

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Hello Amberoo,

It is nice to meet you. If you need to talk or just babble on this is a wonderful area to do it in.. We have Daily Chat's and a wonderful group of ladies who give wonderful advice and good encouragement.

Me ~ I've been living in and out of depression since I was 13..and was 220lbs then. Something awful happened and I lost the weight, but stayed at 150/160 until I now.. and I've had 2 wonderful children and I am 26. The day after christmas I started my diet and by Feb 1st I had lost 19 lbs and was 140.. I was so happy.. then something happen and I went into a serious depression again and gained ALL 19 lbs back.. SO I don't like myself to much now.. Everything seems to set my moods.. one day is good, then next is bad and then I have really bad days.. Lately I've been reading and posting here and I can go from there.

All you need is a little motivation and we are here to help... Just take one day.. one hour.. even one minute at a time and go from there. No matter what mood you are in... keep telling yourself YOU CAN DO IT! Join our Chat's and if your having a bad day post it.. also post all your positive things that may happen..

Some simple tips
Starting out...
1. Set small goals for yourself and take one day at a time.

2. Track what you eat for a week and you may be surprised to find out that you have eating habits you weren't aware of.

3. Listen to your body- as soon as you feel full stop eating.

4. Drink ALOT of water

5. Stick with naturally low fat foods such as fruit, vegetables and fish and don't be afraid to experiment and try new things.

Make exercise a must

1. Get moving by taking advantage of the nicer weather - go for a run, a walk or a bike ride 3 times per week. Start with a walk around block. Then the next time do 2 blocks...and so on

2. Be consistent with your exercise so that if becomes part of your daily routine.

3. Wear a pedometer to track your steps and it will make you more aware of your activity.

4. Doing the same thing everyday can get boring pretty fast- try mixing up different activites throughout the week and try something new. Play tennis once or twice a week, walk daily, try a yoga class once a week - shake up your routine!

Beat Temptation

1. Keep a stash of healthy snacks in your purse, at your desk, in your backpack or tote bag along with a bottle of water.

2. Treat yourself to the occasional square of chocolate or a Hershey's Kiss once in a while - feeling deprived can lead to a binge.

3. Budget for eating out - if you know you are going out to dinner at night try eating a lighter lunch so you have some flexibility at dinnertime.

4. Brush your teeth after dinner -it can help you stop snacking later on - nothing tastes good with the taste of toothpaste!

Staying on Plan

1. If you have a bad day don't beat yourself up over it. Think about where you made your mistakes and start the next day fresh.

2. Make health your goal not just weighing this much or being that size. Imagine how good you will feel with better health, energy and being fit.

3. For every mini-goal you reach treat yourself to a non-food reward. Some fitness magazines to get ideas from, a new piece of clothing, a new cd, etc.

just some ideas..
Have to run the little one is up and getting into trouble so early this morning. I hope you have a wonderful day..
If you need to talk you can always reach me at [email protected] when I am home I normally check my email constantly.. or I have MSN messenger up. The email address is my user name.. and I have yahoo messenger under user name: kittymoon98..

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amber I sent you a private message
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Hi Amber,

Please don't be ashamed, I've been with this site since 1998 and I've gained since then. The main thing is to never give up. NEVER!

I feel the same way you do about your weigh and taking meds, been there done that and it only makes matters worse when you think about it.

Just think, spring is here, the nice weather should make us feel better. Take each day and make baby steps.

Hope to see you on the daily thread here.

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I've been at the point where I don't think I can make it through the HOUR, let along the whole dang day! I have a 20 minute set point for myself......just get through the next 20 minutes and then I'll start to feele better...then I keep adding time on........

I find that visualizing helps me......and when i exercise, (even if it is just shuffling out the door) concentrating on having to move and put one foot in front of the other without tripping over my feet takes my mind off all the horrible alternatives that churn through my busy-little-pea-brain.....( i won't detail but you all know what severe depression can mean) It sure is a better alternative to not being able to get out of bed because I couldn't think of one reason WHY I had to????( i missed over 30 days of work in 2003 because I was such a basket-case).

We all can have a melt-down........but there is also something inside every one of use that will give us the will to pull ourselves out of it and succeed, no matter HOW MANY TIMES we have to start..... and that *Will* will save your butt and drive you toward succeeding.

Amber, we don't care that you haven't started to lose yet , you WANT to and you WILL....if you get enough steam going and support, things will begin to fall in place.... sometimes you just start with a deep breath....

(oooh sorry, I'm long-winded ain't I?
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Amber, I sent you a private message.
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