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Default Friday JAN 14th Chat :)~

Good Morning Ladies!

Thought I would surprise you and start the day!

Cathy.sorry I fell asleep then watched a good movie on Lifetime and forgot to check chat!

Any exciting plans fpor the week-end?


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Default ok someone help me here

Someone help me do I add the word CHAT?
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Good Morning

Just another quickie and tomorrow I'll catch up. Boy do I miss chatting with you girls, its like there are missing pieces to my day for sure. Things are going well here, can't complain. Its 59 degrees and pouring rain out

Cin, I added the word chat for you. Once you create a thread, for some reason you can not change the title, only mods can.. go figure lol

I will try to sneak in later to peek at you all
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good morning gang!

yea cin - I did check out chat for about an hour last night - just left it logged in and would check back in between folding clothes and stuff, but no Cin. there were a couple of names listed, like they were there, but no one ever said anything, so I guess they were away. oh well - we will catch it another time.

I've got lots to do at work today so I can't stay and play. No exercise this morning - went to bed late - doubt I will get it in today, but that's ok. I'm still sore from yesterday. haha

Man - crazy weather huh - yesterday morning it was 70 here, this morning it was about 38 degrees. Then on the news this morning I saw they were snowboarding in Hawaii! LOL I did not know that it ever snowed in Hawaii.

Leenie - have you heard from LindaT lately? is she ok over there in CA with the mudslides and stuff? goodness!

It sure is nice having so many posting on the food log! thanks gang!

ok - hope everybody has a blessed day!

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Hi Ladies,
How is everyone this morning?? I am fine. Soon getting ready for work. Drink-
ing my first cup of coffee. Yesterday afternoon was WILD at work!!
LOL.. But fun! I like it when it is busy..
Hope you guys have a blessed day!
I am listening to Maurie Poviche? on tv. It sounds interesting.
Hey, have any of you guys tried drinking green tea? Do you like it? Did it work for any of you guys? How about the Dexatrim green tea tablets?
I bought some green tea yesterday. And I have some of the tablets already.
Just never really tried it yet.
Well, will check in maybe tonight. If I am not too tired from work.
Hugs, Lanee...
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Getting ready to take Tiana to school. Kayla has "tummy ache" so she wants to stay home. I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt but this mom doubts there is anything wrong with her. I think she was just hungry. I'm not looking forward to going outside. The high temp for today is a *balmy* 9 degrees below zero. It's like -13 degrees right now. EWWWW! I have to pay some bills though so I have to be out for a bit. Darn it!

Hi Cin-How's the WW meetings going? I've been keeping my points up a bit and downing water when I remember. I haven't done as much exercise as I usually do. My back is aching.

Lanee-I've drank green tea before. It taste pretty much like regular tea to me. I didn't drink it for weight loss though. My dad had told me it has alot of anti-oxidents and that it might help my arthritis.

Cathy-Can I have your 38 degrees? That sounds like a heat wave compared to here. Snowboarding in Hawaii..hilarious! I wonder if it has anything with that tsunami. The news said the Earth was knocked of its original orbit by 1/2 in. and that it could affect our weather. Also said the earth is still vibrating from it. Tsunami, mudslides, freezing rain, snow in Hawaii, floods, etc. God wants our attention.

Okay..I gotta go be brave and run out and see if the van will start. Get Tiana to school and pay those ugly bills..Then back to my cozy home until I have to pick Tiana back up and possibly my niece from her school.

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Good morning is really cold here today....again.....-36C.....-25F.

DH & I were up early to go to coffee with friends at Tim Horton's....if it was up to me....I would have stayed in is too cold to go out....but once I was up....I was fine. After coffee we went & walked at the multiplex....then got a few groceries...then gas....DH made sure he got the gas at a full service gas station....because of the cold.

I weighed in today....lost 1.2 lbs.!!!!....I used up most of my activity points....every day......the program swaps them automatically on the computer....but only used 4 1/2 of the flex points for the week....I lose better when I use most of the flex points.

Cathy....I will take your 38F degrees....anyday in the winter....then I will give you our

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HI everyone

Off for the weekend now.......just have to get to the dentist and see if they can patch up the sensitive areas since my dental work pre-xmas.....has really been painful.

Hope everyone is having a great friday.

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Okie ladies... I'm feeling a little weird... I could have sworn I posted today... but I don't remember lol... Yikes!

I just wanted to come catch up with everyone, but don't have any time to post. I posted last night about my disappearing posts. Says I post, then the post doesn't show up so when I try to repost it says it's a duplicate post and will not be posted again. Even tried to start a new thread... strange...

I have league tonight... I will catch up with everyone later...

Sorry no time to catch up...

Take care everyone...
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Default Hi

Hi Gals
I am back...I did not expect to be gone from the house the entire day but it is ok.

My daughter had an appt for an MRI & CAT scan..and started getting panicky about the MRI (like many do)...she HAS to find out about her back so I suggested she call and get medication to relax her.........and did it ever! I had to get the kids from school andwatch the 4 yr old while she "slept it off"..she just started on a new anti depressant this week she was somewhat of a "mess" ( her term not mine) today. She is better now.I stayed until around 6:30. That is what "MOTHERS" are for..........she just needed me today to make it thru the day. It is tough to be a Mother to 4 and a single parent..........but she is still a really good Mother! I am proud of her but have to give her a "boost" every once in a while !

My yummy supper is swiss potatoes and green beans!

Later gals

PS Thanks Leens.I always mess up when I open a hard as I try!
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