My body is not the same after pregnancy!

  • Any mamas trying to get the weight off? What are you guys doing out there?
  • So I'm not sure if this has happened to anyone but when my sister had her 1st kid she gained weight really quickly and struggled to maintain and then after her 2nd kid she lost all her weight and returned to the sister I remembered before her 1st kid. No change in diet or exercise and it was mind boggling
  • Quote: Any mamas trying to get the weight off? What are you guys doing out there?
    I'm not sure about it. But I would like to learn about this body weight. Thank you so much!
  • It takes time and dedication. Obviously your body has changed. I weighed 200lbs and most of that came from my 2 kids. It took me a year to lose most of my weight but I didn't reach my current weight until at about 2 years after I started my weight lose journey.

    I downloaded a calorie counting app and started measuring portions.

    Find a calorie deficient that works for you because if you feel like your starving all the time then your going to want to binge. It's ok to start on the higher end and aim for a pound a week.

    It might not seem like a lot but when combined with a little exercise some weeks you may even lose more. I tell myself obviously the weight didn't show up overnight so I shouldn't expect it disappear that overnight!

    I also tried to workout at least 3 days a week. I did cardio but also I lifted some lighter weights and did other exercises to try to build up muscle because the more muscle you have the more calories your body will continue to burn when you are not exercising.

    I also allowed myself a cheat day once a month to eat whatever I wanted!! This is totally up to you but it's easier to hold off on those binges if you know you have that one day to get all those cravings in!!