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IBelieveInMe2 10-02-2021 10:05 PM

October 2021 Ups & Downs Support Thread
Hello and :welcome3:to the October 2021 Ups & Downs support thread! We are here to support each other through the ups & downs of weight loss, depression, & life in general. We start a new thread each month. It has been very quiet in this group lately, but anyone is welcome to join in. Hope to see some new posts soon! :)

VermontMom 10-04-2021 10:44 AM

Hello! :wave: Thank you Kathleen for starting the October thread! :cp:

Kathleen, so you got your daughter a Honda CRV, those are great vehicles so I have heard! and it needs to be fitted with the hand controls, and then she can do her practice driving :) She certainly can be independent!

It was such sad news to hear about your good friend's illness diagnoses :cry: I am so sorry to hear that, all best wishes to her and her family, and to her friends like you :hug:

also congrats on having your adorable pup Tully for a year! Happy Birthday/or Anniversary to Tully :flow1:

Is your lake house closed now? sad!! and you and I share the dread of winter, I know.

Well today is Monday, my one day off ...I tell you, it is always a chore to work May - Oct with only one day off a week but this summer, oh my gosh. But the Club closes on Sunday the 17th so the end is in sight. No upper management has connected with the Chef or me, to ask if we plan to come back next year...sheesh. They really REALLY should check in with us because of what we've done to keep their Club running 7 days/week! while so many businesses have cut back. Anyway...I KNOW I have done over 100% and will just try to keep that in my heart. I have put in a couple applications around town..one business said that they wanted a long-term commitment and because I wasn't sure about next year, they declined on me. 2 other places didn't even get back to me but I guess that's what it's like today. I am not too worried yet. I have a stash of cash (ssshhh lol) so I can take off a few weeks comfortably and I am so looking forward to that.

We've had dreary drizzly weather for days and days now, I can't remember when I last saw the sun! and we are almost at peak foliage but the cloud cover has been so low, you can't see the full glory.

Kathleen you mentioned that I haven't talked about riding the m'cycle much this season and you are right :( because of my committment to working 2 nights a week, I don't bring the bike on those days, because I am tired at night and now it's so dark. And since mid July I have the cooking breakfast committment and it is HARD to make myself ride into the dark cold mornings! boy lots of excuses lol.

I have only worked out ONE day a week all summer as opposed to every day when I was off!! yikes. I hope to regain some fitness once I have some time off.

and I hadn't vacuumed the living room for... a month??? that is awful I know but truth. But I vacuumed for a solid hour this morning because I couldn't stand it, dusted too, and this one room looks acceptable.

so that is my life as of now :D it is still cloudy outside and a little wet but I HAVE to do something out there, either weedwhack or mow or rake leaves, it all needs doing.

good thoughts to all !! :hug:

SlimGal 10-05-2021 12:27 AM

Hello all

IBelieveInMe2 10-07-2021 07:22 PM

Hello, SlimGal, and :welcome: to the group! :) Please tell us a little bit about yourself... if you want to!

I was almost 225 lbs at my highest weight. Gradually lost about 65 lbs over the course of a couple years. I had been holding steady at around 160 for a long time, but my weight is starting to slowly creep up again, so I have to reign myself in. I am 54 and have battled anxiety and depression much of my adult life. I've been on meds for years. Anxiety is my biggest issue at the moment.

That's my basic story. Hope to hear from others soon!

IBelieveInMe2 10-07-2021 07:30 PM

Holly: Hi! Thanks for writing! I will respond asap! 💜

IBelieveInMe2 10-11-2021 01:13 AM

Holly: My gosh, you have busted your butt for that Club all summer long and have literally kept the place going, along with maybe one or two other people! I can't believe that no one from upper management has connected with you to see if you are returning next summer. Seems very strange to me! I, for one, applaud you for a job very well done!!! I am SO happy to hear that you have a stash of cash that will allow you to take a few weeks off comfortably after the Club closes next Sunday. That will be a much-needed and very well-deserved break for you! :)

My daughter has hand controls on her car now! :) I went driving with her the other night for the first time (because all of her practice had to be done with an instructor in a car already equipped with hand controls). She drives verrry slow...lol, but it is good that she is being cautious. She seemed to relax a bit and get more comfortable behind the wheel the longer we practiced. I have to say, the hand controls look like they would be difficult to get used to. She has to hold both hands up at all times (her left one on the accelerator/brake and her right one on a knob that she steers with on the steering wheel). I feel like my arms would get tired, especially on a long trip, but I'm sure she will get used to it.

I mentioned in my previous post that my weight has started to creep up. :( I made the mistake of going to get ice cream recently from an old favorite ice cream shop from when I was little. I always got one scoop of chocolate chip and one scoop of mint chocolate chip on a sugar cone. YUMMY!!! Well, I've gone three times in the past two or three weeks, and I've been eating way too many Skittles and other goodies lately while barely exercising. I usually don't weigh myself at home. But, I was up about 6 pounds at a doctor appointment a little over a week ago. :( Finally, I have begun walking outside again the past couple days in the gorgeous weather. I am trying to get my head back in the game. It is so easy to spiral out of control if I let myself. I am determined to NOT gain the weight back!!!

I hope your last week at the Club goes smoothly, Holly. And I sure hope that all of your hard work is acknowledged in some way by upper management! Or another note and check from the owner would be nice. :)

VermontMom 10-15-2021 07:12 AM

Hello Kaathleen! and any other reading along, of course .

Kathleen how great that your daughter has the car equipped with the hand controls! Can she practice anytime now with a licensed driver or can she be on her own? congratulations to her!! I can imagine the slow speed, but you are right, I know she will gain confidence as she practices more. as a parent I hope it isn't too nerve wracking for you :dizzy: but you will gain confidence also as she improves :carrot:

Oh the temptations we fight, YUM to the ice cream, and AGH it is so easy to gain isn't it!! I wish you luck my friend :cool: I WILL be getting back to my regular exercise routine as soon as I"m off work and I will be your encouraging team mate :exercise:

Kathleen I have three days left!!! yesterdy was my last day of doing bbreakfast thank goodness!!! today - i will arrive around 8:00. I will help with the breakfast service first, ugh, that just puts me behind in baking. Then I need to make biscuits for the lunch;around 45 people; then cookies for the lunch dessert, then key lime pie for 82 people tonight...and work the dining room tonight. If there is time after my kitchen duties, I ask the FOH (Front of the House) if they need help vacuuming or cleaning bathrooms... I am earning every cent aren't I :devil: Yes I hope to get acknowledge with some praise or at the very least some cash! lol

are you still having nice weather? we have not had a frost yet which is amazing! and the famous New England foliage was spectacular. As of yesterday it is starting to fade a bit and alot of leaves are down. which reminds me of all the yard work I have to do. My flowers are still trying to hang in there, i wish I could attach a pic of my nasturtium patch which is huge.

LOVE 'talking" to you Kathleen :hug: and I hope others will visit also!

VermontMom 10-21-2021 11:04 AM

I am done with work for now, YAY!! On Saturday night a member told of my 20 years service and I got applauded and thanked. I was also given some tips which was great! biggest news was personal thanks from the President and told a bonus was coming. I HOPE to find that in the mail today along with my last paycheck.

On my first official laid off day (Monday) I called the Dept of Labor and did process for unemployment benefits. I'm supposed to get a letter this week of the determination. I am looking all the time for a job but hey, I'm almost 61 with bad knees .

Having time off now is so amazing! And I've been saving money all summer, to make up for not working for a few weeks so I don't feel guilty about not contributing to household funds. I did alot of yard work on Monday and Tuesday, mowing and weedwhacking. We still haven't had a frost yet which has broken all kinds of records, we usually have one in September. The leaves keep coming down though and it is only in the 50's in the day and soon New England will be in it's dismal 'stick season' and usually not much sun, very gloomy and depressing. It is a bad time of year and I have to fight it. Even with time off and so many projects here , it is very easy for me to want to just sit and waste time .

Had an orthopedic consult yesterday about my knees. There is bone-on-bone on right knee, left is not as bad. Three steps, from simple to complicated 1) pain relievers, keep moving, exercise to strengthen muscles around knee. 2) Lubricating or cortisone shots. 3) surgery. I hope to continue with just #1.

Remember how excited I was last year about kitchen renovations? NOTHING has continued since. I really can't blame husband because his schedule is so rough. I kinda wish we had never started :( to keep from plunging into depression I keep the 'at least you have a roof over your head' mantra but it gets old doesn't it.

OK someone slap me into positivity please lol.

VermontMom 10-24-2021 12:58 PM

The changing of the season is already tugging at me downward. we had our first frost the other night so goodbye beautiful flower and plants. Of course it has to happen and it does happen but I get so sad. I am also AGAIN feeling trapped and bad due to the clutter in the house that is no better than a year ago.

I had the Ortho consult and more x rays and the diagnosis is 'serious' arthritis degeneration on right knee ( partially bone on bone) and not so serious on left. I can control pain with over the counter Aleve, and suggested that I 'keep moving' with tai chi. This doctor didn't really listen to me when I tried to say that I do exercise but whatever. And that there are lubricating shots and cortisone that can be injected. and of course a knee replacement if i could afford it and take a couple months off.

the other thing getting me down is that I received my last paycheck and I don't think it's right :( I was expecting twice as much. it seems to me the promised bonus is NOT in it. I sent an email to the new GM on Friday and no response yet. I guess I can text him. The lady who did payroll is the one who resigned as of the last day and I don't know if she is responding to calls from work, because she was so frustrated and angry she kept saying that if anyone from work called her about work, she wouldn't answer .

I also applied for Unemployment benefits last Monday; I got a confirmation email the next day and I'm supposed to be able to file a claim as of today but it is not allowing me. So I will have to call them tomorrow which can take a LONG time on the phone.

I'm trying to force myself to do outdoor work because even tho it's chilly (47) the sun is out. But when I was out with the dog, someone nearby was shooting a rifle (or target practice or something, it's pretty common and it is hunting season) and it was spooking my poor dog so much I felt I had to be inside with her.

i am a mess of complaining!!! again i need some positivity slapped into me.

VermontMom 10-24-2021 01:00 PM

jeez I just went back to read and I see I repeated like everything :rolleyes:

VermontMom 10-28-2021 06:13 PM

4 days have passed since my last mopey post :devil: I force myself to go outside when it's sunny. Pulling up dead flowers is not as fun as enjoying them during the summer! but has to be done.

I got my pay/bonus figured out, YAY. It is not cool to have more than 20% taken out for taxes but still wonderful to have a fat check to deposit. I did apply for Unemployment benefits to see me through as I look for a winter job but it is kinda frustrating as after 4 calls, it is still not a clear cut process.

Hoping to hear from our friends here!

IBelieveInMe2 10-31-2021 12:07 AM

Holly: I am SO sorry it's been so long since I've written. Congratulations on being finished with your summer job! :) I'm so happy you got your paycheck and bonus figured out. You certainly deserve some time off! I hope you can get your unemployment now, too.

Oh no on the bone on bone with your right knee! :( I'm so sorry you have to deal with that. My right hip was bone on bone when I had my hip replacement a couple years ago. I had been in pain for over three years and couldn't walk without limping by the time I had the replacement. I hope you will be able to manage your pain without surgery if that is the route you want/need to go.

I'm sorry that the change of season is getting you down. :( I know that you hate to see your flowers and plants die off. We have been getting out with the pups for more walks since the weather has cooled off, so that part is good. And we have had some really pretty, sunny fall days. But I do not like these falling temperatures! I refuse to accept that winter is on its way! Are you able to get outside and walk at all where you are? Are there any fall and/or winter activities you enjoy doing or sports you enjoy watching? Buckeye football and Columbus Blue Jackets hockey help me to beat the fall and winter blues some. I'd really be sunk without them!

Hope you are doing better by the time you read this, Holly. Please don't feel like you have to be positive all of the time. Remember, we are here for each other through both our ups & downs! :)

I'll try to check back much sooner next time! Until then, take good care! 💜

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