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IBelieveInMe2 09-02-2021 02:44 AM

September 2021 Ups & Downs Support Thread
Hello and :welcome3:to the September 2021 Ups & Downs support thread. We are a very small but supportive group who have been here for each other through the ups & downs of weight loss, depression, and life in general. Hardly anyone has been posting lately, but I'd love to get at least a few old or new "regulars" posting again, at least occasionally, so we can keep the group going. Please feel free to post at any time! :)

VermontMom 09-08-2021 06:20 AM

I'm here!!
Hi Kathleen, thank you for starting the September thread! :flow1: sorry I didn't see it til now.

Still doing 3 different jobs at work (baking; 2 nights in dining room; cooking breakfast and now occasional lunch!) but the number have decreased which helps immensely That always happens this time of year, with kids going back to school . But we do have some big groups coming in soon, uh oh.

I have only been working out ONE day a week all summer !! just can't seem to manage it otherwise. But I do the yard work on that one day off and it is 3 hours of weed whacking and mowing (push mower) so I am maintaining some strength.

Rode the motorcycle to work yesterday and will again today :cool: There is a small problem with my new-to-me car, a part broke off the coolant reservoir and my husband is going to replace it, I am glad he is good to try to do it on his own (with the help of youtube!) because it does save money from a mechanic. I do have to realize that with an older car, things like that might happen but I hope it will stay under control! I love to drive that car, it is so comfy and sits so high up.

Still searching for a winter job, haven't found anything yet.

I got about 4" of hair cut off last week, I am happy with this length now! Just barely above shoulders.

I picked up a pair of eyeglasses from the optometrist yesterday; boy do they sharpen things up. I hope to only wear them at night for driving.

thanks again Kathleen for keeping us going! :hug:

VermontMom 09-13-2021 12:14 PM

Hello again, well the numbers HAVE picked up at work and now it's like Yikes. This week I am baking/pastry for 6 days; doing breakfast 2 of those days; and in the dining room for 3 evenings . But the core employees (me, the manager lady, and the Chef) are all pulling together and all of us are doing jobs that really aren't our jobs! the Chef is even doing housekeeping, dishes, and helping serve. I have alot of respect for him; he would have bounced 2 months ago except now that he knows us, he doesnt want to abandon us. So we are just doing our best.

Today is my one day off hurray!! and as always it will be almost 3 hours of yard work but it looks so beautiful afterwards, its worth it to me. I harvested 2 big squash and a butternut squash today, they are on the deck in the sun to cure.

We visited our younger son and fiance's house yesterday!! I am so happily jealous of the house , it is everything I don't have but want, lol. But so glad for them. It was truly 'move-in' condition. Newly renovated just 4 years ago. The only improvement they need to consider is part of the roof in a couple years; and the fiance's dad is a roofer so there's that ! And our son starts his new job next week; his fiance says that she can see a happy difference in him already. WE have seen how happy he is since he's been with her!! just so great when your kids are doing good :flow1:

I got to ride the m'cycle to work 3 days last week, that was great :cool: And my husband and I , together, replaced that part on the car, it was the coolant reservoir and we did it on the driveway without too much hassle.

i gotta get back to the lawn, i was just waiting for the weedwhacker batteries to charge up again, lol.

IBelieveInMe2 09-19-2021 12:12 AM

Hi Holly! Well, since I last wrote, it sounds like things had slowed down a bit at work with kids going back to school, and now it sounds like you are slammed again. I'm so glad your Chef didn't abandon you! That is amazing that you, the manager lady, and the Chef are basically doing everything to keep the Club running! How long will this "summer job" last? You said you don't have a winter job yet. Are there any areas of employment that interest you?

Although you've only been getting a structured workout in once a week, you are probably burning a lot of calories being on your feet all day running around at your job. And your "day off" yard work sounds like a major workout!

Wow! You are brave to get 4 inches cut off of your hair! I'm so glad that you like it. :)

Congratulations to your son on his new house, new job, and a nice fiancée! :) Yes, nothing better than when our kids are doing well, as you said! ❤ Have they set a wedding date?

I'm so happy that you've been able to ride your motorcycle to work several days recently. I haven't heard you talk about riding as much this summer. Good for you and hubby for replacing that part on your car by yourselves. It's always nice not to have to pay the outrageous prices for repairs at a dealership or auto body shop.

We found a car for my daughter! We got her a silver Honda CRV. Now, we need to have hand controls installed. The entire hatchback opens up to a huge trunk area where her walker will fit in without having to collapse it (for convenience and safety), so it will be perfect for her. :)

Our little Tully puppy will be ONE year old on the 27th! 💙🎈🎉 He just got neutered on the 13th (poor guy... lol), and you would never know he had a surgery! He has been such a wonderful addition to our family! We love him so much! ❤

I'm so sad that summer is officially ending in the U.S. this coming week. :( I enjoy the fall temperatures, but we all know what that leads to... my least favorite season... winter. I am on hormone therapy after breast cancer, so I get cold really easily, and I always worry that I won't survive the freezing cold winter weather each year. Lol!

We just found out this past week that a really good friend of ours has aggressive brain cancer. :cry: She is one of the sweetest people ever. She has a husband, two adult daughters, 3 grandchildren, and another grandchild on the way. I am heartbroken for her and her family. 💔

Sorry to end on a depressing note, but I have to go and watch TV with my daughter. Here's to a good week ahead!

VermontMom 09-26-2021 07:58 AM

Hi Kathleen!! :wave:and any others reading. Kathleen, I'm sorry that its taken me a week to respond! always so wonderful to see your nice posts. I am getting ready for work now but will be back later tonight i hope. Just wanted to offer my sympathy at the very very sad news of your friend :hug:

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