March 2021 Ups & Downs Support Group Thread

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  • Hi Kathleen! hope you had a nice walk with doggos and hubs!

    Oh gosh I hope your daughter's discomfort ends soon! I have heard that the second dose is what can make one feel kinda not great. Can she take over-the-counter things to help? and hope she can just rest in bed or relax on the couch with a blanket. My husband got his first shot on Wednesday morning and just feels the slight irritation at injection spot. I'm so glad you have an appointment for your first vaccination!!

    Yes our weather is all over the place! we had the tease of warm temperatures and then plunged. Today was a high of 22 and windy! That brief warmth made mud which is now frozen ankle-breaking ruts, LOL. We do have about 5 days of warmup approaching but truly it is super early for us. We can expect snow ANYTIME during April, typically!! but maybe we will luck out. I tried to rake some of the dog leavings yesterday, all the rake did was make MORE of a mess combined with mud and snow, ugh, LOL. I just have to be patient.

    Yes I had the second phone consult with the nutritionist today. And still not a single mention of what to eat, you know, the way you would expect a nutritionist to act! She is definitely trying to educate against the so-called 'diet culture' that we've all followed for all our lives. I told her that her words did resonate with me, that I'm trying to treat myself and talk to myself the way I'd talk to a friend - to be kind and respectful. And I've stayed off the scale because that just makes me frustrated. She gently suggests that I try to have a little something to eat in the mornings, like a piece of fruit or yogurt (which I told her I like). I said I have no desire to eat in the mornings and I truly don't want to eat when I'm not hungry. Because I know I'll eventually be hungry and want to save my calories for then. She spoke of intuitive eating...I thought that was maybe what I do? not eat when I'm not hungry? maybe I need to read up on that . We made an appt for another phone consult in 2 weeks

    My BIG news is I got a text message from my summer Chef boss, who said the Club WILL open on May 19th!!! I will keep you all informed of when I get to actually start going in, because there will be a TON of cleaning needed.

  • Pat: It isn't surprising at all that you are gaining stress weight. You are dealing with so much! I'm so sorry you need to have a bone marrow biopsy and a CT scan in April. Have you ever had a bone marrow biopsy? I'm wondering if it is painful. I hope not.

    How is the weather where you are? Are you near Holly? I forget. Do you like the warmer weather like me and Holly? It would give you something to look forward to since Spring is here now!

    Hang in there! I am sending you good thoughts and a big hug!
  • Holly: Congratulations! That is wonderful news that the Club will open this summer!!! Yes, please keep us updated on your plans. I'm so happy for you!

    My daughter woke up with a terrible headache yesterday and has also had body aches the past two days. So yes, we have been using over-the-counter meds to help with pain management. She has been mostly resting on the couch both days. Hopefully, she will feel better soon!

    I can't believe it was a high of 22° for you yesterday! I've been complaining when we go back down to the high 40s. Today was gorgeous ~ about 57° and sunny !!! My son and I took our pups for a walk today. Lucy and little Tully both LOVE walks, and I am always thrilled when my son (just turned 25) goes with us. 💙 Otherwise, he spends a lot of time in his bedroom. Walks are great for all of us!

    So glad you are getting a lot out of your sessions with the nutritionist. She sounds terrific! Please keep sharing what you learn with us if you don't mind. It is so interesting and useful information for all of us.
  • Kathleen - Oh gosh I hope your daughter feels better soon! Sounds just like the uncomfortable symptoms that alot of people are reporting . Best wishes to her!

    that is so great that your son likes to go on the doggy walks with you! I know young men of that age can be quite tempermental...our younger son was like that for a nice to have your son with you for that nice activity!

    I did something I really shouldn't have , I just could not keep away from getting on the scale and the result plummeted me down again so hard that you can try to eat right, no junk, try the intuitive eating thing and STILL not lose anything in over 2 weeks. Trying hard to treat myself as I would a good friend but it's getting hard!!!

    And now that I have a definite time frame of when to go back to work, I NEED to do things around here, since I have such freedom of my days. I really could not do some when it was so cold, because one of the 'disaster rooms ' is unheated; and our back covered porch (storage) is also unheated . But with some warming temps, I thought I could start; but extremely frustrated and sad trying to make sense of one of the disaster area rooms, I went in this morning just to try to make a path and I am just overcome by finding items never even opened for projects that were never started and probably never will be. This is the first time in a long time I really feel like bawling . I can NOT proceed without husband's help..if we could start by setting up separate labeled containers, just commit to 2 hours at first, like if he would hand me things and I would start bins that were "Electrical" "Plumbing" "Hand Tools" "Small wares" stuff like that, but he will not. Ugh. sorry for the whining!
  • Hi Holly and Kathleen.
    Kathleen so sorry your daughter has been suffering with the second vaccination. I was told that a strong reaction indicates a strong immune system. Hope she’s feeling better today. I understand what you are saying re clutter. I too have clutter. Especially since covid and leukemia. But I have great respect for those who don’t have that tendency. You asked if Holly and I live near each other. Same state but i live in the western area of Vermont. You asked if I previously had a bone marrow biopsy. Yes I had one in October when I was in the hospital. The biopsy was positive. I’ve asked for as much pain killer as they can give to me during the procedure. I can take Tylenol for a few days after it’s done. And if needed I have stronger pain killers at home. Waiting for the results of the biopsy and scan will be challenging. Even now, the not knowing is difficult. Having this during a pandemic while living alone is interesting, to put it mildly.

    Holly I’m so happy for you that you get to go back this spring to begin the job you love. That’s great news!!! Sorry that the clutter saga with your husband continues. Interesting he’s so resistant to decluttering with your help. I’d be beyond thrilled to have someone help me declutter. But I think my attachment to things may be a lot less than his. Your nutritionist sounds great. Addressing psychological aspects of eating. Did you know that there is a little known genetic condition where two of the symptoms are depression and not wanting to eat breakfast? It’s not a scary condition. Not at all. Manifestations are only psychological. For me, run of the mill depression. My cousin in Oregon and I have it. Both of us were diagnosed by naturopaths.

    the weather is warmer. Two days this coming week we may break a record high. And it will be sunny. I’m looking forward to going for a walk around my little neighborhood. Gaining weight continues to be an issue. Over 20 lbs mostly since October. Hope you both have a great week.
  • Flower/Pat - you always are so insightful and give such thoughtful answers. And you are so brave to be going through this alone. don't have any choice..but you are doing it!! I hope that the people giving you treatment know that you are handling this by yourself. I'm not sure how they could help but it seems that they would be even more empathetic to someone in that position. All good thoughts, prayers and hope to you!
  • Holly thank you for the words. The oncology hematology dept at the UVM hospital is not well run. There is one very caring person there. He’s the caseworker. If I call there even for something "urgent" the nurse is non responsive. So it’s quite challenging. I have to turn to my regular Dr office if I need help. But I had good news from my herbalist who "sees". Progress is being made. So that’s great.

    when do you start your summer job? Do you know yet? I’m imagining this is going to be such a boost for you. Getting back in the groove of what you love to do, what you are so gifted at doing. I’m very happy for you. Thursday's high was 72 degrees here. A long awaited boost. Hope you enjoyed the warmer weather.

    hope you, Kathleen and anyone else reading this have a great weekend.
  • Quote: But I had good news from my herbalist who "sees". Progress is being made. So that’s great.
    Flower/Pat that is REALLY great news to hear!! I only wish the dept and others there were caring but very good that the caseworker is. So I will bless the positive news from your herbalist And be thinking of you and how difficult to manage what is going on with you, in addition to being so secluded because of Covid. Really tough situation but you are tougher!!
    About my job - all I heard is that they plan to open Wed. May 19th, but don't know what the operating rules will be at this time. But since the kitchen was never opened last year i can imagine it will be hella dirty and a ton of cleaning needed, so hopefully i will be doing that in early May.
    Hey did you get crazy winds yesterday afternoon? or the thunderstorm? we had one rumble of thunder, then rain; and wind gusts later that blew lawn chairs, flower pots and all kinds of crap all over into the woods!

    Yes I DID enjoy our long stint of sunny WARM weather!! I said to my husband that, in our 35 years of living here, we have NEVER had all the snow gone at the end of March. I realize we have the whole month of April coming which is usually 40's as highs and variable snow...but since I have been able to start on the yard stuff it is great. Raking, taking care of the poor dead plants that I didn't do last fall, and just the general clean up. But it is always so wonderful to me to say Hi to the perennials; peppermint, lemon balm, the pansies/violas that self-seeded, shasta daisies, black-eyed susans, the red tips of the peonies emerging, oh and the crazy-looking early rhubarb! I've been able to tackle small areas and try to accomplish them so it gives a good feeling instead of the overwhelming 'where do I start'.

    So, I have an appt with a therapist this week. I have to admit that since turning 60, I have had alot of anxiety and fears about the future. and need someone to tell me how to manage those thoughts. I called my health insurance plan, and got a 'customer service rep' who could not figure out if therapy will be paid for...she said one thing, then another, and when I tried to confirm, it was still confusing after asking 2 more times to repeat. So I *think* I have a $30 co-pay. I was so thrilled that the talks with the nutritionist are free, that I thought the suggested therapy would be also. oh well. I also realize that even though I love that youtube exercise lady I recommended, she does not push me hard enough. I barely break a sweat and I think I need to, to generate any cardio health. So I am cruising youtube looking for other instructors.

    Hello to Kathleen, Lisa, Treembs, and any others who are maybe listening! hey Coop are you out there
  • Pat: I heard the same thing about having a strong reaction to the vaccine meaning you have a strong immune system. Also, I've heard (as I think Holly previously mentioned) that many people have a reaction after the 2nd shot. Thankfully, my daughter is feeling better now, but she was sick for four solid days. I guess it is good from the perspective of her having a strong immune system. I had my first shot this past Friday with no adverse reaction.

    I am so glad that you have already requested as much pain killer as they can give you during your upcoming bone marrow biopsy and that you have some strong pain killers at home if needed after the biopsy. It breaks my heart for you that your last biopsy was positive. 😢 I just hate that you have to go through this... and it is so unfortunate that COVID adds isolation and loneliness to the equation. That is terrible that there is only one helpful and caring person at the oncology hematology department at the hospital! You deserve so much better! Please know that we are here for you and cheering
    you on every step of the way!
  • Holly: Good for you for making an appointment with a therapist! Did you just turn 60 this past December? (Just curious!) I'm sorry you are dealing with anxiety and fear about the future. I really applaud you for reaching out for help. That takes a lot of courage! I hope you will like your therapist. Please keep us updated. Have you had any more sessions with the nutritionist?

    You mentioned Pahla, from the YouTube exercise videos for women over 50. I forgot to tell you that I really liked her and the workout I did with her the day I posted about it. It was the "functional" workout for your abs/core. My 21-year-old daughter actually did it with me and liked it, too! (She has Spina Bifida so had to modify the exercises, but still got in a decent workout.) I read her the part of your post where you said that her videos barely get you breaking a sweat and we were both amazed! My buns hurt so bad when I got out of bed the next morning and for at least two days after that workout!!! Haha! Yes, I am WAAAAY out of shape!!! I walk on the treadmill and outside regularly, but that is pretty much it, except for some occasional weights and modified push-ups. I really want to start doing Pahla's videos. And my daughter wants to join me! I like how they are 20 minutes (at least the one we did). Very doable for me! (except that I haven't done one since!)

    Is your weather staying warm for now? We had a gorgeous 70° and sunny day today. Hubby & I took the pups for a walk while our daughter joined us on her 3-wheeler low-riding bike. Outdoor walks on sunny days are one of my favorite family activities. ❤

    Soon, it will be lake time! ⚓
  • HollyFinally, the job you love so much. I bet cleaning will be a dedication of love. And by the beginning of May maybe you will have gotten both vaccinations.

    Yes, the day/night with the winds. Although we didn’t have them as strong in the champ. valley. We had thunder and lightning. But escaped damage. And Thursday it will snow! I think we will have maybe around 3 inches. But they are predicting a lot more in the mountains. Well, it’s part of April in Vermont. We just had a great and unusual reprieve last week. I heard on the weather report that the amount of snow at the stake of MT Mansfield is way lower than normal. Amazing that you have no snow left where you are. This time of year we know whatever snow falls will be short lived. Then visions of flowers dance in our heads I found crocus in full bloom in my garden last week. Very surprised!

    I’m sorry if the woman at the insurance company is correct and you would have a $30.00 copay. Hoping she was wrong. Are you eligible for VHAP? They used to have GREAT coverage. It’s based on annual income. When I was eligible for Medicare VHAP of course dropped me. But it was great coverage. Whew, that was a long reply.

    Kathleen so glad your daughter is past the vaccine reaction. Sorry she went through so many days of it. Re: your lack of reaction from the first injection, I think that’s fairly normal. Not necessarily indicative of immune system. I’m impressed that you and your daughter are exercising together. That’s great! And all three of you are taking walks or biking. Healthiest exercise IMO. Great for mind body and spirit. Finally, Thank you for the kind words re what I’m going through, so alone. I’m grateful for your and Holly's support. It means a lot to me.

    On Monday I have the bone marrow biopsy. Then I wait for the results. I’m going to try to get the info before the meeting scheduled for April 28th. There’s also a CAT scan scheduled forApril 19th. So it’s going to be a time of increased anxiety.

    Hopping you both, and all others reading here have a good week. <3

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