February 2021 Ups & Downs Support Group Thread

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  • Hello and to the February 2021 Ups & Downs Support Group thread. We are a small but mighty group that is here to support each other through the ups & downs of weight loss, depression, & life in general. Everyone is welcome! All you have to do is post.
  • I had my appointment with my primary care doctor on January 25th. Sorry that it has taken me awhile to report back. X-rays revealed mild arthritis in both hands, with moderate to severe osteoarthritis in my left thumb. The x-ray showed evidence of prior trauma to my left thumb, which prompted me to remember that I had fallen backward a few times a couple years ago and caught myself on my left hand while my thumb bent backward. Ouch! It hurts just thinking about it! But he said the trauma from the falls probably sped up the arthritis in that left thumb and that is why I am experiencing so much pain. He just prescribed over the counter creams to rub on the area that hurts. Not much help. He also didn't really address the tingling/numbness in my left fingers, and just agreed with me later over the phone that it is most likely due to the arthritis. Overall, I was not thrilled with the visit. I guess I just have to live with the arthritis and the tingling/numbness for now. I will go to a hand specialist at some point if necessary.

    Unfortunately, the red spot on my right leg that I had biopsied a few Thursdays ago turned out to be basal cell carcinoma, as I had feared, so my dermatologist did have to cut it out last Thursday. I will have a good size scar on my right shin, but I called the dermatologist's office today and found out that, thankfully, they did get all of the cancer last week and will not have to go back in to cut any more out. Yay!

    Last Thursday, after getting the skin cancer cut out of my leg, I went to get a massage... and, when I was getting up off of the massage table, I somehow threw my back out. Yep, only I could throw my back out getting a massage! I have thrown it out again a few times since then, but it is finally... slowly starting to feel better... I think. I feel like I am an accident waiting to happen lately! Definitely feeling my age!

  • Pat: I hope you don't worry too much about the extra pounds right now. You literally have to use food as medicine, so please allow yourself grace. How are your treatments going? I am hoping and praying for a miracle for your heart issue. 🙏 You sure have a lot on your plate at the moment. Sending you lots of strength and a big hug!
  • Holly: I hope you are still thoroughly enjoying every minute of your freedom! How much snow has fallen there recently? We are getting our fair share, but I'm sure it is nothing compared to Vermont. I absolutely hate this cold weather! It is supposed to be 14° here on Monday! Brrr!!! Thank God I bought a big, long down coat for taking Tully outside. I have been wearing it everywhere lately. It is so snuggly! But I cannot wait for Spring!!! Are you still working out 6 days a week? You are my workout hero! I wish I could be that disciplined. Sending you lots of love and sunshine! 💜
  • Lisa: I wrote to you at the end of the January thread. I hope you are doing well. Please keep us updated on your heart issue. Hope you are staying warm and happy and rocking your badass boots!
  • Kathleen thanks for starting the February thread. Hopefully you will find treatment to reduce the osteoarthritis. Or at least something to mitigate the pain. No one should have to live in pain.
    im glad the carcinoma was completely removed. Really sorry you had to go through all that. These human bodies sure are problematic as they age. Thanks for the kind words about my weight gain.

    hi to Holly and Lisa. Hope you are doing well.

    The new food for healing is certain kinds of expensive mushrooms that are specifically for the spleen. Maybe I already wrote this in the January thread. Dried Morels cost 19 dollars an ounce. Dried Shiitake a bit less. I’m using Chaga mushroom powder in my coffee every day. Not horrible texture. But not good either. This week was challenging with treatments. I hold hope for a very long remission, if not a miracle cure. And I do believe that’s possible.

    Hope everyone has a great week! <3
  • Hello friends! yes thank you Kathleen for starting the February thread

    Kathleen hmm I think I also would have been let down by the doctor, was it an in-person visit or did it have to be virtual?? I know we have to deal with Covid restrictions but when you have to meet virtually it just is not the same. I also think he should have addressed the numbness/tingling issue more. Congrats on getting the cancer spot removed from your leg!! oh my gosh so scary. But Yay to you for being observant and keeping up with medical consults and visits and taking care of what needs to be done. And gosh you don't need to be putting your back out poor thing!!! hope its all better now

    Yes we have been getting snow...we have missed some of the big storms that hit the coast below us, but we have had our fair share indeed. I am still loving wrestiling with the Cub Cadet but of course there is still manual shoveling to be done; and knocking back the snowbanks so there is a place to blow the snow. I don't know if we have figured out how to put pics here lately? I will try.

    Quote: I hold hope for a very long remission, if not a miracle cure. And I do believe that’s possible.

    Hope everyone has a great week! <3
    Oh Pat we are praying for a very long remission if not a cure!! Gosh those mushrooms are expensive but I hope they do their work. And that you have continued help from neighbors/friends for shopping help. Are you able to get out and drive to places you need to be? I hope so. It is very sad to think of your isolation in this terrible, LONG time. Sending loving, healing, warm thoughts to you

    Lisa how are you?? I hope you are doing great . You deserve all good things

    I am still enjoying every day of not being at that job. Not dwelling on the bad, just being so glad I'm not there anymore. I am so glad that I have all this free time too because it seems keeping up with the snow is a full time job! As long as I have the strength and stamina to wrestle with the Cub Cadet and do manual shoveling and knocking back snowbanks things are good. And so glad I have been exercising so much, but my eating has been out of control! and havent been drinking my daily water at all. I need to focus on that.

    well the sun is shining now and it has gone DOWN from 12 degrees to 7!! but I will layer up (and use my eye protection) and snow blow the driveway and paths AGAIN after I exercise. thank you for being here friends!!
  • Sorry all for deserting you some time late in 2019. I have forgotten how long ago I posted in here. Life intervenes at our house - big time - but sometimes wonder how everyone here is travelling, I will have to try and get my head around who is who again and what problems each of you are dealing with (skimming through the above there are a few medical issues)
    It is mid summer here but it has been quite a mild summer compared to some - no major bush fires yet this year which is a blessing. Covid is still circulating - a bit of a quarantine scare happening in my state currently - but nowhere near like it has been in the States. Gathering numbers in homes are restricted but no major lockdown happening currently. Masks in supermarkets etc. on trams and so forth.

    Do keep well and happy everyone. I will try and be present a bit more this year.
    Love from Oz xx
  • snap lockdown happening here, when will this end??
  • TREEMBBS so good to see you here again! yes we understand Life gets in the way but very glad you found your way here to say hi I just googled your statement 'snap lockdown', but have to commend your country on the action it took last year. On a non-pandemic issue, very good to hear there are no major brush fires . And you are in the midst of summer while we are locked in snow and ice. Aside from dealing with pandemic, is your summer good? do you have gardens ? I am also trying to remember what your personal struggles are, you are the caregiver for your husband, yes? that is so difficult and sending you support
  • and it is so strange that the U.S. is like 50 different small countries, in that each State can make it's own restrictions for dealing with this. In Vermont as of the moment, we have to wear masks in public; 6 foot space when possible; and only same household get-togethers, unless you have a person who is a single household person. Not allowed to gather with anyone we don't live with. And if we do, quarantine for 14 days. Of course that is not being followed.

    Our older son is very consciensous (spelling? lol) and he is not confident that his co-workers adhere to rules; therefore he does not want to possibly infect us, if we get together And his birthday is next week and he said he would rather wait til it's safe, to get together to celebrate.
  • Hi Holly, yes our country seems to have done OK re the pandemic compared to many but we still haven't rolled out any vaccine. The hotel quarantine with return travellers is the problem here with them bringing back infections and the program still "leaking" out the virus. (hence this current snap lockdown.) It started at midnight last night and there were people watching tennis at the Australian Open who got booted out before the game ended. Needless to say they were less than impressed in not seeing the end of the match they paid to see.

    Currently we can't gather with anyone with don't live with either. We had a 50th wedding anniversary celebration planned for next weekend - when we started planning we were allowed 30 visitors, then it got reduced to 15 (which was OK, we could work with that - just - with immediate family) I doubt if the numbers after the lockdown will return to 15 so it probably won't go ahead now. Mind you people were going to get married today in my state and at the last minute had to cancel. So upsetting not to mention I imagine many will be out of pocket for many things leading up to the wedding. We also have state issues with virus control, Australians can't move comfortably from state to state any more because when one (like ours now) has an outbreak the other states slam the borders shut.

    Really weird times.

    Yes my main issue is being a full time carer and that reduces time for looking after myself. We were doing some necessary renovations to help H in our home and he struggled to deal with the disruption to our routine. I thought he was truly going backward in a big way, dealing with him having toileting "accidents" and so forth but since the renos have been done he is at least in a more secure place and we are maintaining equilibrium. Life is tough but could be tougher. I try to live in the moment, work to his needs and routine and not think too far ahead.

    I know you were doing some renovations last year (or were wanting to?) How did that all pan out?

    Did I tell you my youngest son works for Honda? He is moving up in the company, especially loves the bike side of things.

    Take care
    Tree x
  • TREEMBBS!!! It is so wonderful to hear from you!!! We have missed you, but we understand that life gets in the way, especially being a full-time caregiver for your husband. I hope you are staying safe and healthy during your "snap lockdown." Yes, these are certainly odd times!
  • Hello to Everyone! I will try to stop back soon for an update and to respond to your posts.
  • Hello and HI to Tree x! It is so good to hear from you . thank you for filling us in on how you are doing. Really sorry to hear how tough it was, that the renovations disrupted things with your husband and it was difficult for him...and for you !! You are a loving and wonderful person/wife to do this role. All strength and hope to you my friend!! Oh gosh and congrats on your 50th wedding anniversary!! what an accomplishment! And I hope so much the Covid situation improves quickly for all.

    that is cool about your son working for Honda, I absolutely approve of their machines

    You have a good memory about our renovations! unfortunatley they are at a standstill we don't have a heated garage and a very small house and it is next to impossible to work (cutting/sawing etc) inside. Also i am not blaming husband but his motivation is very low, he works nights and just struggles to work, come home, rest, eat, and do it over again. hopefully when it warms up we can move the operations outside and continue.

    Hello to Kathleen and Lisa!

    I have been enjoying being home and not working so much, mostly in comparision to getting out of the turned-sour job with the lady; but just not having to go to any work is wonderful. It is kinda limiting that it is winter, so different from last summer when I was off and was outside every minute. And I have been eating so much for no reason except that I am inside all day, and know how to bake. And hiding in long sleeves and lots of layers, so different from when I have to wear a tee shirt. oh well. i am still exercising almost every day, there's that