Depressed and Gaining Weight

  • I guess I've discovered that I'm an emotional eater. I'm going through a divorce and with the pandemic I've been pretty depressed so I've been eating terribly which sucks because I normally eat healthy. When I have my bad days I just want to eat a bunch of crap. Noticing that my pants no longer fit, shirts are tight. I cant keep going down this road.
  • Divorce is a huge emotional upheaval and adding in a pandemic...really hard times! but you are noticing NOW and now is the time that you can start the tiny steps. That you've noticed and are aware is a positive.
  • divorce can take alot out of a person
  • I think nearly everyone is having issues during the pandemic with weight... at least everyone I know and myself personally. I can't imagine the extra stress of a divorce on top of it. I think acknowledging you're overeating is the first step in trying to address it though.

    I will say... that when I have gone down this path- the first thing I do is go out and get some new clothes so I feel comfortable in the current body I have instead of feeling guilty every time I try to button my pants. That guilt for me is not productive and has lead to some pretty solid depression and inaction.

    I wish you the best in everything you're going through.
  • So I've been in a not so good place and gained about 22 lbs over the past two years. This is very visible as I used to be a tiny thing. Nowadays I avoid seeing any of my friends and I'm filled with dread at the thought of bumping into anyone I know. I hide at home a lot. I've ditched weddings recently too. Everyone who has bumped into me recently made a comment about my weight gain. I've also gotten double takes at weddings. "You've put on weight, haven't you?" "I have one less hot friend now! " Even my colleagues are joking about it saying," We used to be able to squeeze four behind but now maybe not!" when carpooling to events. I don't show my depression outwardly so no one knows their jokes hurt more than they expect. I've got a wedding dinner tonight. I want to go cause she's a friend from university. I want to skip out because of my general shitty feelings and having to brace the looks of surprise Kodi nox when people see me.