I can't be repulsive anymore

  • If I could just lose all of this weight, then I'll be okay. I'm huge; I feel sick, ugly...absolutely repulsive. If I could just exercise some self-control, then maybe my stupid, fat self could manage to actually lose some weight.

    I should punish myself. All I do is eat- I'm greedy, I don't deserve food. I don't need to eat this much.

    I don't need to eat. I've gotten myself here- I can get myself out.
  • I feel the exact same way,! I always compared myself to girls at the store or anywhere..with their short-shorts made me sick and hate myself more..but I guess I just have to ask myself if overeating is worth feeling miserable forever..but i'm probably gonna stuff my face eventually Hope you find more reasonable help!
  • Haha, no I totally understand where you're coming from- I literally hate going places now because I always feel even more awful about myself than I already do- but I can't blame anyone but myself. It's all of my fault, so a lot of times I feel like I don't even deserve to complain.

    But I'm glad someone understands! xoxo
  • I understand how you can feel depressed, angry and want to hate yourself for allowing things to get out of hand; but, the best thing you can do is NOT punish yourself and accept that if you want to turn it around, you can. Plus you have this site to vent when it gets tough or to find helpful tips or to share the small victories that are bound to come.

    Everyone here does different things in their journey to drop pounds and you'll find what works for you. Maybe the first thing won't work, but the second one might so you have to keep trying and instead of hating yourself, give yourself some love for TRYING. As long as you keep trying, you're going to improve. Maybe you'll lose a few pounds, or maybe you'll get stronger, or maybe you'll do both. Just don't get discouraged. It's taken me a couple of decades to get to my own highest weight so I know it isn't going to reverse in a hot second and I know it will be hard at times. But I can do it - AND SO CAN YOU. If you stumble, shake it off and try again.

    Good luck on your journey - you're not alone