Back to 3fc after weight regain from depression

  • A number of years ago I practically lived here at 3fc and lost about 70 lb in my efforts. I kept it off more or less for years, but recently I got a sad shock. Thanks to a year of particularly deep depression, I'm now at the highest I've been in a long time... 180. Which means I'm facing 40 lb to lose again. Needless to say this is very disheartening!

    I've been trying to pinpoint what exactly did it. The last 15 came on pretty rapidly in the last several months. I've finally sought treatment for my depression in that time and I believe since it has been on the spotlight (and I am sure starting antidepressants is another factor) I have allowed myself to kind of wallow in it at times with the comfort eating. It also doesn't help that I abandoned my vegan diet for a lacto-ovo vegetarian one. I think the cheese and other dairy products are really getting me.

    Decided to post this thread here as a move to open up a bit somewhere about my struggle with depression and weight and to peek my head back in the forum from a long absence. Thank you for reading.
  • Hi Horo! BACK! I'm so sorry that you had a sad shock and subsequent depression. I know that regaining 40 lbs has to be frustrating but look at it this way: You are 30 lbs ahead of the game from last time! As for the last 15 gained in the time you started antidepressants, unless you are on wellbutrin, the antidepressants probably had an effect. Some doctors will tell you they don't cause weight gain, but they do. And then of course, there is the factor of comfort eating. It's hard not to comfort eat when you are just trying to feel better. In any event, I'm glad you're back! You can do this!