Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Question How has managing food and losing weight affected depression or other moods. versa

I've battled my weight and depression since 3rd grade. When I committed to managing my food this last time I got furious about giving up sugar and refined starches. Really irritated. But I definitely didn't feel depressed. Depression would have felt much more comfortable and familiar.

But today, without sugar for a week [don't laugh, it's a big deal for me to re-start], and having exercised daily, and drinking the recommended quantities of water, I have more energy than I have for weeks, feel silly and optimistic.

I used to think that when I was at goal weight, I'd be happy. Goal weight is only goal weight, though. Not a guarantee. Last time I reached goal weight, my husband went on Optifast, left me and married my "best" friend. Talk about depressed.

Now (after many years, multiple therapy sessions, and prescription anti-depressants), I have a new husband, an optimistic outlook, and the commitment to myself to set a goal weight. Finally, I have conquered my fear that history will repeat itself when I reach goal weight. (And it's a lot farther away than it was back then.)

Sometimes I forget that emotions are not the whole truth.

I'd like to hear how it is for others... and what tricks you use to fight (or ignore) your depression.

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Angry Morning Painter woman

I really enjoyed your post.....I feel like by opening up and sharing you really caught my attention! Thanks for your honesty!

Congrats on the feeling better and all the effort you put into feeling that way.

I don't have any huge insights to share.....I find it is a daily struggle of ups and downs....I try to keep busy with my family work and hobbies.....I find I am less successful when I am lonely and bored. I know that I have down days and I just try to ride them out......on my good days I go hard while the feeling lasts.

I have had to let go of a lot of people in my life who were negative energy and it left a huge there are a lot of people willilng to suck you dry if you let them......but that huge void has forced me to look at myself and get creative.

I love to laugh and so now I surround myself with others who love to laugh, or at least other people who are real and doing the best they can.

I don't know if I have answered your question. Looking forward to getting to know you better. Come check out the daily thread here....I have a feeling you would have a lot to contribute!

Bye for now!

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Hi Painterwoman,

Tricks to fight depression? Well my big one, which no one wants to hear is exercise. Yes the dreaded "E" word. I get in 5 days a week of exercise videos. Every morning, 5am.. LazyAssed Linda is out there huffing and puffing away to Kathy Smith and Jane Fonda. I started exercising to help lose the weight, but noticed a marvelous side effect. It improved my depression. I am on meds and need those to feel normal ( whatever that means) but the exercise has actually pushed me from feeling just "okay" to " terrific". Now when I exercise, not only do I help my weight loss, but I get a cool endorphin rush that lasts me all day long.

Other methods.. finding something you believe in and want to be involved in. That might mean a charity, a church, a cause.. anything. Something that is outside of yourself. Sometimes when we are battling depression, our world becomes very inwardly focused. Taking the focus off of ourselves and looking outward can bring a fresh new perspective on your own life.

Good Luck
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