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VermontMom 04-04-2013 08:20 PM

April Chat
Hello chicks!! I really liked that our March thread was pretty active. It's good getting to know everyone.

Coffeeshopgirl , you mentioned your electric blanket helping you this winter, oh my gosh that's what I need! I've been using a large heating pad that I place on my bed where my lower back will be, I never have back pain (due to all my working out) but that heat, when you slip into bed, feels soooooooo good :D

I told of taking our bathroom scales out to the garage because they make me crazier, and I vowed to stay off them for 3 weeks?? well I caved today :( and don't you know, NO CHANGE. I've had 2 weeks of almost perfect on plan and have varied and stepped up my workouts, cardio and strength but NO LOSS. Yes I measured too, NO change. Really put me in a sad, sad mood. I'm not giving up but it's discouraging. Come on, isnt 2 weeks enough time for some good change??

firegirl441 04-04-2013 10:48 PM

I have doing really well since I started losing and exercising in the pool. I know though that as soon as I have bladder surgery, I will gain some of it back. How depressing!!! Then as soon as I can start pool exercise again, I will work to get off the gain from my surgery.

ladyrider72472 04-04-2013 11:48 PM

I hope y'all don't mind if I join. My name is Tammy... I am from Arkansas. I have 2 grown boys who are polar opposites. The oldest just graduated from pilot school today.. At 23 he is a pilot, veteran, and higher ranking than a lot of men he has been around for awhile... The other sob used to have a heart of old and such a caring spirit.... But he met a girl and he no longer considers me his mom... So, I guess u could say that is what's"triggered" this episode of depression, although I have dealt w it all my life.

Btw, hey Holly.... I promise I am not "fat chick forum stalking u"... Lol

The reason the thread caught my eye today is we were thinking of buying a different house. This house has been in my DH family for a long time. Recently he lost his mother and she lived in a house behind ours. But in looking at other homes.... I am wondering if part of mm old comes from the dungeon like house this is. There is NO natural light. All of the windows have been covered over the years w carports, porches, or room additions. There are only 5 windows total in the house. So, we are hoping to get this new house... And I am looking or natural sunlight....

Sorry to overtake your thread.


ladyrider72472 04-04-2013 11:50 PM

Holly, hang in there... Part of it maybe stress from the winter job!!!

VermontMom 04-05-2013 10:27 AM

firegirl, you have been doing so well :cheer2: I hope that the surgery doesn't set you too far back :)

Tammy! :hug: we welcome anyone who gets beat up by the depression monster...I have to comment about the house situation, i agree 100% absolutely that the lack of natural light is NOT GOOD for people 'like us' :( We have a high ridge behind us, and in the mornings, our area is in that shadow, while across the lake I see the homes there absolutely bathed in morning sunshine and I yearn for that!!! We also have an old house and there was nothing like open floor plans back then, I think those are so lovely and open. I hope with all my heart that you can find a home you both agree on and that it is lovely and open with light :hug:

firegirl441 04-05-2013 05:13 PM

Thanks for the concern, Holly. I talked to the doc's office and my surgery will be April 23rd. If I continue to lose at the same pace I am now, I should be right at my goal weight. I am gonna stop around 170 until after my surgery as DH is complaining that my bones are "poking out." LOL! That's the whole purpose, right? Then after surgery when I can safety go back to eating the Atkin's or Metabolic Research Clinic way and exercising in the pool, I will ease on down to around 165 and hopefully he won't even notice.

Welcome Tammy! We are glad to have you with us. I hope you and DH find a house that will be best for both of your needs. I agree that sunshine is good medicine by giving you Vitamin D and just making our moods happy.


Moreta 04-05-2013 10:34 PM

Just wanted to throw this out there....I have a sun lamp. It is so helpful during the winter months.

I'm bummed today b/c I still haven't heard back about the interview I had last week. Oh well, I guess that's just my luck.

I went back on most of my meds this week. I went off of most of them b/c I was trying to get pregnant, but we put those plans on hold for now until I can find a permanent job. Which is disappointing. It'll happen one day though.

All my meds are pretty weight neutral, so I'm hoping I'll be able to lose all the weight I gained on all the other meds over the years. I'm bipolar and I've been on so many med combos it's not even funny.

coffeeshopgirl 04-06-2013 10:35 AM

Hi Ladies! Thanks for starting the April Chat, VTMom :)

VTMom - Sounds like you're dealing with a weight loss plateau. How much dairy and/or red meat do you eat? Weight loss is certainly about calories, but getting out of a plateau means tricking your body into depleting its fat stores. If it were me, I would (1) stop any dairy products for two weeks and (2) increase my calories approx 200-300 cals. Increasing the calories should signal to your body "Hey, you're not starving, so I can let go of these extra pounds". How long have you been in your plateau?

Firegirl - Good job with the weight loss! I like your pre-surgery plan & good luck with your surgery :hug: Even if you do gain some weight, allow yourself to heal first and then get back to the pool!

Tammy - I know what you mean about needing natural light. Personally, I wake up to a light timer every morning, and if I forget to turn it on Sunday night, my Monday drags on. Circadian rhythms are so important when are trying to tackle our mood monsters. I would agree with Moreta's suggestion of the sun lamp. Also, a positive environment (3FC) is key to dropping some pounds. Sorry to hear about your son; my father met his new wife while he was still with my mom (awesome, right?), and the last comment I remember from him was "Out with the old and in with the new." He broke more than my mom's heart, I can attest to that.

Moreta - Good luck with the job interview! If it's been a week, there's no harm in calling to follow up with a simple "Hi, I wanted to say thank you for the interview last week and I'm just following up to see if you've made a decision regarding the position" Something like that. Or an email, depending on how they prefer to be contacted. The waiting is always the toughest part. Fingers crossed for ya!

I've been estranged from my dad and sister for almost a year now, and it's been getting to me lately. I got married, changed jobs, and we might be moving in the next year to Texas (I'm in Michigan currently). I emailed them a Happy Easter and got no reply. It's a catch-22 because what estranged us was their need to attack others (i.e. me, people unlike them, etc) verbally, be it in public or my house. I asked them to be more positive when we visit, to which I was told I'm controlling and manipulating. Fine - If asking you to be positive and not get lividly angry about politics, religion, etc, when you come over to my house, then sure, call me what you wish. So, if they do start talking to me, I kinda know what to expect.*sigh*

These thoughts are simply a reminder of the fact that I choose to surround myself with people who do not lash out, don't enjoy being angry and pulling other people down with them, and try their best to talk out their anger rather than yell or misplace their feelings. I suppose I would rather be a family of two positives than 5-8 negatives/miserables.

Ah well, it is what it is. I'll be back soon to post something more positive :)

coffeeshopgirl 04-06-2013 07:25 PM

Positive Post as Promised :)
Hi ladies!

Thanks for listening to my sadness rant earlier - it felt good to get that off my mind. Anyhoo, as promised, here is a more positive post about my day.

I was quite the couch potato for most of the morning, drinking several cups of coffee :coffee2: and procrastinating on the housework. The husband was quite helpful with my procrastinating, as every time I tried to get up, he jokingly responded with "Honey, we agreed to relax, and you're doing it wrong. You've earned a lazy Saturday morning." We both have a dry, sarcastic kind of humor, so it was certainly said with love, lol. Isn't he great?

Finally got caffeinated enough to clean up the house, and decided that grocery shopping and food prep can happen tomorrow. Since I didn't exercise yesterday (fell asleep on the couch), I decided that it had to happen today. My awesome TOM is approaching, which means the PMS monster is currently residing in my veins, and I'm determined to push through my laziness that I normally get around that time.

Here's what I did:

1. 10 minutes on the elliptical
2. Kettle bell circuit - 4 types of lifts (12 reps each) with 10 sit ups holding the kettle bell in between each type
3. Total Gym workout - 20 reps each of planks, waist twists, rows, pull ups, and shoulder lifts

Feeling good that I'm pushing through with the exercise. I huffed and puffed, but I knew my exhaustion was PMS related and not over doing it.

How's everyone's Saturday? Hope you're all doing well!

Moreta 04-06-2013 08:44 PM

coffeeshopgirl - I'm glad you had a relaxing saturday.

My saturday was pretty uneventful. The only things I did today was go to the bank, the pharmacy, and the vitamin store, then tonight I went to work. I got NAC at the vitamin store. It's supposed to help with depression and OCD. I'm not that depressed, but my OCD is acting up. I really hope it works this time around. It worked the last time I took it.

I was so tired today. I started back on Tegretol and it's really kicking my butt. I don't remember it being like this the last time I took it. Hopefully the side effects will go away soon b/c I want to go back on Gralise for my back. Which will be nice b/c being in pain all the time is somewhat depressing. I have 2 herniated discs and my neuro thinks I have fibromyalgia, which I'm kind of skeptical about. I would like to be able to walk for more than 20 mins though.

KawaiiCandie 04-06-2013 09:24 PM

hey guys, can i join in this thread? i love chatting :p

I'll tell you a lil bit about me, my name's Vanessa and i'm 31 and live in Japan and have lived here for 5 years teaching English. Last year i moved to Tokyo cuz i was pretty miserable at my old place and i am much happier here. I love my new job, but (and this is a really weird complaint) recently, i've had too much free time!! i've been on "vacation" for nearly 3 months and i'm going stir-crazy! cuz it's not like i'm rolling around in money to go out and do stuff, so mostly i just stay home and try to entertain myself, but i am sooooo ready for my job to start again!!! one more week!!

I've also been dieting (again) since last November. i'm not counting calories or anything, just clean eating and exercising. i've lost a little over 20lbs, but recently my weight has stalled and i lost like 2lbs in the last 2 months T_T and the scale keeps going up and down everyday and it is seriously making me crazy. like, if it was down one day, then up the next, i'll be in a bad mood all day just because of that! so i decided to try to not weigh myself for the rest of the month! i'm now 2 days down! lol.

I didn't do any personals cuz it'd feel weird jumping right in, but i read all your posts! :)

coffeeshopgirl 04-06-2013 10:54 PM

Moreta - what's NAC? It sounds like Niacin-something. I've taken Niacin before, and it has helped my depression. Hoping your vitamins/meds start working for you so your back can feel better soon. Herniated discs - ouch :(

KawaiiCandi - :welcome: Teaching in Japan - how fun! I taught English in China a while back, so I know the down time can make you stir crazy. One more week though, right? How is the everyday cuisine in Japan?

Moreta 04-06-2013 11:03 PM

coffeeshopgirl - NAC is N-ACETYL CYSTEINE. It's an amino acid.

KawaiiCandie 04-07-2013 09:24 AM

coffeeshopgirl: in China?! cool! :) how was that? do you mean cooking by myself or just the kinda food that is eaten in Japan? Japanese food is SO good, but unfortunately it's full of rice and fried stuff. people who praise the benefits of the japanese diet are full of crap!! maybe like a super traditional japanese diet, then yeah, but nobody eats like that anymore. it's best to praise their super awesome japanese genes that allows them to stay skinny while guzzling down tons of rice and noodles 7-8 times a day... *sigh* when i'm at home though, i've cut out the rice completely and will usually just cook beef or chicken or fish with tons of vegetables... :)

coffeeshopgirl 04-07-2013 10:59 AM

Thanks for the info Moreta :) I'll have to check out that vitamin.

KawaiiCandie - I was talking about the everyday food in Japan. Interesting to know that it's more fried stuff, rice, and noodles these days. China had fried food (which was delicious, lol) in their restaurants, but the students I taught chose more of the soups, veggies, and bean treats which was good to see. I walked everywhere, so I dropped about 7 pounds in a few months. Isn't it true that Japanese businesses begin with 30 minutes of exercise each day?

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