"It's not what you're eating, it's what's eating you?"

  • I recently got hooked on the show "Supersize vs Superskinny" via YouTube (US-er here) and though it seems silly to get an eiphany (sp?) from a reality show, I did. Although I've kept off around 20 pounds for two years now, I have continuously lost another ten, then gained it back, so on and so forth. It's like I hit 150 and...I couldn't figured out what was happening.

    I realized from watching this show there is almost always a psychological reason, usually when we don't realize it, for changes in our diet. After a bit of soul searching, I realized I was a bit afraid of following in my borderline-anorexic mother's footsteps and thus re-creating the body hatred zone for my daughter as well. Through watching the show I also learned the dangers of eating disorders, and further ingrained into my head that it is better to be healthy than it is to be thin.

    Since I came to this 'realization" I feel very calm, as opposed to stressed out as I did in my previous attempts, and the drive to push forward toward a healthier lifestyle-for everyone in my life, including me.

    I just thought I'd share. If you feel a roadblock, dig into yourself, think about when you first started feeling 'bad' about your weight, and WHY you want to change it.
  • Good for you for doing some soul searching!
  • Always stay positive, you get better results that way. I too have been at roadblocks in my journey but you just have to get the strength to pull yourself out and keep moving forward. Good posts!
  • Before when I was off my meds I ate out of depression (I am bipolar) and now-or should I say a few days ago I ate out of boredom. I was so relieved to figure that out because then I could correct it. Congrats on figuring yours out!