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Default Monday, Jan 13th

Good Morning All,

I'll be back later to read up on y'all

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Good Morning All,
I was up early to walk my neighbors big dog! Hate to think about a dog in a house just "waiting"......................poor thing! He was glad to see me open that door!

I am getting ready to shower and leave for work....expecting a huge crowd at Weight Watchers today.I got a sub last week and missed the initial "rush" of members so today will more than make up for it! It will brace me for Tuesday when I have 3 meetings!

I decided to change something about my eating and that is to INCLUDE a decent breakfast every morning. I have never been a morning eater but everything I read indicates its has a real advantage to weight loss and keeping you more satisfied.PLUS starts that metabolic rate.I can always use that!

Hope everyone had a fairly good week-end.they certainly go fast!

Until later.........God Bless!


PS I think I managed to get a little pansie under my name...the way I do things I may have 20 pansies under my name! Yikes!
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Angry Good morning!

There is nothing I would rather do than crawl back into bed....but I invited a girlfriend over for lunch so that will motivate me to keep going!

I have done some laundry and got the kids off to school bundled up warm in this -16 C weather...

I hurt my back on Saturday eve at work and it is so stiff....I am not careful enough when I lift and care for the patients....I will take this is as yet another warning to be more careful.

It was a fairly good weekend....went to church yesterday and then we all spent the day tidying and doing various jobs we had been putting off...I still have bits of Xmas stuff to get put away...I'm getting there though.

Well I am off all this week so far until the weekend but will probably pick up one or two shifts...just to keep me out of trouble.

Hope you are all well today and that we hear from everybody!

Take care!~

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Hi everyone....just a quick hello. Just got back from the light therapy at the hospital.....feel good today. Am going to go & have coffee now. Will come back later.

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Cin I would die without breakfast. I have always eaten it so I don't think I could do without it.

Liz take care of yourself, you are the only you you have. -16! Wow here I am complaining about 50.

April so glad to see that the therapy is working. I know you are releived too.

My weekend was very dull. Joe came home early from hunting so he wanted to watch football. So, if I wanted to spend time with him I had to watch it too. It was ok though, I ask lots of questions so that I can learn more about it. I know it makes him feel good to know that I am trying to learn about something that he likes. He puts up with my conversations about plants it is the least I can do.

Hello to all to come!
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Cin I too hate breakfast. I bought some Cheerios thinking I'd start eating breakfast but have yet to open the box. I seem to stay hungry all day if I eat breakfast. Yet I know it's something I need to start doing.

Liz take care of yourself. You're still young (unlike Linnie ) and once you hurt your back it just gets easier to keep doing. Lifting patients ruined my back years ago. Brrrr you have cold weather.

Meg, that goes for you too!! Hire someone to shovel that snow.

Anna, welcome to the group. You found a great place of support, great people. Glad you found us.

April so glad the light therapy is working for you. Never heard of it prior to your mentioning it.

Linda Linda...have missed you in chat. I still can't get in through IE so tried Netscape and bravo...I got in today. No one was there but at least I know that I can now get in. I will email Suzanne and let her know in case I am not the only one with the problem.

Cathy where are you???

Kemp if I were you I'd be glad the hubby was hunting or sitting under the tv. If he's doing that he ain't messing up the house.

Time to go walk.....later
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Well hey there gang!

Glad to see that everybody is checking in.

It's busy around here, I'm still working on year end paperwork and everybody is asking about their W2's and 1099's. Hopefully I'll be finished up soon and can get back to playing on this computer.

Kemp - I'm sure you had the same miserable weather yesterday that we did - it was awful - cold and rainy and gloomy - we went to church and then came home and hubby built a great big fire in the fireplace. I parked myself right in front of the fireplace and barely moved the rest of the day. He had on football from 1:00 until 7:00 *sigh* and I would have much rather have watched something else, but if I wasn't budging from the fireplace. :-)

Today it is cold but the sun is shining so that makes everything better. I honestly do not know how the people way up north stand it tho when it stays cold and they don't see the sun much! I think I would need some of that light therapy that April has been talking about.

Look Cin - only one pansie under your name just like you wanted - you go girl!

Liz - hope your back gets better! Take care of yourself girlie.

April - glad to hear that you are feeling better!

Leens - must be busy around that job today huh!

Tippy, LindaT, Sweetpea, Barca? where are yall hiding?

Hope everybody checks in.

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Hey sweetpea - we must have been typing our messages at the same time - so in answer to your question ..... I'm right here! hehe
later gater
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Hello Everyone!!!

It's 22 degrees here and going to get colder as the week goes least it's not snowing!!!!

Liz sorry about your back...I know how you feel though! Tough riding it out.

April..Hope you are having a good day today. I know those days when you just don't want to get out of the bathrobe...and when I finally do...I can't figure out why I did that.

Cin...I forced myself years ago to get used to breakfast, (per order of my WW leader ) and I am so glad I did. Makes a big difference in how I feel all day long. But you must be careful about what you eat...I find that I need to have the protein in order to sustain myself, although this time of year I really like my 1/2 cup of oatmeal with fruit. Love those Carbs!!!!! By the way, nice flower!!!! thought I had already posted today
you have good taste

Sweetie...Eat your breakfast!!!!!!!

Leens, Linda, Kemp, Barca, Cathy and maybe Lexi (if you are lurking here ) ....Hello... hope you are all doing well today.

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Hi Gang ( meaning all of you)

Wonder how many hours it would take me to figure out how to make those darling little laughing faces you all put in your posts? Hours.I bet!

Oatmeal was my choice..they can make the claim it reduces other cereal can............My Grandmother lived to be 95 and ate oatmeal EVERY single day of her life.........! Sooooooooooooo...............I must admit the salad for lunch satisfied me with one roll on the side...............I really think I wasnt starving at lunch.and it was late! I have found something like toast or bagels really make me hungry real i will stick with cereal or fruit and yogurt!

I wont be in Tuesday because I have a heavy work day but will read the post that you all send in!

I am weird but I adore cold weather!

Until next time..BEHAVE!

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Hey there everyone. Keep warm everyone!

Cin, when you are typing in the "Your Reply" box look over to the left. Ther is a box of "Smilies" you can click. It will put the code for a face at the end of your message at that point. There are lots and lots that aren't shown!

Today my oldest sister (the one everyone considers "the fat one") confided her weight to me and -- yup, you guessed it! -- I weigh 4 pounds more! Well, whoopee ding a ling a ding dong THAT really brightened my day to no end. sigh. I always enjoy her calls and we laugh about what complete jackasses our husbands are. She reminds me that they are all self-absorbed inconsiderate buttheads, that's the way they've always been and always will be. So what do ya do. The van was in the shop because the part they replaced in November conked out on us. So whoop de do about that, too. But it was under warranty so everything was free, at least.

I'm actually OK, though. Got cleaning done, changed sheets, made a nice meal for supper (my kids have been ravenous lately, I think because of the cold), and snuck to Lowe's before hubby got up for work and bought a gallon of paint for the living room. I put it up on the wall (over the 3 shades I had tried before) and it is PERFECT! FINALLY! I'm gonna faint. I have carpeting the color of raspberry sherbet in our living/dining room and it is unbelievably hard to work around. If I ever get the previous owners of this house in an alley on a dark night...

Hubby goes to the counselor on Wednesday and we'll see what happens then. I'm still waiting for her to call me so I can set an appt for me!
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