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Angry Friday January 3rd

Good morning everyone!

Up and at em! It is 622 am here....I wish our times aligned....anyhow I have to work days today and I am working in an area I am fairly new at so I am a bit stressed. I can't figure out if the fact that I get so stressed about things is a good thing or a bad thing. I am quite particular about things and can't go to work and do a half a--ed job. I have to do things very right. Other nurses would go and just do what they could and be happy with it....but I went last night after a class I took at the hospital and set up my area for just over an hour. I see it as a bit of a perfectionist/low self-esteem issue....hubby see's it as being a good nurse....I am not so sure....I guess either way I could be doing worse things.

I hope that I can announce today that I stayed OP when I check in later. It is a bit easier when I am so busy at work that I can't sit down.

Hope you all have a great day and a great weekend!

Bye for now!

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Boy, do I feel strange! My DD sent me pics of her father's family Christmas get together! Oy vey! I knew my ex and his brother's before we got serious...from about when I was sixteen...when they all had hair on their heads! They're OLD! I don't feel THAT old! Well...some mornings, maybe! My ex looks like a cross of Gabby Hayes and Willie Nelson! His one brother who is exactly my age looks ancient and Pete from Alaska isn't doing any better. I was blessed with my mother's skin which doesn't wrinkle and my roots are well covered, thank the Lord, so I don't think I look my age. Friday and the weekend is upon us. Have a good one everyone!
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Good morning gang!

It is busy busy busy here - I am so much paperwork to do - everybody wants their W2's and 1099's and all that fun yearend stuff. I really don't mind doing it, just hard to get it done as quickly as everybody wants it - and it also cuts my playing time on the computer short! ;-)

I wanted to get up early and exercise before work this morning, but dad gum it I am just too sick to exercise right now. I can't quit coughing long enough to catch my breath. It'll pass! Just hope it passes quickly. ;-)

Did anybody get to see Oprah's show yesterday?? I had asked my youngest son to tape it for me so that I wouldn't miss it, but of course, he forgot so I didn't get to see it. She sure is looking good again!.

I hope everybody is doing good and has a great weekend!

hugs, Cathy
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Wow you guys beat me here. I don't get up early enough to get on the computer before work.

I hate to complain about the weather but I am cold!!! I knwo in Louisiana it really isn't as cold as some of you guys get but I hate cold weather.

My brother is gertting married today. I can't believe it is finally here. I am really glad that he found someone to put up with his mess. Really he is a very messy person. When we first moved back to Louisiana I would go stay with his kids while he was at work and all I did was clean his house. I wouldn't sit down for longer than 5 minutes because it was gross in there. I would wipe down all of his walls due to all of the finger prints on them. I never thought someone that came from my family would be that messy. I am sure my mother thinks it is her fault that he is like that. Actually, she says that my dad never let her teach him how to do anything like that. I think my dad was a little old fashion. He would say that he is a boy and he didn;t need to learn that kind of stuff. Little did he know that my brother would be a singel father of 2 boys for 10 years.
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Good Afternoon All !

Tippy your a pistol

Liz I'm with you one doing a job the best we can, when I'm at work I do the same thing, its gotta be home I'm a perfectionist wannabe, I try but it never works

Kem, have a great time at your brother's wedding, maybe his new wife will be more on the tidy side ? but one thing I have to say in defense of your brother, working full time and raising 2 kids by yourself isn't easy, maybe spending more time with the kids is more important to him rather than house work ? When my brother left the nest, we thought OY, but I tell you, he is a neat freak and can cook great......who knew ?

Cathy I'm not feeling up to snuff either, yesterday I had such wicked stomach cramps and the hershey squirts.... Cold & Flu NOT FUN !!!! Today I feel a little better but still hacking away and my snoot is still so full.

Linny I read your resolution, I took sign language in high school and got an A+ - my best friend was deaf (we used to cheat in school that way lol)...anyway I can't remember alot but I do remember alot. A few years ago I bought the "American Sign Language" book and started learning again. Haven't kept up on it but the books are cheep and the language is SOOOO beautiful. Yup even the nasty words can look graceful

Meg, April, Sweet. Ladypal, Marleah, Lucid.... and the rest of you wonderful ladies (and gents ??). Have a great day...........gonna make Lasagna later

Love, Leenie

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Default Mornin' Ladies

Sorry I was MIA yesterday. I had an extremely busy day.

Got my tires at the tire department at Costco. I am not *even* going to tell you how much they were.. it was horrifying!! While the tires were being put on, I had time to walk to nearby mall and shop. I got a bunch of small Christmas cookie tins for 50 cents each, two huge tins for 1.50 each, a neat snowman tray for 3.50 and a couple of kitty cat ornaments for 1.25. I also got myself a salad spinner, a food scale as well as a new blender ( Had a 20% of coupon that I wanted to use). The blender is a Cuisinart. I would have liked to have gotten a KitchenAid, but they were 40.00 more, so this one seems to work just fine.. tried it this morning on a iced mocha frappe. Did a run to Trader Joe's and then home.. whole wingding took 5 hours!!! Then I came home to call my mother to thank her for the blender ( She had sent me a check for Christmas and I had 40.00 left over) That call turned into a guilt manipulation on her part and left me feeling like I can't do anything right around her. Anyway, that's my whine for the day....

Lizzy , I am sure you will do fine today. First day doing something new is always stressful.. and it is a mixture of trepidation as well as excitement. Don't forget to breathe and you will be just fine.

Tip, isn't it funny ( strange) how some people age better than others? Miracle of genetics at work..

Cathy, sorry you aren't feeling well. There is this bug boing around here that is sore throat stuffy head coughing thing.. it generally leaves totally in about two weeks... hang in there.

Kem I agree with Leens. It is far more important to spend time with a kid than have a clean house. My mother was a clean freak.. and a lot of my memories of chilhood are of her cleaning or yelling at me to clean. I wish I had more fun memories.

Leens, sorry you aren't feeling well either. Yes, I do want to learn sign language. I figure when I am older, my hearing is only going to get worse so I am may need it. Even if I don't, I think it would be a good thing to learn. Since I am only partially impaired, I have such respect for those that are completely deaf.. what a challenge their lives must be at times. I have a hard enough time as it is now.

Well, I had better get to the business of the day...have a nice Friday everyone.
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Hi everyone,

It is almost 5 in the afternoon here & dark already. I had trouble going to sleep last night....had only 5 hours of sleep....then had to get up to go to coffee with friends at Tim Horton's. Went to get groceries & then home.

I am so tired....tried to sleep.....but couldn' came up to the computer. Am feeling better emotionally today....but so tired.

Liz .....I used to be an RN & remember being stressed out when I was sent to a new area. I remember once being sent to the ICU to look after a 10 year old....I was so stressed about going there....but did fine. So will you.

Kem ......have a good time at your brother's wedding.

Leenie .......I hope you are feeling better soon.

I'm going to go play Word Whomp now. Have a great weekend everyone.

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