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TheBunneh 03-25-2011 06:03 PM

Getting nervous about doc appointment
I talked to my doctor about my fatigue issue last summer when my husband and I got physicals. This was also our first time seeing this doctor, so there was a lot of getting to know you "new patient" stuff and I think a lot of this got a little muddled in the many things we discussed. I was tested for low thyroid and for anemia, and he mentioned depression (which at the time I did not want to admit to, due to fear of anti-depressants).

But I think he confused my fatigue issue with a desire to lose weight easier (since we also talked about my weight loss), because when he gave me my results he told me that everything was normal and "if I am patient my weight loss will come." Then several months later I had an issue with an over the counter supplement which he referred to as something I wanted to take for weight loss, and I corrected him and said it was for energy.

I am not at all looking for something to speed up my weight loss. I'm happy with the pace of my weight loss when I stay on plan, I don't need help. I just want to stop feeling dead tired practically ALL of the time. Everything I do is a struggle.

I don't mean to say I am dissatisfied with this doctor. He is very nice. I think part of the problem is I am so very shy and afraid of people in general, but doctors scare me more because I have a fear of them judging me more than other people. I probably didn't emphasis my problem enough and should have corrected him the first time with my thyroid results.

I know I am most likely just worrying for nothing, but I am concerned that when I see my doctor again in two weeks that I will have a difficult time talking about the the fatigue and anti-depressants (which I am very willing to try now, I'm so fed up!).

I don't even know what I am posting this for! :lol: I guess just reassurance that it will be fine if I come right out and say I'm tired all the time and need help.

nationalparker 03-25-2011 06:12 PM

You - or someone - is paying him for his time/service and be very focused in what you tell him. Be clear, be direct, repeat what you need to if you think you're not being heard. If you think you're not being listened to, however, this dr. is not the right one for you.

Make a list NOW so you're prepared when you see him with your symptoms - when are you tired- all day, within x hours of waking you, you don't sleep well, exercise makes you more tired, you feel lethargic until the evening, exactly how you feel will better enable him to help you. Being tired is generic - be specifc. When you exercise regularly, can you make it through your sessions or do you have to cut them short, etc. Think of everything you can to better assist the diagnosis.

iriswhispers 03-25-2011 06:26 PM

It might feel kind of silly, but bringing a written list with you is a great idea, especially if you are worried about being timid and not emphasizing what your most pressing concerns really are.

It's also always an option to try another doc - feeling comfortable with your doctor is really important, regardless of how "good" they are, so if you still don't feel like you're getting through to him you might want to look for someone you connect with better.

Good luck!

beerab 03-25-2011 06:49 PM

Fatigue can also be caused by low vitamin D, by sleep apnea, etc. You might want to get tested for these, specially if you are sleeping enough but still tired- people who suffer from sleep apnea and low vitamin D can get depressed too! I know I was before my doctor tested me for sleep apnea and lo and behold I DID have it- AND low vitamin D too. After getting a CPAP machine to help for my sleeping and going on Vitamin D therapy I felt a difference of night and day :)

Not saying it can't be depression but if you are hestitant to think it is that it might not be :)

Good luck! Definitely at least get vitamin D tested!

TheBunneh 03-25-2011 06:53 PM

Thank you guys for replies and advice.

I know logically that he is being paid to help me, so I should not be worried about him judging me. I just need to give myself a kick and force myself to be direct.

I did try to be descriptive last time - I told him how it is a struggle just to do simple housework everyday, that when I exercise I don't regain energy and can't get anything else done for the rest of the day, that I wake up feeling tired, etc. I think there was just so much going on in that first appointment that it got a little lost and I should have restated it all later.

beerab - Thank you for suggestions. I did talk to him about Vit D and sleeping before. And I am planning to ask about it possibly being a hormone imbalance. I do have some other symptoms of depression though.

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