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Default to workout or not to workout

i realized this before, but it is becoming more and more obvious that, for me, the choice between a good day and a bad day lies with whether or not i do some form of exercise

my days are lot smoother, less irritable and much more happy on days that i get up and expend any extra energy .....i feel much more means i need to workout this morning because i already feel like it's a bad day and i'm going to be all crabby when i need not be that way

the little kid in the back of my head is saying "but i don't wannnnna !!"

too bad ! have too.
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Corporette diet
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Totally with you there! I've become a huge exercise junkie in the past... week. It's weird. But I completely agree with you -- I used to think "wahhhh exercise" and now I'm like "YES LET'S RUN UP THOSE STAIRS."

Honestly, I think buying a sports bra I think I look sexy in has been a bigger motivation than anything else. Even if it's under a shirt... it just makes me want to go run more. And after a good workout I don't even feel like pigging out. Win-win.

On the other hand, when I'm "too tired" and skip the workout, I feel like crap all day and I start to reach for the cookies. Isn't that funny how our bodies might actually want less bad food precisely when we can most afford to eat it?

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OMG yes- I used to argue with myself half an hour each day before exercise- but I found I always felt better afterwards so it got easier over time- just remember how you feel after
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Yes! And I have never finished a workout and thought, "Wow, I wish I would've skipped that workout!" LOL. I have found that exercise is an appetite suppresant for me, too!
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yay, another ballerina!

I really, really, really hate exercising. Like really. I've always hated the gym, and every time I've tried to lose weight, I go to the gym every day for a week and then just quit... Now, I go to the gym every now and then, but I do a ballet barre every day. I don't know if you take class, or if you used to and it's been a while, but I haven't been in a "real" class in years, I just do a barre using a chair in my apartment. Once I finish, I usually have the motivation to do something else (sit-ups, weight stuff, etc).

I think the key for me is doing something that I enjoy, instead of something that makes me want to bash my head into a wall.
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What I do is start exersizing for a few minutes, and then after I usually feel more motivated to do more
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My mind still resists the idea of exercise. I'm just lazy by nature. I'd rather sleep than move. But eh, I always feel good after a run even if the muscles I never knew I had feel sore afterwards.
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Default Get Angry!!

I find that anger is my best motivator. Even if its at the workout, "ahhh, I hate this treadmill. stupid exercise ." Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.
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I find that exercise really improves my day, as well. Great stuff!
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I need to get back into exercising, but when I was I would go at night. With school and work it makes it hard. I was thinking about doing the Zumba with the Xbox Kinect.
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I tend to be an exercise junkie for a bit then fall into a regular routine. I usually start out trying to do everything in one day, (wii boxing, pilates, interval training and some cardio) that first day is awesome and I even enjoy the soreness cause I felt like I really accomplished something. Then I start to realize I'm doing WAAAAAy too much and I scale back and fall into a rut - darn ruts - and I neglect all the other types of workouts I like. My favorite is also BALLET!! I have never taken a class but I love the New York City Ballet workouts 1 & 2. I'm about as graceful as a rock, but doing those moves really make me feel dainty and girlie like I never fall into a rut with Ballet though, it always seems to be the one that falls away, even though I like it the most and feel all long and lean after wards, I usually stay with the high intensity and interval workouts cause they burn more calories. I really should alternate with both, but lately my couch is so much more appealing, especially with my crazy exhausting schedule.

How do you ladies find the time to fit exercise in?
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